Best Korea Hair Straightener GlamPalm – $15 OFF

Best Korea Hair Straightener GlamPalm – $15 OFF

How does a hair styler with healing stone mineral coating technology to protect your hair from being burnt while styling your hair sounds to you? It sounds pretty awesome to me because the previous reason why I frown upon using hair stylers is that I am worried that it will damage my hair in the long run.

After using GlamPalm for one year, I find that it does not dry out my hair.

No need to worry about any bad hair day 🙂

glampalm singapore review

Every time when I have a bad hair day or I would need to quick fix of my hair before I head out, GlamPalm never fail to be of good use. It is really easy to use, heats up super quickly and I get my hair fixed and styled in no time at all.

I find that with GlamPalm, I need not separate my hair into sections too much and then get it between the iron bit by bit like the other flat irons. I can like just put through big chunks of hair and the effect is still very straight like below.

glampalm singapore review

I previously also had phobia about burning my fingers accidentally with hair stylers. But with the good design with no strain of motion, their our cord allows a great range of movement without a hint of resistance. So with GlamPalm, I feel a lot safer with the good grip on it.  The heat can be also adjusted so I have a peace of mind knowing I can put it to a lower temperature so the heat is just right and I don’t risk burning my hair or my fingers.

glampalm singapore review

My hair doesn’t feel dry or frizz up the following day or every other day after using it.

It is indeed different to the previous hair stylers that I had.

glampalm singapore review

 A hair styler that will not damage the hair!

GlamPalm is South Korea’s Number 1 hair styler! It is used and trusted by over 5,000 make up artists and salons Korea wide.

I never need to use hair protector when straightening! I don’t think you can do this with any other stylers.

glampalm singapore review

GlamPalm have Guardian Angel technology that ensures that your unit will shut off automatically after 30 minutes. So you need not worry that it will catch fire and burn your house down.

GlamPalm is coated with a special resin that absorbs sweat and gives a silky sensation to the touch. Combined with their ergonomic design, this ensures that the styler feels light to the touch.

GlamPalm just have so many awesome features and benefits that wins over other stylers.

glampalm singapore review

There are 11 different temperature settings ranging from 100°C to 200°C. *OMG!!!*

With the temperature setting you can choose the most suitable setting for  your hair type. You can adjust to low heat if you have thin & fragile hair and increase the temperature accordingly if you have thick & coarse hair.  

All you need is the STYLER GUIDE below to select the right styler and tempature for your hair and application.

Styler Guide Temperature Guide

I have been using the Type 201 because I have medium normal hair which I want to be able to both straighten and curl it.

Since the sides of GlamPalm are rounded, I sometimes curl my hair with GlamPalm too! 

 glampalm singapore review

glampalm singapore review

No more bad hair day! No excuses not to have great hair all day, everyday with GlamPalm. 🙂 🙂 🙂

GlamPalm is retailed at $299 SGD. You can purchase it from the official website. In the box, there is a very pretty bag for you to keep the hair styler and 2 long hair clips.

As my readers, remember to key in the promotion code: ‘ JESSIET ‘ to get a $15 SGD off your purchase. 

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