Best human hair eyelash extension singapore at Beauty Recipe

Best human hair eyelash extension singapore at Beauty Recipe 

No doubt eyelash extensions are getting so popular in Singapore now. For me, eyelash extensions has basically became a necessity for me. It is one of my must have because I am so lazy to going back to using mascara anymore which is so time consuming after being spoiled with natural eyelash extensions that people compliment all the time. 🙂

eyelash extensions gave me more confidence as it opens up my eyes which appear to be rounder and larger.

As a beauty blogger and a beauty shop owner. I have spent many of my ‘kp0′(busy body) in between waiting for customers time when I am out doing my real estate sales comparing different types of eyelash extensions from materials, companies, style, techniques and prices.

For those who are new and have not tried eyelash extensions before but thinking about doing it to enhance your pretty eyes… Hopefully this blog post will help you to understand more about eyelash extensions too.


Types of Material : Acrylic Vs Silk Vs Human Hair


Acrylic/synthetic Eyelash Extensions – The most common , harshest and most dramatic. Think Katy Perry or even Betty Boop. A coarser lash made out of acrylic that is very hard and scratchy. This is the most common kind of  eyelash extension offered in Singapore. Average market price is about $50 a set for the cluster kind which has about 8 strands lump together.  This type of eyelash extension look very “Drag Queeny”. Lasts up to 2 Weeks only as it is heavy and thick. Causes big hole/gap when dropped therefore touch up is needed very soon.


Silk Eyelash Extensions – It feels very similar to mink eyelash extension which is softer to the touch and are by far the most common when it comes to strand by strand eyelash extension services offered in Singapore beauty salons as these lashes bond better to your natural lashes since they are not as heavy as acrylic. Average market price is about $100 – $130 per set. Lasts up to 4 weeks.


Human Hair Eyelash Extensions – This is the softest and most natural looking type of eyelash extension that you can find. People are still trying to wrap there heads around this in Singapore mainly due to the rare availability and high cost, but it is already quite common in Japan, Korea and even Taiwan. Human hair is super fine and ultra soft. Human hair eyelash extensions will last a lot longer than any other lashes at 6 – 8 weeks because they are the lightest lash available. As it is so ultra fine, you can just let it drop naturally without looking ugly or having to pay for removal. For average market price, I can’t find many places in Singapore that uses real human hair. The only place that I think might be using human hair is ‘Highbrows ultra fine lash by lash extension’ which is cost $180 per set.

Lash comparison photo….

strand by strand eyelash extension singapore

Why choose Beauty Recipe for your eyelash extensions? 

1. Ultra fine and soft human hair lashes specially imported from Korea. So light and comfortable to wear. Easy to maintain. (you can see from the above comparison photo of Beauty Recipe lash thickness)

2. Does not cause your real lashes to break/drop or damage your eyelids  (Our beauticians set the eyelash 1mm away from your eyelid and every lashes are seperated individually to ensure your natural lashes grows well.)

3. Beauty Recipe is extremely generous with minimum 200 lashes per eye even for the most basic natural beauty look category. (Most places only provides 60 – 80 lashes for the basic lashes.) 

4. Longer lasting (Since it is so light, it is less likely to drop so quickly. Do not have to spend extra money for removal if you prefer to just let it drop naturally without it looking awkward or ugly.)

5. Natural looking lashes that is individually curled and tailored to match each individual eyes shape. (Our beauticians are highly trained to ensure that the lashes are arranged and blended well with the original eyelashes to make it more natural-looking and will recommend the best style for your eye shape.)

6. Beauty Recipe uses medical grade glue and remover that does not have strong smell, sting the skin or cause allergic reaction. (Proper handling of adhesive materials is also necessary if you don’t want to glue your eyelids and eventually become unable to open your eyes again. This may sound absurd but this is absolutely possible. Eyelash extension glue can be very powerful most especially for those semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions. However, a reliable salon like Beauty Recipe uses a specialise glue that only sticks with the hair and not with the skin) 


Proof that Beauty Recipe Glue is high quality and imported from Korea. Does not cause pain or sting the eyes

Proof that Beauty Recipe glue & remover is of high quality and imported from Korea. Does not cause pain, sting the eyes or cause allergic reaction. 

7. Most importantly… Very competitive and affordable prices at Beauty Recipe!!!

Beauty Recipe is offering this strand by strand human hair eyelash extension at SGD$68 only (Natural beauty) for first trial!

Call 65673568 now.


We have 3 category types for you to choose from.

1. NATURAL BEAUTY EYES (200 lashes on each eyes) Usual Price – $88

2. GLAMOROUS EYES (300 lashes on each eyes) Usual Price – $108

3. DRAMATIC EYES (400 lashes on each eyes) – $128

Some samples PHOTOS done by Beauty Recipe

Eyelash ext before & after Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.34.58 am

BeautyRecipeEyelashExtension4_zps5c29859a before after eyelash extension singapore Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.10.42 am

Jasmine Ong

It takes years and years of experience and talent for our beauticians to be able to achieve well balanced, even out, fan-shaped, curly natural looking eyelash extensions done. I am personally extremely proud of the standard at Beauty Recipe. 



 More to come!


Choose the BEST…

When it comes to your eyes, never risk using inferior low quality products or untrained beautician!

Examples of poorly applied lashes I found from the internet…





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