Majolica Majorca Line Hunter eyeliner

Majolica Majorca Linehunter eyeliner review

My Clio Kill black liquid eyeliner had ran out. I had been using Clio for more than 1 year already which works great for me but I decide to be adventurous and try out another brands. After flipping though the magazines I saw that Majolica Majorca Line Hunter eyeliner had been awarded best eyeliner prize on Cosmopolitan and one of the …

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Award Winning Tangle Teezer to solve any hair tangles

Tangle Teezer instant detangling hairbrush

    Check out this New Beauty Tool called the Tangle Teezer awarded one of the Best Beauty Buys by the Women’s Weekly! Ever wonder what to do with hair that always get tangled? No matter how you pull and yank your hair wouldn’t come lose?  I have this problem since my ends are quite dry so this tangle teezer …

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Importance of finding the right aesthetics doctors


Remember a couple of months ago I wrote an article about a step by step guide to modifying your facial features on an online app on Aesthetics Hub? ( Here are the direct links… Go play with it… I promise it is easy to use and fun. 🙂 and if you would like to understand more about the procedures …

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Nourish & Sooth Sensitive Skin With The Seaweed Bath Company

shea The Seaweed Bath Co.

I noticed recently that it isn’t uncommon for people to suffer from skin allergies, eczema, rashes or dry skin. My helper has some sort of skin allergies with extreme dryness and rashes starting from her arm and then legs, I had to quickly bring her to a skin doctor before it got even worse and spread it all over her body. My hubby …

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Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Ceremony and After Thoughts

Singapore Blog Awards omy best beauty blogger winner

The wait is finally over. I won the Best Beauty Blog at today’s Singapore Blog Award Ceremony at SCAPE Ground Theatre Auditorium. Minister of State Sim Ann is the Guest Of Honour for that day being the minister of communication.   There were so many fellow bloggers who attended. Long queues even to get in. I love the atmosphere where all who share …

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Amazing Results with New Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening

Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Laser Whitening singapore

I have always envied people with the perfect white smile. My teeth condition are not too crooked but the main problem is that my teeth are extremely yellowish. It is quite bad that people might sometimes think that I am a smoker. I don’t smoke but I do love to drink coffee and tea. Plus, I used to work for …

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Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum & Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20 Review

Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum

I am very much into whitening products nowadays especially as I age with the fear of getting pigmentation which also runs in my family. When it comes to skin whitening, I always felt that I am not fair enough and would be nice to be fairer. Hahaa! Plus, I get tanned so easily so sourcing for good whitening products that does …

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Glamabox July 2014

Glamabox July 2014

Thank you Glamabox for sending me your July Box. It is possible to Back order previous month boxes if you wish to, one of the good things of this beauty box company. Let me show you what’s in the July box and a summary of what it is. If you need more details you can visit Glamabox official website. What …

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The Importance of Beauty Tools: Romantic Japanese Natural Make Up and Hair Tutorial

make up tutorial transformation with HABA and Panasonic

    Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Tools As a busy mum-preneur (a mother-entrepeneur hybrid!), the time I have is limited but looking presentable remains one of my priorities because it is the first step to success! Present yourself well to instill confidence in others. Here are my top 5 must-have beauty tools that are absolutely essential to looking-good in the …

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