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MJCARE Top Selling Masks in Japan & Korea

30 Types of selection to try…. ONLY $1 EACH!!!! Quick List 1. EGF (Imroving Aging Skin/Skin Elasticity/Moisturizer/Reduce Trouble Skin) 2. Caviar (Skin Protection/Nutrition/Moisturizer/Reduce Trouble Skin) 3. Charcoal (Clean Skin/Energy/Calm/Improve oily & Trouble Skin) 4. Raspberry (Skin Vitality/Transparency/Moisturizer/Clean Skin) 5. . Acerola (Whitening/Promote Clear & Transparent Skin/Moisturizer/Convergence/Reduce Trouble & Oily Acne Skin) OUT OF STOCK 6. Chestnut Shell (Reduce Trouble & Oily Acne Skin/Whitening/Soothing/Moisturizer/Skin convergence) OUT …

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Video: New year colorful festive season Nail Art design

  New year reminds me of happiness to welcome the following year. This colorful yet funky and quirky design would definitely be suitable for any new year parties you will be going to. Using the white base will bring out the colors. Have fun DIY-ing your nails to impress your friends over Christmas and New year!   Enjoy the video …

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Video: Christmas Glittery Simple Ribbon Nail Art Design

Here is another easy to do design or short nails. What’s more christmas theme than presents? Therefore the ribbons. The glitters add on a snow effect that sparkles though it doesn’t do any justice as the real thing looks a lot sparklier. Hope you like it. To see my previous christmas candy cane nail art design, Go to   …

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Vitamins needed for Strong Nails?


Healthy nails reflect a healthy body. If your nails have a natural shine, are strong and free of ridges or other blemishes, this is a sign that your diet is providing you with the nutrients needed to keep your nails in optimum shape. If your nails are brittle, dry, dull and weak, this is a sign that essential vitamins may …

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