Beauty Recipe Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery Review by Miss Rusty

Beauty Recipe Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery Review by Miss Rusty

Brows – You wouldn’t think that it makes a difference but it really does. People always say that the eyes are the windows to your soul and that the eyes are really what makes a look put together. But to me, the brows make the biggest difference!

Don’t believe me? Go google “no brows faces” and you’ll see how important brows are!

In fact, why don’t I show you some pictures of me without brows? Aren’t they just horrendous? I just cannot imagine myself without brows I look so weird!


So now that we have concluded the importance of brows, let me bring you to Beauty Recipe. Located in Marine Parade just beside Parkway Parade, I had the luxury to try out their latest Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery and I love it!

There are 2 locations to choose from, Marine Parade Central and Jurong East, and I chose Marine Parade since I live nearer.


Before I share with you my experience with eyebrow embroidery as a newbie, here’s a little bit of background information about my brows. I have been blessed with thick brows, which also meant that I have to groom them quite often, more often than I don’t.

I’ve tried threading, tweezing, waxing and all those techniques promised me short term results as the hairs grew in no time. Further more, I have to use makeup to shape them everyday, which is quite a hassle. Thus, you can say that the maintenance is rather high.

I have never tried eyebrow embroidery although I have heard many talked about it. But the thought of waking up to beautiful brows every morning is tempting, isn’t it? The pain scares me a little but I came to realise that there really is minimal pain.


If you have heard of 3D or 4D Eyebrow Embroidery, 6D is the successor. Which also meant that the strokes are now smaller, thinner and finer and a lot more realistic to mimic real eyebrow hairs. Technique used is fairly similar, but with an upgraded version of the tool and the need of a more precise skill set.


First, Elaine, Beauty Recipe’s eyebrow master shaped my brows. This is to ensure that the shape fits my face shape and they do not simply commit via embroidery straight away. This step also helps customers foresee the end results and to ensure that they like the shape first before the act.


As my face is round, I’m glad that Elaine caught that and designed a thicker brow look for me. I also wanted to go ahead with the Korean straight brows trend, thus Elaine did her magic on me. Just a note that the outline at this stage would look a bit thicker than they appeared to be so don’t be shocked!

This process actually took quite some time, but I’m not complaining! A perfect look takes time and I applauded Elaine’s professional skill and dedication to ensure the perfect brow look is achieved. She even had me stand up a couple of times to check the symmetry of my brows before finalising!



After deciding on the shape, a numbing cream was applied on both my brows for around 30 minutes. This is to minimise any pain felt during the embroidery process. During this time, feel free to just rest your eyes and relax.

Miss-Rusty-Beauty-Recipe-6D-Eyebrow-Embroidery-Numbing-Cream Miss-Rusty-Beauty-Recipe-6D-Eyebrow-Embroidery-Numbing-Cream-Closeup Miss-Rusty-Beauty-Recipe-6D-Eyebrow-Embroidery-Numbing-Cream-Cling-Wrap

When the time was up, Elaine proceeded to remove the plastic wrap and started to embroidering my brows. She took my hair colour into consideration and chose a colour that is suitable for me. If you have any questions with the colour, you can always discuss it with Elaine!


Hygiene is priority for Beauty Recipe and they ensure to use a new sterilised blade for every customer. She even let me checked that the blade is new within the packaging before opening up to use it on me. And after which, she started doing the Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery on me!


It may look scary but it is in fact NOT at all! I felt safe in Elaine’s hands who has a strong background of 15 years doing brows. So no worries about that!


In terms of pain, with the help of the numbing cream that she used on me earlier, all I can feel is light scratching motions. So if pain is one of your factor that is hindering you from trying this out, then you can cross that off right now!

The whole process took no more than 20-25 minutes for each brow and all I did was just to relax in the chair. It may look scary but don’t worry. You don’t actually feel that much pain.


Towards the end of each process, it does hurt a tiny bit due to the numbing cream wearing off, but it’s bearable, considering that I have a low threshold of pain.

In no time at all, my brows are done! Don’t they look realistic as though I am born with perfect brows? I love how well they came out to be!

The strokes are thin and fine, and looks amazingly natural. Elaine did such an awesome job and I can safely say that I’m now an eyebrow embroidery convert!



Below is a before and after comparison of how my brows look like right before and after the eyebrow embroidery process.

Notice how unkempt and messy my brows are before in the left picture? And that’s when they are already groomed by Elaine! THE HORROR! She had already threaded stray hairs away but couldn’t help much with the ‘balding’ patches within. This is also why I needed to rely on makeup daily to fill in those patches for an even more groomed brow look.

And after the embroidery, I’m free of that step! My eyebrows are now nicely shaped and filled in. It looks so natural yet perfect at the same time. One can really get good brows, just within 2 hours!



Now, the job isn’t entirely over. This gel treatment is advised to be applied 3-4 times a day so that the eyebrow areas are well moisturised. It also helps to prevent any pre-mature flaking that will lead to uneven patches so it’s important to do so!

The gel treatment can be purchased at SGD$28/bottle at Beauty Recipe. I used it with a cotton bud and spread it lightly over my eyebrows. Even if you see scabs and have the itch to just peel them off, don’t! Just let them fall off naturally and be sure to avoid water as much as you can!

For the first week, swimming is an absolute no-no and be prepared to have dark eyebrows for about 5 days. Everything should be back to normal within a week a two.



On the left is Elaine, the senior master therapist of eyebrow embroidery who has a strong background of 15 years. And also the person with the magical hands to bless me with such awesome brows!

On the right is Jessie, the founder of Beauty Recipe. Such a warm and kind lady who noticed the importance of beauty and founded Beauty Recipe so that all ladies can be gorgeous!



Every Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery comes with 1 touch up within 3 months. I went back for mine and even though my eyebrows were already looking awesome, there are areas that peeled off too quickly and thus looking a tad lighter.



And here’s a snapshot of the different times of my eyebrows.

Before“Groomed” brows are still unkempt and messy looking.
AfterRight after Beauty Recipe’s Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery, brows looking more groomed.
Touch UpDark brows due to touch up.
After Touch UpAround 1 week later with brows looking on point! 


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Want your eyebrows looking awesome too? Get your own Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery done now at only SGD$488 (U.P. SGD$1288)!

Or try their 3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery at $288 instead of $588!

Just quote “Rusty” when you call or whatsapp 9859 3982 for an appointment!

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