Apollo TriLipo Stretch Marks Results with Cutis Medical Laser Clinic Part 2


Remember my previous post more than a month ago on the Apollo TriLipo to salvage my horrible stretch marks? Click if you haven’t read my blog and video post on how it works.




maximus Apollo TriLipo with Cutis Medical Laser Clinic

Dr Sylva from Cutis Medical Laser Clinic offered me 5 sessions of one of the most popular treatment in Cutis Clinic, the Apollo TriLipo to treat my stretch marks.

My baby’s size is quite the big boned type and tall due to his half Caucasian bloodline. My stomach was over stretched so badly it feels like it is going to split open during my final month of pregnancy. I am very conscious of my stretch marks which are red and purple šŸ™ I never dare to wear shorter length Tee shirts and tops because I was afraid if I were to raise my arms or if my top flew up, people can see those red horrible cracked looking stretch marks.


In the above photo taken during the first treatment, they use the temperature-measuring gun on and off to measure the temperature of your skin before they continue with the treatment again throughout the whole procedure which lasts about 30 minutes to ensure that the treatment does not become too hot for your skin.


During the treatment, there is some prickling sensation as they roll the warm tip on my tummy in a circular motion. They increased the intensity after each session after my skin get more used to the treatment.

I would rate 2/10 for the discomfort level as the only thing bothering me is that towards the end of the session the treatment can get quite hot. But if you can’t handle the heat, you can always ask them to lower the intensity.

I was able to rest during the treatment shows it is definitely not painful at all. The photo above was also taken during the first treatment.

Ok, I’m sure you can’t wait to see the before and after photos….


I feel quite embarrassed to show my photos here. But I am sure stretch marks are one of the most ‘disgusting’ after effects of pregnancy which bothers most women so I hope by sharing my experiences here, it might help some of you out there who are searching for ways and alternatives to lighten your stretch marks.

So here it is….


The BEFORE and AFTER photo was taken at the Cutis medical clinic’s treatment room with the same lighting and with the same camera for comparison. Sorry about redness in the AFTER photo as it was taken straight away after the 5th session for comparison.

You can see that my stretch marks looked very ”raw” and red in the BEFORE picture. You can’t really see from the photo which is in 2D but in 3D my stretch marks scars are deeper and more indented too before the treatments. I started the treatment when my boy was 2.5 months old and the AFTER photo was taken when my boy is almost 4 months old.

5 treatment sessions in the short span of one and a half months can produce significant results like this made me really satisfied as stretch marks scars are so difficult to get rid of. It is known that there is no cure to stretch marks as they are one of the hardest scars to lighten but advanceĀ aesthetics treatments can make it better.Ā Apollo TriLipo is one of them that you can seriously consider.

Here is a clearer photo of my tummy taken at home with better lighting. At least right now, I might still consider wearing a bikini to a beach if I have to.

Thank you Cutis Medical Laser Clinic.



Apollo TriLipo Technology had been clinically proven and is the most advanced solution for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening. It not just only helps in stretch mark improvement. ItĀ is an “all-in-one”Ā non-invasive solution to immediate and painless skin tightening, treat cellulite, reduce circumference and lift the face and body.

TriLipo technology combines 2 effective technologies ā€“ TriLipo Radio Frequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to simultaneously create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as skin tightening, treating anti-aging facial and slimming concerns successfully.

Trilipo sessions are priced from $128 for the eye area to $560 per session for the abdomen and side area per session onwards. Ā 


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