Abandoned puppy I found and took care for 1 year

Me and my hubby found abandoned Chippie after a few months after arriving in Korea last year. We took care of him in our home for about 1 year now. Chippie had been the Best Friend I ever had since! It was devastating that I have no choice but to give him up for adoption. I hope to find a wonderful home that he could go to and have a great life after me and my husband leave Korea because he is such a sweet loving dog. We had fostered a few abandoned puppies/dogs in our home before so we know Chippie had no problems with other dogs/animals.

He is a sensitive and a very loving dog. He would just sit beside me when I feel down or lonely and cheer me up in his own way. He would come and sleep beside me when I am watching TV on the sofa at night. House-training wise, he is great and he haven’t had any accidents in the house. I put the potty tray outside in the balcony area as I live in an apartment and he goes out whenever he needs it. If he is in the room with me and the door is closed, he will whimper a little and let me know he need his toilet.

At the end of this post is a video of Chippie below doing some of his tricks. Please watch it and I am sure you will start loving him already.

Chippie is an extremely smart dog that is so easy to train. He picked up each tricks I taught him in under an hour. The video that I had uploaded is from a few months ago. He could do some other tricks now since then. He loves to play throw and fetch and loves doing all those tricks whenever I ask him to. He is extremely cute when he gives you each of his paws to you one by one when you washes his feet with the shower hose after coming back from a walk. I will try to take a video of him doing that and post it too.

As I used to baby sit some of my Korean friends’ kids, I know Chippie is great with children and loves to gentle play with him. Kids adores him and is so impressed when they could ask him to do the tricks I taught him.

Chippie does not break or chew on the furniture. But he does like to chew on the milk bone that I give him all the time before I go out. He could just sit there for a long long time working on the milk bone.

Chippie doesn’t mind being picked up and held, in fact I think he loves it. He loves attention but doesn’t demand them.

Chippie is a great fun to add into you and your family’s life and I am sure you will not regret adopting him. Please give him a chance. I hope you like the pictures and the video of him.




CHIPPIE & me playing fetch one night



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  1. I am extremely interested in adopting this cutie! I'm in Waegwan, with a car, and can come see him asap! I have a 2 1/2 year old son who is very gentle with all animals. Please email me @ hollynoel1029@gmail.com

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