8 Crabs Seafood Kitchen Delivery

8 Crabs Seafood Kitchen Delivery

If you are looking for freshly cooked Sri Lankan Crabs with an award winning taste, delivered to you within 1 hour anywhere in Singapore, you can consider 8 Crabs Seafood Kitchen Delivery service. They sponsored one of our dinner for a food review in return. Here is a honest food review… 🙂

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With the $120 Voucher I ordered:

Black pepper crab – medium $68
Yam Ring $24
Sambal Kangkong $10
Signature prawn roll $10
Fu Rong Omelette $10
Sweet & Sour Pork $12

Total 6 dishes for around $130 so price wise I would say it is affordable.


They have their own processing premises in Sri Lanka. Being the only supplier of wild catch crabs, so they are able to promise you crabs that are better than the rest. Below are some highlight points of their advantages…

  • Wild catch crabs from Sri Lanka that are meatier, bigger, and taste better
  • Authentic home cooked taste as they partner up with award winning chefs
  • Affordable, yet of a 5 star standard
  • Crabs reach you freshly cooked in their kitchen, from Sri Lanka in 12 hours
  • They discard dead crabs and do not need to resort to cooking them with our strong supply
  • One hour delivery from the time of your order

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Since their specialty is their Sri Lanka Crabs. So lets talk about the taste of their crabs first…

I love the taste of the strong pepper taste of their crabs which I find it more flavourful compared to the other pepper crabs that I have tried in most other places.

Their promise of meatier and fresher crabs was delivered with satisfaction. Everyone of us at the dining table are praising this dish as we ate. This was the favourite dish out if the 6 dishes we ordered.

The Yam Ring was my next favourite dish. I rarely see this dish in most of the Zhi Cha place anymore. I was so exited to order this when I saw this on their website. The yam was sticky and there was a lot of fillings in the centre which consist of vegetables, mushrooms and chicken.




3rd and 4th ranking was the sambal Chili Kang kong and then the Fu Yong omelette.

Sambal was awesome. Spicy hot while the Kang Kong was crunchy.

The Fu Yong Omelette was fluffy and has a lot of fillings of crab meat, spring onions, onions.

So no regrets ordering these 4 dishes above as they match my taste buds very well.


The prawn roll and the sweet & sour pork I didn’t like them too much though.

Prawn roll fillings was too minced up so it was too soft and feels like it dissolve too quickly once you put it into the mouth. It could have been a little bit saltier as I can’t really taste much of it.

Their sweet and sour pork was also too soggy. But given the fact that this dish is usually nicer eaten when it is out from the kitchen. So for delivery, I did expect that it would be soggy when arrived at our home. The taste of the sauce was also not the typical style for sweet and sour pork as there seems to a sour lemon taste. So the sauce wise wasn’t to my liking as well. Maybe they have put too much sauce with it that make it very soggy.

In conclusion, I feel for the price, quality and their fast delivery… I would order again.

At least to try out their crabs in other flavours for definite.

If you are craving for crabs, do give them a try.

8 Crab Seafood Delivery






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