4 Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeover Hacks

4 Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeover Hacks


A bathroom should be a place where you can switch off after a busy day. You shouldn’t need to struggle with leaky faucets or ineffective shower sprays. And the decor should enhance the tranquillity and your relaxation, rather than leave you frustrated each time you have to manoeuvre past bulky old vanity cabinets and broken tiles. If you, like many homeowners in Singapore, dream of a bathroom makeover, keep on reading.

As you will see from these tips, a bathroom makeover does not have to involve breaking down walls and costly renovations. Indeed, there’s a lot you can do with a bit of DIY experience and a can of paint. Shopping online for new bathroom accessories won’t hurt either.

bathroom makeover hacks singapore

  1. Quick, Inexpensive Facelift


Give your tired, painted walls a fresh coat of paint in bright white, or a light, earthy colour and buy some new towels. Invest in new bathroom accessories for an instant new look. As no major renovations are involved, this is a makeover that even tenants can do.


  1. Create Space


Back in the 1960’s hunter-green and wood were the rage. Today, minimalist interior design is in fashion. This provides a wonderful opportunity to get rid of that old bulky cabinet and replace it with a pedestal basin. Add loose, hanging baskets as storage and you’ll immediately enjoy a more spacious bathroom.


If you feel like splurging and are tired of that old cramped tub which is hardly used, consider removing it and installing in its place a frameless shower screen complete with a personal home spa system. You’ll likely need the help of a contractor for such a job but if you can well afford it, why not?


  1. Lighten Up


Nothing ruins a relaxing bath experience more than a dark, outdated bathroom. Dark, old ceramic tiles can be given a new lease of life by refinishing them in white or neutral colour alternatives. Dark curtains should be removed and replaced with modern bamboo blinds, or a light, sheer curtain. White, mint and grey are currently the best colours for modern bathrooms. Pair this with gleaming chrome bathroom accessories and you’ll get a simply luxurious bathroom.


  1. The Finishing Touches


Unless your home is relatively new, you’ll probably have those old fashion brass taps that were commonplace decades ago. If so, we recommend you replace your bathroom fittings. Other than giving your bathroom an instant facelift, modern taps, mixers and shower systems offers amazing functionalities, such as water and energy-savings, thermostatic controls, anti-scalding handles, and much more. Indeed, if your old bathroom accessories have lost their “bling”, it is time to invest in new ones that complements your taste and lifestyle. Tired of bumping into the shower head, or having to move it all the time? Worse still, do you dance around under the shower to get your whole body wet? If so, a ceiling-mounted rain shower can easy solve all your problems; you won’t believe the difference a simple change of bathroom fixtures and fittings can bring about.



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