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App that beautify your photo in 1 click

I was just hanging around under the bright sunlight waiting for my clients one day with my iPad in my hand so I decided to use my iPad to take a photo of myself to try out this new app on my iPad that I downloaded a while ago. It is called moreBeaute2. This app says it is a one click ”photoshop” that will turn your face into perfect & flawless. So I assume that it have to be quite a close up photo to work well.

This was the original photo taken by my iPad. Many of you already know that the camera quality of the iPad 2 sucks. You can see skin tone looks uneven and dark in places.

Original Photo taken with iPad

Look at what the photo looks like after just one click using this app. It is so easy to use. I did like the effect of the photo. Makes it look very dreamy, like a japanese anime.

Picture effect after using the app

morebeaute2 is downloadable on iPhone as well. I am not a selfish person so I want all girls out there to look beautiful. Do try this app. It is free and really easy to use. I am a dumb ass when it comes to using photoshop so you can see, all my photos on my blog are not photoshop-ed. I really do envy those bloggers that made such beautiful pictures of themselves and the food looks more delicious with photoshop. Maybe one day, if I can squeeze out some time, I will go sign up for some basic photoshop lessons. I think it would be a good skill to have.

Have fun! :)

Importance of Eye care

Do you know the skin around our eyes are 10 times thinner? Means it is more prone for sun damage and wrinkles appear fastest around that area. Moisturizers we used for our face will not work properly on the skin around our eyes too. Worse still, they might be too oily for the eye area and cause oil bubbles to form under our eyes.
After asking around, many in my age group in the 20s do not use any eye care products. They felt that it is unnecessary as they are still too young to have wrinkles around the eyes. Actually, you should already start your eye care routine at around 25 year old.

Most people only start using eye products when wrinkles start to appear or when the skin around the eye area becomes dry.

Prevention is better than cure. If you take care of the skin around of your eyes early, wrinkles will appear very late compared to those who did not start their eye care routine early. So I urge all of you to start your eye care routine and not to forget putting sunblock around your eye area when you go under the strong sun :)

I turned 25 year old last year so I am pretty new to the eye care products scene since I just started using eye product last year. Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes is the first eye care product that I have used. It works very well for me. I like that it has 2 different compartments, one side for day care and one side for night care. The formula for the day is less oily and has SPF 25 to prevent sun damage. The night care formula is slightly more creamy.
Product Benefits
A day and night eye cream in one neat package!

The day cream protects with SPF25 and stimulates collagen for firmness while the night cream provides long-lasting hydration with anti-wrinkle benefits.

How to use

  • Remove all traces of other skincare products on fingers before applying eye care.
  • Sparingly, apply over entire eye area.
  • Gently tap on eye areas to enhance penetration/absorption.
  • Can be applied before or after any other skincare products.

Choosing the right foundation

Envy the Korean actresses for their flawless snowy skin? In my first make up lesson back in Korea, I remember the teacher emphasizing that choosing the appropriate foundations for your skin type is the very first step to make up. Each and everyone of our skin can be very different so knowing your skin type is very important before choosing the appropriate texture of foundation for your skin type.

Skin Type 1: Normal Skin
• Even Complexion
• Surface is neither too oily nor too dry
• Pores are small in size
• Face is supple with few lines, creases and wrinkles
• Face has few breakouts

Skin Type 2: Oily Skin
• Face has all over shine
• Shine happens quickly
• Pores are large and/or open
• Face suffers from frequent blemishes (blackheads and/or whiteheads)
• Face has minimal lines and wrinkles

Skin Type 3: Combination Skin
• T-zone is oily
• Skin on the cheeks is normal to dry
• Skin suffers from breakouts on chin, nose, cheeks or forehead
• Pores on the chin and cheeks are enlarged

Skin Type 4: Dry Skin
• Pores are undetectable
• Face looks and feels dry and tight
• Complexion has a ruddy appearance
• Cheeks and/or chin are flaky and dry
• Face has lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

Skin Type 5: Sensitive Skin
• Face has blotchy patches (dry or red)
• Face has Rosacea
• Skin is delicate or thin
• Face has sensitivity to products (burning or flushing)

If your skin is dry and you have been using a foundation with no moisture, you will not get the flawless skin you desire. All you will do is further dehydrate your skin, accentuate the dryness and showcase the fine lines. If you use a foundation that is too oily for your oily skin, it can further clog your pores and result in worse outbreak. By choosing a formulation designed to complement your skin type, your face will look supple, youthful and healthy.
Let’s start finding the foundation that is most appropriate for you.

1. Liquid Foundation is ideal for: All Skin types. It works especially well suited for dry or mature skin. It also provides added moisture to the skin.

2. Cream Foundation is ideal for: Normal, combination and dry skin. It is especially well suited for women with uneven pigmentation, or those requiring a heavier coverage.

3. Pressed powder foundation is ideal for: Oily skin. As it evens out the skin tone, hides imperfections and absorbs excess oil.

Awesome product for oily skin from Laneige

4. Mineral foundation is ideal for: Well suited for those with sensitive skin.

5. Tinted Moisturizer is ideal for: Normal and dry skin. It is especially well suited for those who need extra hydration and just a touch of color to pull everything together. One example of tinted moisturizers are BB creams :)

Whatever your skin type, you have a variety of choices. Pick the one that is best for you and start reaping the benefits today.

Nails Nails Nails

You will like this easy to do design.

Do you like this?

photo taken with dimmer lighting. The real nail sparkles a lot more


You need the sliver glitter color on the left with circle sparkle pieces(from Etude House). The other color can be any color you want as it would be your base color.

You need the sliver glitter color with circle sparkle pieces on the left

See how much it sparkles? You can get this nail color if from ETUDE HOUSE.

This is the glittery base color I used. You don't really have to use glittery base.


1. Put on your base coat. Click here to get one if you are looking for a good base coat (http://blog.myfatpocket.com/jessieting/?page_id=360)

2. Paint your whole nail with any color you like. Can be light or dark colors. Doesn’t matter. I am using a pink glittery nail color in the above pic.

3. Use a sliver glittery color with sparkle circle bits in it like the above pic to brush it on the top half of your nails. Wait for this coat to be dry.

4. Use a sliver glittery color and brush it just on the top part of your nails. This is to create the graduation effect. You will see that the glitter is the heaviest at the top and then decrease as you move towards the cuticle when done.

5. Don’t forget your top coat :)




Proper Beauty Sleep

Sometimes we have to deal with many unreasonable people and people who do not appreciate your kindness. It is annoying as they can ruin your mood for the day or week but tell yourself that it is not worth it to get your mood ruined by unworthy people like that since they don’t care about how other people felt in the first place anyway.

I tell myself that unpleasant things happen in life to make life more interesting so keep staying positive and remind yourself to focus on the good people in your lives especially at night before you sleep where your mind is most prone to wonder to negative thoughts.

How to achieve beauty sleep?

Start winding down a few hours before your actual sleeping bedtime. Consciously leave all your must do for the next day, reassuring yourself with a written list of reminders as that help me as a very ‘kan cheong’ person like me which kept on thinking if there is still anything I have not done or miss out today.

Dim the lights. Avoid all stimulation such as caffeine, alcohol, upsetting thoughts and violent TV.

Tune into the sound of your own breath or the cadence of soothing music if you have your iPhone/iPod docking station in your room.

Give up rigid expectations about how much sleep you require. Even night time wakefulness can be restful if you use it as a time for quiet meditation. The more you trust in natural processes and in life in general, the easier it will be to eventually get the right amount of sleep you really need.

Here are some of the important benefits that you can get from having a good sleep:
  1. Sleep keep your heart healthy.
  2. Sleep helps in improving your body such as skin and hair.
  3. Sleep is a good de-stressor.
  4. Sleep lessen the rate of mood disorders
  5. Sleep bolsters your memory
  6. Sleep gives you a clearer mind thus making you alert
  7. There has been studies that sleep helps you lose weight
  8. Sleeping reduces the risk of depression.
  9. Sleep decreases the risk of cancer
  10. Sleep reduces the risk of diabetes

Sleeping is the easiest step of being healthy so please do not take it for granted. Rest well and well tonight :)

My London Weight Management Video is up!

Video of my London Weight Management experience :P

I recently visited the Ang Mo Kio Jubilee branch that had just opened a couple of months ago. My first impression when I enter is ‘’Wah, all the girls working there are so slim and pretty’’.

I was very lucky to be served by the branch manager Michelle. The procedure started with a full on consultation whereby she asked me questions regarding my lifestyle, sleeping and eating habits. After finding out that I sleep late and skip breakfast, Michelle explained to me about the importance of breakfast and how sleeping early helps me with my health and actually by taking healthy breakfast aids weight lost.

Me and Michelle. She is sooo nice!

Changed into smooth, comfortable kimono outfit

plus comfortable London slippers

Analyzing my lifestyle and eating habits with Michelle

They took my height and weight with my own clothes first. Gave me a glass of warm water to drink before I changed into their comfortable kimono type outfit, slippers and then take my weight again plus a full body measurement so they can deduct away the water weight at the end of the session. Therefore, no cheating! Very Fair… ☺

Weighing myself

Wahhhh! need to watch my weight!!!

Measuring & marking my body so they can take measurements at the end of the session with the same point

The glass of warm water is supposed to help my body flush out the toxins easier after the whole treatment. I was told to go for a shower before going into the steam bath for 10mins. The shower and steam bath facilities looks like this ->

Shower Facilities

Individual Steam bath rooms

Lockers to keep my possessions safe

That's me enjoying in the steam bath

Shiok arh! Can feel all the dirt getting out of my pores. The temperature of the steam bath is about 35 deg C. Almost fall asleep with the cool towel on my face. The steam bath goes on and off in sequence therefore it is not too hot but really comfortable and refreshing.

Once I’m all cleaned, they put me in the treatment room for a full body scrub with a great smelling Lavender essential oil to remove the dead skin cells for better absorption with the fat burning ampoule they going to apply on me later. They have a variety of essential oil for you to choose from.

The smell of this lavender scrub is amazing!

I was then wrapped up with plastic sheets and a warm blanket wrap for 30 mins to sweat. This treatment is definitely much more comfortable than Sauna because if you recall your own sauna experience, your head is always the one feeling uncomfortable when it gets too hot. I even fall asleep during the 30 mins because of the soft music playing in the background and the bed has a headrest which can be adjusted and raised to the height I wanted too. Every little detail, London Weight Management do their best to look after their customer’s comfort.

Falling asleep during the Warm blanket treatment

Once this hot blanket detoxify treatment is done, they put an ice-cold towel on my forehead and let me rest for another 5 mins before I go for a shower. My skin is extremely smooth and got a little fairer at this point because of the nice selling scrub and all the dirt out of my pores. ☺ It’s like spa and slimming 2 in 1.

There is make up cleansing milk, hair dryer, hair oil, moisturizers…etc

Now I am all ready for my last treatment by the EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machine. This machine helps you pump your muscles by sticking 10 pieces of electrode on your targeted areas. 30 mins of treatment on this machine is equal to doing 360 sit ups, 2.4km of running and 2 hours of intense exercise.

EMS machine with 10 pads of electro pads

Fat burning ampoule for whole body application to aid fat burn

Before they start, they rub a body prefect fat burning ampoule on me first to aid the ‘’exercise’’ that I am going to do which will continue to burn fat for the next 24 hours.

I can feel my muscle pulsating and working

I think this look a bit like a super hero outfit? Lol.. :) The intensity of the pulse can be adjusted to suit anyone’s comfort level. Plus, there is always a bell in every treatment room by your side to ring for assistance. The service at London Weight Management is really caring, they will come in and check on you every 10 mins in between all the treatments and see if you are ok and comfortable.

Ring Ring

Slimming had never been so relaxing and enjoyable. :) I have personally been to 4 other well-known slimming franchises to try out their treatments. Most of the treatments scares me or made me feel somewhat unbearable at some point. Therefore, I am absolutely impressed with the service level and the comfort of all the treatments London Weight Management has provided me on that day.

Last but not least, they finish me off by providing a nutritious energy drink to replenish the energy lost. I was rather hungry, as I did not had breakfast since I started the breakfast but after drinking this drink, I no longer feel hungry. Fills you up quite well and it didn’t taste too bad too.

Chocolate Flavor Energy drink

Me enjoying the drink


Prove of weight lost after 1st treatment last month

Prove of weight lost after 2nd treatment for the video filming day a month later

I lost about 600g with a shocking of 11.5cm reduction in overall size for the 1st treatment and lost 700g with a shocking of 12cm reduction in overall size for the 2nd treatment. Quite amazing right? I didn’t expect to lose 11.5 – 12 cm. The effectiveness is consistent too. Michelle told me it is quite unusual to get such good results especially for ladies with the weight of 50kg.

As a food lover, I can’t stop myself from my cravings and the habit of over eating is difficult to correct. I got very chubby a couple of years back and realised that I am starting to get out of shape. Dresses and tight fitting clothes that I love suddenly doesn’t look as nice on me anymore with a belly and flabby arms.

Look at how chubby I got to a few years back?

Due to my crazy love for food and busy working schedule now, it is hard to find time to exercise and maintain my weight. If you are like me, it is worth considering trying London Weight Management out to maintain your weight. The older we get, the more our metabolism rate drops therefore it is important to watch and maintain our weight constantly as confidence is important for every women.

It was a very fun experience hosting the video for London Weight Management. Thanks for reading my blog. Here is a big treat for all! YES, ONE FREE SLIMMING TREATMENT + MYSTERY GIFT!!! HURRAY!!! :)

Exlusively for My Fat Pocket readers! Enjoy 1 FREE Slimming Treatment + Mystery Gift!
SMS now! LWMF <space> Name <space> NRIC to 73232 or call our hotline at 6222 1234 to enjoy your treat.

To all Durian lovers!

Durian season of the year has arrived. I am sure all durian lovers will know that you will have the most durians in July and the durians in July taste the best.

Just wanna share on my Durian day tour last week which was organized by my company Propnex Realty. I had a really fun filled day apart from all the durians that I can eat which definitely filled every inch of my stomach space. Anyway before I start on the recommendation of durian tour which you might find interesting. Let’s look at the biggest ‘Bao’ that I ever seen in my life. I think this ‘Bao’ can feed the entire family. MASSIVE!

it is like twice bigger than the coffee glass.

After getting into JB by the 2nd link and having breakfast, we head to a noodle and rice factory on the way as rest stops to the durian planation we are going to in Tangkak. About 2 and half hours away from Singapore.

This is the first time I actually seen a durian tree.

So many durians!!!! All you can eat durian buffet *drool*

DURIAN! King of all fruits. I felt like the queen having able to eat all the species of durians varieties all free flow in one place. Muahahaha!!! Some of the famous durians they have is Ang Hae (Red Prawn), Ho Lor, Ang Bak, Cheh Phoay Kia (Green-Skin Kid), D2, 24, 11, etc all have! Please don’t mind all the !!!! exclamation marks !!! as I get very excited when it comes to eating durian.

To cut long story short, if you are a durian lover, a day trip to durian tour in Malaysia is definitely a worth while trip. Not forgetting the shopping, massage and the good seafood the tour group arrange for you during the trip. I paid S$65 for the day tour. Many of the travel agencies organize similar durian trips like this. Do go check it out.

Just look at how happy I was

New Jewelry pieces at Syddall Diamonds

Some of you my friends might remember me working for a while part time to help out at a awesome jewelry to help launch their new line. I went there to visit last week ago and took some pictures of their beautiful new pieces to share it here. Hope your eyes will be blingz out by the sparkles. Hahaa! Enjoy… :)

Me, James and Chloe all had a part to play in design this gorgeous piece.

Price of this necklace is about $28k.

I thought this piece look very tribal and unique.

This one cost about $6-7k

Their new range Italian 18k gold bracelets. Ranging $1000+ to $3000

It's a good time to invest in Gold.

I like this bracelet the most particularly as it can be worn 2 ways

Flip it round and it looks like this. 2 in 1 bracelets :)

Syddall Diamonds is located at UE Square Shopping Mall Level one if you would like to visit the boutique :)

Calculate Sunscreen protection time

It is extremely important to prevent sun damage especially in weather like Singapore where the sun is so strong and sunny most of the time. So wearing Sun Screen everyday is a must!

About 80% of average person’s lifetime sun exposure is incidental. Which means it occurs during daily activities, not lying on the beach. Don’t let laziness be an excuse because if you use moisturizers then save a step by simply using a moisturizer with SPF.

Moisturize your lips too. Many of us neglect our thin skinned lips when it comes to the sun’s rays, leaving our lips vulnerable to painful sunburns and lip lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Remember to always apply a lip protection balm. There is many lip sticks with SPF in the beauty stores too.

The SPF (sun protection factor) number tells you how long you can stay in the sun before you may need to re-apply.

Here’s the formula:

Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time

20 (minutes) X (SPF) 15 = 300 (minutes) or 5 hours

If you usually start to burn in 20 minutes and your product has an SPF factor of 15, you can stay in the sun for five hours.

I have one awesome product to recommend you if you are someone who always feels that sunscreen are normally oily/sticky that would cause block pores and therefore hesitant to apply.  I have combination oily skin and I felt this product really work for me. I only have 1 bottle left for sale at $35 SGD including postage. So hurry up email me at tingjessie@gmail.com to save some money as retail price is $40+ in the retail stores.

LANEIGE Sunblock Oil-Free SPF35/PA++ 70ml – S$35

Keep the wrong kind of shine at bay with this oil-free formula that controls sebum secretion, conceals your pores and provides a matte finish while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Hope you all find this post useful as I am sure most people thought they only need to apply sunscreen once before they head out. No no no ok! Especially in Singapore where you sweat alot, your sunscreen doesn’t stay effective on your face the whole day. Protect your skin and stay young longer :)

Make old manicure look new(Beauty Tips)

Ever thought your nails look a bit funny with the gap in between your nails and your cuticles although your manicure/nail art still looks perfect after 2 weeks with the use of a good top coat? If you don’t even have a good top coat, please click on this to go to my nail stash and get yourself one at only $12 SGD with free gift beauty samples. A good top coat is a must!


The AnG nail treats series is all the way imported from Korea. The top coat is quick dry and the quality is soooo good. It allows my nail art to last for at least 3 weeks. Not kidding ok! It’s even better than the OPI top coat that I use last time.

2 weeks old nails probably look like this even though the color hasn't fall out with a good top coat

Even funky nails look a bit funny with the gap in between the nails and the cuticles after a few weeks though the manicure is still perfect

I will teach you how to cheat and ”repair” your old manicure from the above into THIS –>

Look like brand newly done nails right?

Nice or not?

Say hello to brand new looking nails

Here is the video of how you can do it… Hope you like my blog and do remember to click on the share button on the top right hand corner :)


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