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Monthly Archives: July 2011

App that beautify your photo in 1 click

Picture effect after using the app

I was just hanging around under the bright sunlight waiting for my clients one day with my iPad in my hand so I decided to use my iPad to take a photo of myself to try out this new app on my iPad that I downloaded a while ago. It is called moreBeaute2. This app says it is a one ... Read More »

Importance of Eye care

Do you know the skin around our eyes are 10 times thinner? Means it is more prone for sun damage and wrinkles appear fastest around that area. Moisturizers we used for our face will not work properly on the skin around our eyes too. Worse still, they might be too oily for the eye area and cause oil bubbles to ... Read More »

Choosing the right foundation

Envy the Korean actresses for their flawless snowy skin? In my first make up lesson back in Korea, I remember the teacher emphasizing that choosing the appropriate foundations for your skin type is the very first step to make up. Each and everyone of our skin can be very different so knowing your skin type is very important before choosing ... Read More »

Nails Nails Nails

You will like this easy to do design. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE THIS? You need the sliver glitter color on the left with circle sparkle pieces(from Etude House). The other color can be any color you want as it would be your base color. HOW TO DO IT? 1. Put on your base coat. Click here to get ... Read More »

Proper Beauty Sleep

Sometimes we have to deal with many unreasonable people and people who do not appreciate your kindness. It is annoying as they can ruin your mood for the day or week but tell yourself that it is not worth it to get your mood ruined by unworthy people like that since they don’t care about how other people felt in ... Read More »

My London Weight Management Video is up!

Video of my London Weight Management experience 😛 I recently visited the Ang Mo Kio Jubilee branch that had just opened a couple of months ago. My first impression when I enter is ‘’Wah, all the girls working there are so slim and pretty’’. I was very lucky to be served by the branch manager Michelle. The procedure started with ... Read More »

To all Durian lovers!

Durian season of the year has arrived. I am sure all durian lovers will know that you will have the most durians in July and the durians in July taste the best. Just wanna share on my Durian day tour last week which was organized by my company Propnex Realty. I had a really fun filled day apart from all ... Read More »

New Jewelry pieces at Syddall Diamonds

Some of you my friends might remember me working for a while part time to help out at a awesome jewelry to help launch their new line. I went there to visit last week ago and took some pictures of their beautiful new pieces to share it here. Hope your eyes will be blingz out by the sparkles. Hahaa! Enjoy… ... Read More »

Calculate Sunscreen protection time

It is extremely important to prevent sun damage especially in weather like Singapore where the sun is so strong and sunny most of the time. So wearing Sun Screen everyday is a must! About 80% of average person’s lifetime sun exposure is incidental. Which means it occurs during daily activities, not lying on the beach. Don’t let laziness be an ... Read More »

Make old manicure look new(Beauty Tips)

Ever thought your nails look a bit funny with the gap in between your nails and your cuticles although your manicure/nail art still looks perfect after 2 weeks with the use of a good top coat? If you don’t even have a good top coat, please click on this to go to my nail stash and get yourself one at ... Read More »

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