Thursday , 5 May 2016

Monthly Archives: August 2010

Time to leave Korea after 15 months

Can’t believe 15 months passed just like that in Korea. It’s time for me to leave. I love Korea for it’s lovely kind hearted souls always helpful to foreigners, beautiful scenery and weather, great fashion & beauty lovers, k pop and K drama, spicy food and unique culture. I will definitely miss Korea. Knowing that I am finally moving back ... Read More »

Abandoned puppy I found and took care for 1 year

Me and my hubby found abandoned Chippie after a few months after arriving in Korea last year. We took care of him in our home for about 1 year now. Chippie had been the Best Friend I ever had since! It was devastating that I have no choice but to give him up for adoption. I hope to find a ... Read More »

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