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1 Week in Tokyo

1 week just flew by like that. The trip was a great experience and eye opener. Much of the time was meeting business people and looking at some of Japan’s latest technology and machineries. But managed to fill in with some fun time at the Hot spring resort at Mount Haku and shopping too.

The Japanese are very orderly and well dressed. Their country is even more clean compared to Singapore. It is so clean like as if inside a house type of clean. The streets and buildings are spotless. Standard of living is like London, very high. So much to see and do there. Wouldn’t mind going back there again in the future.

Trendy Sunglasses from Japan
Given as gifts. Ripe & Juicy worn by many jap celebrities. Cost about 10,000+ Yen (S$100+)

buying lucky cats key ring
Jap dessert

Delicious selection of sashimi
Ice vege
Golf course on top of Mount Haku
More lucky cats
mum paying for the souvenirs
Car to bring us around with Driver
I love my mummy!
Sightseeing out on a boat trip around the lake
What I did at the hotel lobby while waiting to check in

Hot Spring Resort Hotel room
Hotel room got 2 normal beds and the traditional jap style room with futon
BBQ dinner
Woke up early morning to go enjoy the Hot Spring again
trying to act like Japanese woman. Haha!

Heading off to market? no lah.. to the hot spring
Visit to Beauty parlor
beauty products for $2500 sing dollars a set. Kaoz
More nice looking food for dinner

Interesting food deco with leaves
Ready for final shopping day
New huge shopping mall selling only MEN stuff.
Ginza shopping area
Ginza road close on Sunday for people to walk 
Apple store at Ginza
funny & nerdy face

Picked up many Japanese words during this trip. It’s good to always learn some useful words every country you go to. Their Japanese culture is sort of similar and different at the same time to the Koreans. People from different countries can be so different yet so similar in many ways. I always love meeting local people and talking to them while in their country for holiday as to learn from them and understand their culture. This is what being on a package tour couldn’t provide. Even though being on free and easy means risk of getting lost and maybe lower the safety aspect but it is worth it to for getting to mix around more with the local people.

Mummy I hope you like your Japan Trip too with me 🙂

Off to London and Dublin for 2 weeks tomorrow. This would be a pure holiday trip so will try to update my blog more while I am there. It’s gonna be cold! Better go pack more warm clothes now. 🙂






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