Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2018 with FABLIFE

Christmas is just round the corner and I’m super excited with this festive season. Because that means lots of discounts and attractive promotions islandwide!

Everyone should know by now that I love FABLIFE‘s beauty, wellness and body products!! And I would really recommend anyone to try them. They have really good bras/shapewears FYI that i would choose over any other brands.

2018-11-28 10.32.08 2

FABLIFE is holding their very own Christmas packages and here are some of the exclusive promotions this 2018!!

THE PRICES ARE SO SO ATTRACTIVE!!!! Find the packages below:

1. Glowing Inside Out Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 VENNA RICESPA at $68

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The Venna RiceSpa is Face Scrub plus mask that aids combating acne, reduce wrinkles and promotes cell regeneration. More info can be found here.

2018-11-28 10.32.09 1

2. Rejuvenate & Replenish Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 APPLE at $95

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The SwissCórr Apple Stemcell Full Body Rejuvenation Drink repairs damaged skin cells and has reverse aging purposes. 1 Box consists of 15 days course. More info can be found here.

2018-11-28 10.32.08 3

2a. VENNA RICESPA & 1 REVE product (Any) at $95

There are different type of serums and masks under the Reve product range which you can Mix and Match with 1 box of Ricespa.

2018-11-28 10.37.00 1

3. Voucher that consists of 1 personalised BRA and SHAPEWEAR Fitting Experience at $288.

This also entitles you to an Exclusive 20% discount off selected designs of bra and shapewear.

2018-11-28 10.45.39 1

4. BELIK EYE MESSAGER, Buy 2 at 25% off

Give your eyes a treat with this super relaxing Eye Massager!
2018-11-28 10.32.07 1

The prices are really attractive enough right???

SO DON’T MISS OUT the Christmas sales cause these make damn good Christmas Gifts for your wife, friends and relatives!

They also sell REALLY PRETTY AND COMFORTABLE pyjamas and sports range. I especially love this FinelyCup Homewear too!!

2018-11-28 10.26.12 1

Read more about the other reviews that i have done for FABLIFE here:

1. FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife
2. The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

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FinelyCup by Fablife


Location: 883 North Bridge Road, #13-02, SOUTHBANK Singapore 198785

FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife

Fablife brings in amazing lingerie, the brand is Finelycup.

Firstly, I really really love the apartment office that they get for customers to come by and relax, other than purchasing. This is the 2nd level, where all the lingeries are displayed like a counter at the shopping mall.


And this is their level 1 of the apartment, where all the other skincare or healthcare related products are placed. It feels really cozy, isn’t it??SAM_8905-01

So… back to Finelycup, i really love all the designs available for sale!!!  SO SO gorgeous, feminine and lacey?


They offers an intimate 1 to 1 consultation as well, before you go ahead to purchase the correct sizing and type of lingerie to correct your current problems.

I think this is what made them unique, adding a personal touch to their products with extra services provided.


Alice, the founder of Fablife, assist to help with measurements and then picked out 3 choices (Designs) for me to explore. Then she explained really clearly how these bras can help tackle my current issue, which i told her, is excess fats at the sides and sagging due to breastfeeding for a period of time after giving birth to my 2nd boy.

I went home happily, with a set of bra that fits me really well.


It’s not only SUPER NICE IN DESIGN, it lifts the front and tackle the excess issue at my sides. I have never worn a bra so fitting before.


See the sides, it keeps the excess in control and is supposed to correct it in the long run.

Just to share abit more on the lingerie set itself, it comes with a pretty mesh satin panties as well.



Yes. This is a dream come through cause wire simply hurts and sucks.



The size that I’m wearing is 75B.

Just a series of my selfies:


They also carry other range of products, like sleep wears, sports range and shape wears. Check out some of the pictures that i have taken from the display rack.




Lastly, spend above $750 to become a FABLIFE member. (Limited to first 500 pax)

You’ll be able to enjoy exclusive benefits as following:
– Birthday Month 35% off
– Normal Month 10% off
– Earn 1 point with every $10 dollars spend to exchange
– Entitled to a range of 10%-55% on selected range
– Membership classes like flower arrangement,wine tasting etc..
– Entitled to amenities like this pool deck and sauna whenever you come by to shop with them:), can bring along +1 too


They’re also having attractive Christmas promo so go on to shop with them!!!

FinelyCup by Fablife


The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

Recently, I tried the Venna Rice Spa, a very natural product, made with ingredients like Oatmeal, Rice Enzyme and Tea Tree Oil.

2018-11-05 11.35.54 1\

This product is also voted by Beauty Insider, as the Best Face Saver in 2018.

It aids in combating acne, reducing wrinkles and promoting cell regeneration. It also fights any signs of aging with Rice Enzyme Powder and Oat Extract to make way for rejuvenated and vibrant looking skin.


The Venna comes with 9 sachets of “Rice Spa” powder,conveniently with a brush and a measuring container for mixing.

So, i give it a go!

It’s recommended to use half a sachet- 1 full sachet per usage.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 1

I mixed an entire sachet with approx 12ml of water, like instructed.


Firstly, apply some on your cheeks and rub in circular motion, to scrub your entire face with the mixture.



After a GOOD SCRUB, apply the rest of the mixture to both your face and neck and use them as a mask.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 3

It sure smells yummy! I really like the rice grain smell, very natural.

2018-11-14 08.06.35 2

Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then pat some water to your face and continue to scrub.


I really like the process, it feel as if you’re getting rid of all sorts of dirt. Whenever you are ready, you can wash the mixture off!

2018-11-14 08.06.35 1

VERDICT: My skin feels AMAZING, definitely smoother and whitened after using it. Liking the natural ingredients in the mask too!

Some of the other properties of Venna Rice Spa:

    • Natural Skin Whitening
    • Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive
    • Regenerate and reduce dead or damaged skin cells
    • Reduce dull skin, spots and signs of aging
    • Diminishing of fine lines and reduction of wrinkles
    • Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality
    • Help skin to retain moisture and glow
    • Effective in curing acne
    • Maintain skin elasticity
    • Replenish nutrients needed by skin
    • Relax muscles, relieve stress and boost cell regeneration

This mask can also be applied daily to your skin, it’s gentle and soothing.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 2

For me, i applied alternate days, good enough!

2018-11-14 08.06.34 1

Venna Rice Spa can be found exclusively at Fablife.

It cost $48.50 for a box of 9 sachets and it sure made a good gift!


Le Queenz: Expert Customized Facial Treatment in Singapore

I truly enjoyed the trip to Le Queenz, a facial salon located conveniently in Middle Road, Fortune Center.


Le Queenz are famous for their Customized Facial Treatment, a 90 minutes facial session designed to meet the different needs of your skin.

There are 5 kind of customized facials that they offer:

1. Skin Strengthening & Protection (Revitalizing tired skin)
2. Regenerating Milky Enzyme (Illuminating for dull skin)
3. Moisture Booster (Intense Hydrating for dehydrated skin)
4. Intense Purifying (For blemished skin)
5. Intense Calming (For sensitive skin)

The Master Beauty Artist, Elaine, has more than 10 years of industry experience and is a super popular beautician. Therefore, my skin were in good hands when i visited Le Queen for the facial session.

The place is really comfortable and cozy! The lighting are dimmed and the salon is not noisy as well because the beautician focus only on one customer at a time.


Well, the advantage is that all the attention could be on you!


For the 90 minutes Customized Facial, i did the one that is suitable for sensitive skin, as following:

Step 1 & 2: Removal of Makeup using Milk Cleanser & Double cleanse using Foam Cleanser


Step 3: Enzyme peeling to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin

The Enzyme is really nice smelling and it feels so gentle for my skin! The purpose of it is to soften and help push dead cells and impurities to the surface of the
skin before its removal using a high technology equipment. The facial extraction thus, can be pain-free!

Step 4: Using an equipment to gently remove impurities from the skin + blackheads extraction


Ewww look at the impurities from my nose!


Step 5: Usage of Babor’s beauty Ampoule

The one used on me is the Hydra Plus ampoule.

It’s an active concentrate for dry, dehydrated skin, containing hyaluronic acid and a plant-based moisturizer to help supply intensive hydration.



My skin feels really refreshed and thoroughly hydrated after application!

Step 6: Face and Eye Massage

Their facial massage is really the best!!! The comfort level is 10/10 and i seriously have not received this kind of treatment elsewhere. Usually, the facial just end off with mask and shoulder massage.


Step 7: Application of customized mask

The mask mix are usually customized according to your skin condition.


Step 8: Basic Care to complete the treatment

Of course, to end off, the basic toner, moisturizer and sunblock are applied.


And, my skin is literally BABY BUTT SOFT and CLEAR after the session!!!


What i love most about LE QUEENZ:

1. Customized Treatment
Before the start of any treatment, our Facial Therapist will do a personal consultation to get the full details on your skin type and condition. Then, the treatment and products used will be adapted to your skin needs for maximize results!!

2. Effectiveness
Le Queenz only uses premium skincare products as following:

  • Babor – Germany’s No.1 Professional Skincare
    Used extensively in over 90 countries worldwide and has been in the market for
    more than a half century. Its high quality is recognized by hoteliers and global
    beauty partners such as The St. Regis Dubai and Bali, SPAs in Ritz-Carlton hotels etc.
  • Kueshi – Spain’s Most Famous Skincare
    With high quality active ingredients and natural products, Kueshi is known for their effectiveness in providing optimal results to the skin. Animal lovers rejoie as all of their product formulas are cruelty free.

3. Perfect for Every Skin Type (including Sensitive Skin)
All the products used are made from botanical extracts, so they’re definitely gentle for any skin type including sensitive skin! There is no redness and no downtime for each facial treatment.

4. Prices are All-Inclusive
Services at Le Queenz are top-notch!  Their therapists are nice and non hard selling. (No selling policy during the treatment process.)

All prices you see online and offline are all inclusive, which covers the ampoule, mask, serum and any other products used for the entire service.


New customers can enjoy this customized Facial Treatment + FREE eye treatment
massage (worth $200) at only $50 NETT!!!

Appointment required, to enjoy this promotion, the readers and followers can call 62440228 or SMS 8533 2336 to quote “Jeslyne Soh X First Trial Facial $50”.


I’m a really happy customer! Will definitely visit this place again 🙂



Fortune Centre #02-11, 190 Middle Road, Singapore 188979
Tel : +65 6244 0228
H/P : +65 8533 2336
Email :
FB :

Taiwan Roaze Dry Baby Wipes: Samplestore

Recently, my baby Aayden turned 5 months old!

I’m constantly on a look out for better options in terms of the baby products used for Baby Aayden because a baby’s skin can be really sensitive after all.


For the health of his skin, it’s always best to use cottons to clean his buttocks while changing diapers.

Especially for newborns, Roaze dry baby wipes are a perfect replacement for wet baby wipes.

Certain wet wipes brand contains ingredients like alcohol that may cause discomfort to babies who have really sensitive skin while some brands just don’t work out.

I’m glad to try out the Roaze dry baby wipes, as they are made of fine and soft cotton, and is highly absorbent.


The 100% medical grade rayon spunlace fabrics contains no fluorescent agents and fragrances. It’s so natural and pure, and therefore, brings no harm to our babies’ skin.

This product can be used as dry (as toilet paper) or as wet baby wipes. Simply make wet wipes by wetting the wipes and storing them in a storage container or the Roaze Baby Wipes Silicone Case.


One tips for you mummies, is to warm the wipes to keep baby’s skin warm and comfortable when it’s chilly. Alcohol can also be added to the wipes to sterilize baby’s mat and toys.


Other information about the quality of the Roaze dry baby wipes:

  • The cotton wipes are produced by automated manufacturing equipment imported from Europe and the materials are processed by heat treatment.
  • This product is produced by a dust-free automatic folding package process and therefore is assured to be non-irritating, safe and reliable.

Quality certificates:
1. Manufactured by GMP certified medical device manufacturer.
2. Passed migratable fluorescent substances, Formaldehyde, skin irritation and skin sensitization test by SGS, provide the best care for
3. Selected rayon spunlace is from FSC certified suppliers.

For my followers,

If you want to try the Roaze dry baby wipes, you can proceed to redeem the product here.

Find out more about the brand:

J Studios Beauty Salon: Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-stress Facial

Recently, I went back to my favourite French-theme boutique salon, you can read all about my first treatment here.


This time round, I tried their Award winning Chocolate Anti-stress Facial Treatment!!

I don’t know how a chocolate facial sounds to you, but it sure sound enticing to me!

The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-stress facial is formulated with cocoa extracts, which are rich in antioxidants and anti-radical.

The relaxing treatment is recommended for dull skins and for the face-paced adults who lived a highly stressed urban lifestyle.

In this city of ours, stressed skin is often caused by environmental damage, and certain lifestyle habits in our daily routine. And you know what, this totally sounds like me! As a mum of two, with a proper office job, and with loads and loads of activities planned out of it, I am TRULY STRESSED. I experience lack of sleep which leads to dull and tired skin.

As usual, I was greeted really well by the consultant, who served me my favourite cup of yuzu tea, and then we proceed to the 2nd storey for treatment.

This time round, I was brought into the Lavender Room, whose light is dimmed and slightly dark purpleish. The decorations made the room relaxing and comfortable.


The treatment started with a welcome massage, and I chose rose oil this time round!

My skin was deep cleansed with their Cocoa Beans Peeling Scrub “Gommage Aux Feves De Cacao”. It effectively helps to get rid of the dead skin on my face since the last visit.

A facial massage was done with their Cocoa Butter “Beurre de Cacao”, which is is highly nourishing!

Here comes my favourite part, the CHOCOLATE MASK!!!


They used the “Fondue Au Chocolat” and have it spread all over my face! I feel so hungry at the same time because the chocolate smells so great!

Soon, my face is all covered in chocolate and the consultant even told me to lick some off my lips and boy, the chocolate quality is real good.


Of course, apart from being real yummy, the chocolate mask contains protective, anti-free radical and antioxidants components which helps in restoring a healthy glow on my face!

After which, the Cocoa Nectar “Nectar Au Cocoa”, was applied on my face which helps to hydrates and tone my skin.

The entire treatment was ended off with a layer of Chocolate Nutriprotective Tinted Cream, that helps to provides an even and natural tanned complexion. You can see it from this picture!!SAM_6890_mr1527169180911-01


What I like most about this treatment, other than being able to EAT the chocolate itself (YESSSSS!!!!), is that it helps to repair and detoxify my skin, protects and nourish them further.

At the end of the facial, I can see a clearer and brighter complexion, and my skin is truly soft and supple!


Overall, I love the facial! And I think you girls should try it! It’s seriously pampering! They even ended it off with a chocolate drink! How thoughtful!


By the way, The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial is exclusively available at J Studios only!!SAM_6814-01

Therefore, you won’t be able to find it elsewhere!

For my followers, simply quote “JESLYNECHOC” to enjoy the Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial at S$188 (U.P. S$288), from now till 3rd July!!! My readers will also be entitled to a cup of French chocolate drink at the end of the session!

Lastly, you may purchase the chocolate products from their online store at:


Thank you for pampering me as usual!!! I always have a great session here:)



J Studios


CENTRAL (Haji Lane Flagship Store)
31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Opening Hours: 10.30am-10pm Daily
Tel: +65 91828565

WEST (Jurong Classic Store)
352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131, Level 2, Singapore 600352
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10pm Daily
Tel: +65 91828565

Bioderma Sebium Range: Shine Control

I tried the Bioderma Sebium Range recently and am impressed by how it kept my skin oil free and more maintainable throughout the day!

My skin’s texture also improves tremendously! It’s now smoother and my pores felt smaller!


The Bioderma Sebium Lotion is a toner suitable for oily/combination skin. It’s formulated to specially soothe and treat oily skin- Asian Skin.

Being an Asian girl, who lives in sunny Singapore, my skin produces more oil than usual due to the weather, which makes it difficult to maintain my makeup through the day.


The Sebium Lotion contains active ingredients to help regulates our skin’s PH to a healthy level. It also helps to reduce sebum production and has anti-bacterial properties!!

What i like best about this toner is that it really helps to tighten our pores (thanks to astringent properties of Mushroom Extract!). It has indeed provided me with 8 hours long of lasting hydration with it’s Glycerin ingredient.


The Bioderma Sebum Mat Control is a daily moisturiser with shine control and oil control properties!

It’s really amazing because i have never used any moisturisers with a matt and anti-shine concept.

The Sebium Mat Control promises 8 hours long of shine control and smooth effect, and provides up to 12 hours long of hydration. It also ensures clear complexion and smooth skin after using it for more than 7 days. It is said that the Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin B6 ingredients would have helped in long run control by reducing sebum productions.

It also minimize the appearance of large pores and aims to refine skin’s texture with help of Salicylic Acid.


The Sebium range is also Fluidactiv Patented, which is the only patent in the market that biologically regulates quality of sebum similar to that of a healthy skin and stops process which causes pimples and clogged pores to form!

This is how my skin looks, after applying both the products (Bare Face)

This is how my skin looks with makeup on after.

I tried it on for 8 hours, and as you can see from the picture below, my skin still looks refreshing after perspiring throughout the day!

After using it for a few days, i am SOLD!!! It even works well as a make-up base! And it really helps me to control my oily skin day after day.

This is my skin after using the products for 7 days in a row. Perfectly smooth and minimum sebum productions even under strong heat!

If you’re someone who has really bad oily/combination skin, i will definitely recommend this product to you guys! I’ve always liked Bioderma as it’s a dermatological brand that works.

The Lotion is retailing at $33.90 for 200ml and Mat Control is retailing at $36.90 for 30ml!


At Guardian: Buy 1 get 2nd item at 50% off

Sebium Mat Control:
Sebium Lotion:

The product will be available island wide from 1st June 2018 onwards! Do not miss this promotion!!

J Studios Beauty Salon: Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial

Recently, I made time to visit J Studios, a pretty boutique salon located conveniently at Haji Lane.

This two-storey beauty salon has won my heart with its elegant interior design and a neo-classical French theme.


J Studios Beauty Salon provides services for the face, body, hair and other professional beauty treatments. What’s most amazing is that they’ve outgrown their home-based salon and expanded to 2 outstanding beauty salons today!



They’ve set up a relaxing and cozy corner as well, with their walls decorated with mini frames and a beautiful rose decorated wall. I also welcomed with a tasteful cup of yuzu tea!



When I first stepped into J Studios, I immediately felt comfortable and pampered, believe it or not, the ambiance do matters!

I explored the first storey a little and found myself really liking the manicure and pedicure zone! Or maybe, I’m just attracted by the really pretty lighted mirror.


Well greeted by their service staff, we proceeded to the upper storey after changing into slippers provided by them.

I was brought to a really cozy room, and changed into their robes, awaiting the session to start!



I did their Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial, which is their best selling treatment.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and can immediately show results, leaving you with a brightened skin tone and glowing radiant after.

May I also bring out the point that if you are a makeup junkie like me, cleansing is important as we stack makeup on our face every day, resulting in clogged pores. Our face is never really clean unless we deep cleanse and remove all the impurities left behind.

The beautician removed my makeup and does a thorough cleansing. I was given a shoulder massage with my favourite lavender oil scent!

Then, extraction happened. My face was clogged with all kinds of dirt because I have just finished my confinement. (Trust me, confinement gives you no time for maintaining your skin FIRST!)

The first step to this treatment is Oxygen deep cleansing.


Basically, the Oxygen Facial delivers oxygen, moisturizer, vitamins, and antioxidants, replenishing nutrients to the skin using an airbrush. The pressure and serum help to deep cleanse and plump our skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing blood circulation to boosting collagen production and skin whitening.

The treatment also provides relief and effective acne clearance for troubled skin, and fighting signs of aging skin, leaving your skin clean, smooth, and radiant.

Next, serum was applied to my face with a cold ultrasonic machine for further hydrating and nourishing.

The ultrasonic machine is a cold plate device which helps heighten the absorption of the serum! Feels good on the face too, since its cold:)


Lastly, a rose facial mask to wrap up the session!

The rose mask has hydrating and anti-aging benefits, and it’s so relaxing that I fell asleep.


Below, is Before and After of the immediate results after doing the facial. (No edits to the lighting, the photo is taken in the exact same room!)


Can you see my skin transformed from such a dull and uneven skin tone, to a much brighter and even one??? This is amazing!!

Here, more photos and insta-vids to show you guys my clean and glowy skin😊


Overall, I leave the salon feeling really satisfied! My skin is really soft (like baby butt soft) and clean after. I even got compliments from strangers because my skin is glowing! I recommend this treatment to anyone who has dull skin and requires deep cleansing as the facial works and delivers instant results!

If you’re interested to try out the Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial (90 minutes), it cost only $88 for the first trial session! For price wise, worth it!

And for my followers,

From now till 30 April 2018, all customers get 1 additional session of Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial free with every package of 8 sessions purchased by quoting “JESOXYGEN”


Thank you for having me, J Studios! Can’t wait to be back for more pampering sessions! Adding this place to one of my favourite beauty care in Singapore!

J Studios


CENTRAL (Haji Lane Flagship Store)
31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Opening Hours: 10.30am-10pm Daily
Tel: +65 91828565

WEST (Jurong Classic Store)
352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131, Level 2, Singapore 600352
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10pm Daily
Tel: +65 91828565

Tian Wei Signature : Confinement Food Catering in Singapore

Recently, I just completed my post labor confinement and yes, I am really disciplined when it comes to postnatal recovery because I understand how it will nourish and help me supplement my body from the stress after labor.

To my fellow mummies, or to the husbands who want to make sure that your wife gets the nutrients that she needs during this period of time, Tian Wei Confinement Catering can save you so much trouble on having to cook or worry about your meals.

For my 1st pregnancy, I didn’t engage any caterings, so I know how troublesome it is to have to cook all 3 meals. Also, if you’re the kind who don’t like to eat the same things all over again, there you go having trouble over what to eat next.

Confinement Food Catering in Singapore

 photo SAM_6037_mr1517646122584-01_zpsxafb5ft7.jpeg

I just want to share my experience on how Tian Wei Signature‘s confinement meals have helped me and what I like about them.

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of the ingredients that you include in your meals during this confinement period.

The most basic requirements of all meals would be, that it has to be heaty, it has to include sesame oils in the cooking, you have to drink soups boiled with heavy herbal condiments, and you simply can’t have anything that the old folks said to be “cooling”. These ingredients will help you to nourish your body.

Next, if you are breastfeeding, fish plays a big part of your meals, because it helps to boost milk. And of course, there are a whole lot of ingredients that act as milk boosters, which you will want to take note if you’re self-cooking this confinement. For me, I choose Tian Wei Confinement because they have it all planned out for me.

Here, read up on the breastfeeding needs on Tian Wei’s website:

Secondly, the repeated menu that your confinement lady/helper can cook is going to make you lose your appetite eventually if you can’t stand eating the same meals.

 photo april_2018-02-05-10-27-06-176_zpsjm1oispv.jpg

Tian Wei has it all sorted out for us, with very few repeated dishes and a wide variety of meals planned out for your lunch and dinner for the entire month.

We’re already very busy with the caring of our newborns so you definitely do not want to get headaches over the simplest thing after birth, your meals!

What I like about them is that they mix around Traditional and Fusion dishes so it doesn’t have to be all about Chinese food!

For example, I have uploaded pictures of some of the meals I’ve had below:

The standard must have traditional dishes like the braised pork trotter in black vinegar!

 photo 20180216_143835_zpscqn00tmd.jpg

Confinement Food Catering in Singapore: Steamed Threadfin Fillet with Black Fungus

 photo 20180214_170602_zpsev8g1wpm.jpg

 photo 20180217_160823_zpstlqoefbs.jpg

 photo 20180216_183058_zps4axzdekx.jpg

 photo 20180215_181642_zpsbn1m5klj.jpg

And for fusion and western choices like the Tian Wei Signature COQ Au Vin, cooked with red wine.

 photo 20180215_105311_zpsu8kiohad.jpg

Or even spaghetti? haha

 photo 20180304_195157_zpsfmswr3hr.jpg


If you’re about to be due, you can also order their Special Signature Trial dishes, and you’ll be able to taste about 7-8 dishes that could be served to you during the month of catering.

Trial Menu as following:

 photo SAM_6043-01_zpsykbj01y5.jpeg

 photo SAM_6042-01_zpsrixvxlqy.jpeg

A plus point: You can also customize your meals to your liking by requesting for them to take out the ingredients that you don’t eat, and replacing with the ones that you like more.

Check out the detailed menu with the specific dishes by simply keying in your Estimated Delivery Date:

Thank you for bringing me so much convenience and delicious food this entire month!

 photo SAM_6319_mr1520503529118-01_zpswtg8rkwq.jpeg

You can also watch my labor previews and most of my insta-stories on the meals that I’ve eaten in my latest youtube video:

Tian Wei Confinement Food Catering



Protect your family from harmful chlorine: SONAKI Vitamin C filter showerhead

I think I’m really aging when I suddenly care more about my family’s health more than anything. And having a toddler and husband with bad skin, the more I want to find solutions to help improve their conditions!

So, my husband has eczema, and I think it sort of passed on a bit of those bad genes to Aaron because whenever he has a mosquito bite and scratch the hell out of it, it leaves a really bad scar. Well, at least he doesn’t really have eczema so… I am grateful!

SONAKI sells VITAMIN C filter showerhead, which filters away 99.9% of the harmful chlorine that’s found in our tap water.

This is where I found out that Singapore’s tap water actually contains an average of 2.45 mg/l of chlorine (Similar to the amount that’s found in swimming pools). This is really bad because we all know how harmful chlorine can be for our hair and skin!

Some harmful effects can be:

  • Drying and aging effects on your skin
  • Drying effects on your hair
  • Harmful agitation of asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Increased risk to your heart
  • Inflammation of blemishes and Acne breakouts
  • Chlorine and links to cancer

The one that I tried is the LOTUS VitaC Showerhead.

Basically, it’s the normal standard shower water setting and the other models simply carry more settings like rain or massage mode.

Well, we definitely can’t avoid showering, which is why I think Sonaki’s Vitamin C filter showerhead is a really good solution to improve our skin’s health and hair loss/related problems.

So, I put the showerhead to test for at least 3 days.

I find that the water seems less drying, and makes my skin smoother.

How does it work? Once the water goes through the filter, the Vitamin C dissolves into the water and neutralized 99.9% of all chlorine and chloramines present in the water.

It’s also easy to install! Simply remove your existing shower head and plug this in.

If you’re a family with newborn babies, Sonaki’s showerhead can be really suitable for babies’ skin and sensitive skin as well.

I hope Aaron’s skin will start to get better very soon! 🙂

I’m so glad I got introduced to this product because I would never have thought or known of this problem that exists in the entire country.

If you’re someone who cares a lot about your family’s health, please do consider checking this out! It’s a great long-term solution for anyone who is facing skin or hair loss issues.

The one I use cost $69.90 SGD and includes one filter that can last 3-6 months according to your usage. After which, each 3 piece refill filter pack cost $15.

For more information, do check out their page at:
Sonaki Singapore:
Sonaki USA: