Essential CC oil and Night Care Milk Leave in Treatments[AD]

We all love Essential’s products right?
I love how their shampoo smells and am still using their hair treatment up till date.
What i love most is that they don’t cost too much for hair products,
so they don’t burn holes in my pockets.
Introducing the newest range of...
1.Essential CC Oil (Replacing the old leave-in serum) &
2. Essential Night Care Milk

Essential CC Oil
Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to
the tip of hair
One pump is more than enough.

So, CC oil, sounds like CC cream isn’t it?
The ‘CC’ in the new Essential CC Oil stands for Cuticle Care
which means ‘multi-functional’.

How so?
Just 1 CC Oil, it is able to protect your hair from the 5 hair stresses!
Let me explain the 5 different hair stresses that we’ll face.

The 5 Hair Stresses
External environmental factors and your own personal habits contributes to stresses
to your hair.

1. Blow drying
Heat damage/friction from blow drying
Removes moisture from the hair (both outside and inside)
Thus leaving hair dry, brittle and susceptible for further damage

2. Combing
Combing through wet hair causes great hair damage
 as the hair follicle is at it’s most fragile state
Friction caused by coming through dry hair
can form hair knots which makes hair prone to unnecessary breakage

3. Split Ends
 Fraying of hair shaft due to dry and brittle hair
The ends of your hair are the oldest and driest parts. 
When the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair, 
the hair splits into two or more parts.

4. Hair Breakage
Besides daily heat styling, blow drying and brushing, other seemingly
harmless actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair
with your fingers exert excessive stress on your hair, 
resulting in hair breakage.

5. Dryness
Dry hair that feels rough
Exposure to the sun, wind or even air-conditioning 
The hair cuticle that protects the hair is weakened and is unable to retain
moisture within the cuticles of the hair
Essential Night Care Milk
To be applied on damp or dry hair before going to bed.
One or two pumps will do!

I really like this product alot cause it protects my hair from pillow friction & prevent misaligned cuticles when hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving my hair more manageable the next morning.

Alot of women actually have to wash their hair in the morning before going to work 
beacuse it’s the only way to ‘reset’ their mane and get them back to shape again
(I am one of them!)

My hair’s like a lion mane when i wakes,
 pretty tangled and and untidy.
When i didn’t apply the milk, gives my hair a finger brush.

When i applied the night before, gives my hair a finger brush.
And i purposely take under the sunlight so we can all see the amount of frizz properly. 

Then i combed my hair, see so well maintained!!

Then i put on CC oil.
Now my hair’s so fine and neat!!!

Therefore, using the essential night care milk plus cc oil together
enables me to keep my hair in shape and frizz free!
Wonderful result and hair maintenance easily in 2mins!

Okay now go and try.
These products are easily affordable at $11.90 only!
And easily found in Watsons, Guardians, NTUC and all.

Well, if you love prizes as well, 
Rmb to Play Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook game 
and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers & Pesky Pillow King 
and win attractive weekly prizes!
Thanks again Samplestore for sending me these goodies! xoxo

SKINLITE Exfoliating Foot Mask

Holla! Just sharing some mid-week beauty tips!
Recently, i finally worked my lazy ass to put in more efforts in my beauty regimen.
As a full time working adult+a lil of school+being a mama,
i honestly have no time to go for facials, spas, or threading waxing all sorts.
Therefore, time to discover new ways to maintain my body.
Today’s focus will be my feet.
Time= money
So usually when our feet are dry and gross, we go for scrubs and pedicure.
But as i mentioned, i have no time for that.
So i opt for SKINLITE’s Exfoliating Foot Mask.
Anyway, even if you opt for pedicure, it will not be as good.
Because when they file your feet during pedicure, 
usually your feet gets smooth for the first few days,then it hardens. 
If you want to get a really smooth and soft feet, please try this!
There are pros and cons, it took me maybe 7-10days to fully shed.
Anyway this thing did wonder for me by getting rid of all the dead skins & brightened my dull feets. 
It cost me like only $4.90?! hahaha
Here, so big…..(I am only a size 36, uk4)
So here, took the shots for all angles to show you the size of the foot mask.

Duration of putting the mask on is 60 mins to 90 mins
So if you don’t want to be kept in bed/ in your sofa for soooooo long,
Just wear a bedroom slippers like me*Wink*
My legs look really ugly with scratches and all cause i have a cat at home
After 90 mins, i took the mask out and was hoping to see a difference
(like my feets to be softer or smth)
But no, we’ll have to wait for afew days.
As you can see, they are really red though, and abit of after-soaked effects.
Okay, this is going to get abit GROSS but pictures speak a thousand words.
If it was your feet, you will be feeling “shiok” instead HAHA
After afew days…..
And maybe after 5days? (Bottom picture)
Yes, the peeling gets fierce you can even pull them out in strips.(Self-shiok again)

Just kindly take note that you are going to NEED a pair of bathroom slippers?
Because your skin is going to peel endlessly and wherever you go,
 they are going to leave traces behind.
Or wear a sock.
But after 7-10days,

And erm, if you look closer the random dirts are dusts and not my remaining skin or smth
Sorry i am too lazy to wash my feets before taking this picture,
But i hope you get what i mean.

You may purchase them at any SASA OUTLETS.
Really very shiok….*(:
Anyway, looking for endless hair dye models for NEXT salon ION
(Girl or guy is fine, just have to pay $20-$40 bucks!)
So if you’re interested please let me know via my instagram @jeslynexsoh 
or ring me up if you’re my friend!

How to save your chapped lips in 2 simple steps..[AD]

Hi, i bet you have troublesome lips like mine too
(which is why you are reading this)

I hate it whenever I have chapped lips,
And what i hate most, is the peeling and cracking…
Plus it’s really very unpleasant looking.
Then, when i start to peel them with my hands,
 sometimes i might peel too much or too deep till it bleeds.
*FRUSTRATING!!!!* right?

It’s extremely normal to have dry and cracking lips, esp living in Singapore..

Reasons being:

(we are not drinking enough water!!! 
& take note: soft drinks/teas/coffee/mineral water aren’t counted!)
So now..
you have a really bad peeling lips and you feel like no matter how much water you drink and try to hydrate yourself well, no matter what lip balm you used, it’s still not working..
Because it works like our face,
if you don’t exfoliate, no matter how much supplement you gave it,
it will not work as well as a cleansed skin.
Same for our lips..
the dead skins are collated over time and you need to remove them regularly!

And please… DO NOT USE SALIVA!!! (Esp. GUYS)
Your lips might feel comfortable and “moist” after your severe licking
But when the saliva are transfer from your tongue to your lips,
your saliva’s actually destroying the thin layer of protective skin on your lips.

And for girls, it’s really UGLY to have chapped lips..
we need to keep it neat and smooth when we apply lipsticks.
So please protect them by using less Matte lipsticks,
or at least.. apply lip balm(with spf) before you put on any lipsticks.
The quality of your lip balms matters too!
But i’ll share this anyway on a separate post.
TODAY, i am sharing a method to save your chapped lips in 2 simple steps:
Every week, i do it once or twice.
(I have REALLY BAD chapped lips, endless peeling sigh)

My lips usually start to peel and form dead skin again after 5 days:(

Therefore, i LOVE this product to the moon and back!

Simply apply the mask to your lips and wait for them to dry(Should take 5-15mins max?)
You can add this step to your daily make up routine.

Then when done, use either a cotton bud, or your hand will do.
Apply little water onto your lips and then rotate in a circle motion
It’s just like exfoliating, but take note, do not peel/try not to
Bit by bit, your dry/dead skin will come off, easily in fact.

Everyone has a naked true lip colour which turns out to be very pretty without lipstick as well!
No more dead skin sticking out, and your lips will remain smooth and soft!

Squeeze out a little drop and it’s enough to cover the whole lips.
Just a thin layer of Mary Kay’s lip balm will keep your lips moisturised for long hours.
What i love about this lip balm is that it adds a glow and leaves your lips extra shiny.

Anyway.. Marykay has no product counters in SG.
For interested parties, do contact
JESSLYN(Makeup Artist) at 91085002 to make a purchase.
It’s $44 for a set of lip balm+lip mask
& no worries, they can sure last you for minimum 3 months(According to my usage)
Also, Remember to quote my name “Jeslyne” during the purchase
to receive one free trial make up class!

For people who are skeptical about the product and wish to try them first,
Feel free to arrange with Jesslyn.
(You may try it in her make-up class/shop as there is no physical counters)

Hope you’re on your way to smooth manageable lips(:
Ever since i’ve found this, i’ve never stopped using!

Jonsson Protein Scalp Treatment

Hi all!
Recently, i went for a scalp treatment because i’m starting to lose ALOT of hair..
Seriously, it’s a post natal problem….
but lucky for me, my hair is really thick (Can’t imagine for those with little hair)

Other than hair loss
i’m an occasional hair model.
Which means i do perm, dye and treatments very often.
(All the residue left over from the chemicals… Eww )
Therefore i also have 2.chemically damaged hair.

So here…. i am very happy with the trial and my scalp feels very clean!
Here’s an after photo.

I believe taking good care of your scalp is as important as taking good care of your hair.
If you bother to do treatments and all to protect your hair’s quality,
why not start with your scalp?
If not sooner or later… we will all grow old and bald(I hope not).
SO…. i went to the Plaza Singapura new wing outlet to try out.
Jonsson Protein is actually similar to Yun nan hair care..
They tackle problems such as baldness, hair loss, dandruff or chemically damaged hair.

Before the treatment started,
i was brought into a room to be explained on hair growth 
and all the respective knowledge that i should know about our scalp and how the treatments will help.
Then, my hair analysis was shown and explained to me further on my problem.
Your scalp condition can be affected due to the weather, your diet or hydration as well.
Which is why they ask if i eat spicy things and fried food as well..
Many other questions regarding lifestyle like sleep and stress level also!
Anyway… this was the after treatment photo cause i didn’t took any before that!
Next, the treatment proceeds!

First step, wash my hair..

Then later, they applied a protein gel pack evenly on my scalp.
Unlike other places, their treatment gel smells good and fruity (Not like herbs)
And i heard chamomile is part of the ingredient…
It looks like an edible fruit jelly ahhah..

To be left on for 30mins and boost with steam heat.

And then tada done!
Hair is washed again and hair essence was applied on certain parts of my scalp.

Then i was shown the difference of my previous and after analysis.
The person serving me was Georgina Poh.
Ya all can look for her if you’re there for a trial!
She’s very detailed and served well.
To be honest, it felt refreshing..
but because i only did 1 treatment, it didn’t feel too much of a difference.
However, goodbye to itch and occasional flakes from my scalp for now yay!

Free 3 pc starter kit which includes a shampoo, conditioner & essence.
Bought the shampoo however because the products in the starter kit is for all hair types.
Cause Georgina recommended me to use the shampoo for oily dandruff scalp.
So bought one to try at $37.45!
It’s pretty reasonable..

Took another close-up of my scalp as well..
Looks clean right?
Non-edited lightings or what-so-ever.
So if you do have hair concerns, or the older people around you faces them,
Feel free to pass this deal around!
 Sign up for 1 free treatment and receive 1 starter kit at:

Skinnymint Part 1

So hey, it’s finally my turn to embark on this Skinnymint program.
As i was pregnant last year when everyone was hyping over this teatox thing,
i wasn’t able to join in the “fun” haha
During my pregnancy journey of 38weeks(9mths+),
i gained a total of 15kg(!!!)
From a petite size of XS, i grew to an overall of M size.
(Well, i shall blog another post about my pregnancy again)

So….. from 44kg to 59kg
Then i dropped another 7kg right after i gave birth until my baby’s first month.
So i started this teatox with a weight of 52kg(XS-S)
and very fat thighs 
and flabby stomach(it’s still kind of elastic so for a non-preg person, the results should be better)
It’s been 14days and i’m halfway through this program..
I exercise like 2-3 times a week?
I did a mixture of jogging, squats, planks, crunches
 (all within my limits, not too harsh)
I’m happy to announce that i lost 2kg already!!! 
I am now 50kg(:

For a better review, i will include some visuals.
 28 days Ultimate Teatox program,
consists of 28 morning boost and 14 night cleanse tea bags.

Every morning,
 i drink a cup of Morning Boost tea before eating anything/ accompanied it with my breakfast.
The morning tea is supposed to help you:
1. Increase Energy
2. Burn Fat
3. Reduce Appetite(Curbs funny cravings)

Every alternative night,
i drink a cup of Night Cleanse tea after i am done with all the eating for the day.
There will be some stomachache symptoms.
And the next morning, you will laosai aka “detox”
And your stomach will be less bloated and you actually feel much healthier.
The night cleanse tea is supposed to help you:
1. Reduce Bloating
2. Improve Digestion
3. Lose Weight

You may understand more in detail at:

So here, this is DAY 1.
Super fat and not glamorous but hey, i was pregnant,
and it’s only been 3 months(self-comfort)

Somewhere in between i took another….
and yes, in between i forgot which day…
Halfway through the program,i’ve made some progress, and i’m so glad it’s rather obvious!
Can see the difference???

Yep i become smaller size as a whole, and fyi all pics were taken in shorts S size,
so… i’m not so huge after all hahahaha
I believe it’s handwork, the exercises and diet paid off.
But without the tea, i don’t think i will be able to psycho myself to diet.

And as said, I am not a very disciplined person.
Thus, i only eat very clean for 1 week.
After 1 week, i’m back to suppers/beers/chocolates but still, not too much of them.
Therefore, if you have very strong willpower, your results will be much better than mine!

If you have really low tolerant, try the 14 days pack first.
Because if you don’t eat clean/ exercise with this program,
i doubt it will be effective/ worth your money spent.
Do avoid processed food/ fast food.

Here are more pictures…

Alright, 14 more days to go!
I’ll update again!
Let’s hope i drop 2 more kg from 50kg to 48.
 Good luck to me!

Emerald Allure Eyelash Extensions

Hi all!
Another eyelash extension lobang for ya all(:
Emerald Allure is a humble home salon currently located at Sengkang.
(They will be shifting to Roxy Square this 30th May)
They do nail services, wedding makeup and rental and beauty services!
Well, saw a great deal and tried their eyelash extensions.

If you are lazy like me, Eyelash extensions had helped:
1. Save ALOT of time on having to draw eyeliners everyday
2. Makes me look more awake at all times(even at home at night)

For those who had not tried, 
no worries as there is no discomfort at all if you opt for the natural style
 With the quality strand by strand lashes, it’s almost like you had nothing.
 Unlike fake lashes
i don’t understand how people can wear them everyday without feeling uncomfortable.

There, NATURAL right?
As i know, the market rate for single strands lash extensions easily range from $100 up.
And it’s usually only 80strands, which means you have to top up money for a fuller look.
Other cheepers ones are actually have 3-5 lashes sticked together per strand,
which means if you dropped one strand, your eyes will look super funny.
For Emerald Allure
they charge $58 for 100-110 strands
Which is really a reasonable price.
Also, do quote JESLYNE to get additional 10% off!
Stay tuned as i will be giving out free vouchers for my readers 
to try their services in these coming few weeks!
Instagram at @jeslynexsoh

Keratin Treatment at NEXT SALON ION

Hi all!
I’ll be blogging more frequent now on beauty deals/tips so keep a lookout(:

Recently, i got called up by Joanna, distributor of Kerarganic Singapore, to help out as a hair model for the product training of NEXT salon on
Organic Keratin Treatment.
Okay, i am no expert in hair treatments,
however, i do know that this treatment is superb in softening and relieving frizz.
Especially if your hair is super damaged and dry and coarsely, you should give this a try,
it’ll definitely revive your hair’s health and save your hair!
(Only after this, then your hair masks/serums will actually be useful)

For more information on Keratin Treatments:

Okay enough said…I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

1-2 years back, i did this treatment for the 1st time.
My hair was damaged by constant perming and hair dyes.
However, it was like magic, that my hair is able to “comes back alive”..

This year, i’m back here again,
and to be honest my hair is already pretty revived so i’m happily taking it as a pampering session(:

A big thank you to Joanna, Delos and Mnson for pampering my hair!(:
 Now my hair is soft and frizz-free yays.

Look at how my hair shines

Therefore, if you have naturally wavy hairs that do not sit,or frizzy hair/damaged hair,
Keratin Treatment is the best solution for you.
Each treatment costs around $400.
You don’t have to do it every time you do chemical treatments to your hair.
Just do it once, to revive it,
and then do it again if you feel that it needs maintenance again.
(Maybe in a year or a afew years’ time or so)

Look at me, one time is enough to revive my hair already…
Therefore, save up and give it a shot.

The Keratin Treatment is not available in every salon.
It is only distributed in a few salons in SG.
Do look up the NEXT salon and book your appointment if interested(:
Trust me, it’s really good.
This is not a paid ad.

For any advert/enquires:
For more updates on instagram: @jeslynexsoh


Lolita: Novalash Eyelash Extension

Hi, done my eyelash extension for the first time yesterday!
Previously had only tried eyelash perming, but because rom date’s nearing, 
naturally become more 爱美 (:
And usually eyelash extension costs $80 and above for a set (for the good ones of course) 
If you choose to do those around $50 ones, advise to you is, might as well don’t do.

Why so?
Because those extensions comes in strands of 5, 
if one were to drop, it would be quite obvious and ugly.
Therefore, always do those in strands of maximum 3.
Anyway, Novalash is famous and good for eyelash extension.
They comes in single strands, and therefore would not very natural(:
Did my first time at
Marina Link @ Marina Square 
#B1-12 Singapore 
You may visit their website for more information and pictures on NovaLash:
Usual price:
New Set $139/2hours / Touch-up 
 Refill $99/60mins or $129/90mins

Had mine done at $49 for 100 lashes, cause got Groupon deal.

 Have tried my best to take the best views for the lashes.
Anyway.. As i’m a first timer, Shelly, the person responsible for my lashes suggested
using 10mm lashes at the sides and 11mm in the centre for a natural look.
So girls who want a more dramatic or very obvious extensions, 
free feel to use 11mm/12mm/13mm lashes.
Also, i was recommended to but the 150 package so i have 70-80 lashes for each eye.
(Now i only have 50 per eye)
Then i can achieve a fuller/ more glamorous look(:

Alright, finally, these will last me 2-3weeks if i take care of it properly.
A fuller set will last 3-4 weeks.
Hope it last till ROM!(:

Wouldn’t mind going back again as Shelly’s done a real good job(:

Salon De Choix: Hair Perm

Have ya ever permed your hair and then finds it too auntie/too curly
 that you just keep combing/washing right after you had them permed?
Some “new” to perm has this misconception that combing actually helps,
but seriously.. no, it will simply result in an uglier perm/frizzy hair.
Therefore, a few months back, 
i FINALLY found a salon that knows the kind of perm that i want.
I’ve tried several salons all located in Far East Plaza, 
but it seemed that not all stylists understand the current trend.
I also want to not pay too much for a perm? 
Therefore Salon Vim/ Essensuals Hairdressing are automatically crossed out.
I spent roughly $200 on this perm, 
which would have cost me around $280+ for my hair length at these two other salons.
is located at
  • 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1
  • Singapore s239519
  • (Opposite Orchard Central/ KPO House)
  • Mon-Sun: 10:30-8:30PM

They have occasional discounts and offer so do go over to 
Their FB page:
To check out other hair done by their stylists as well.
My hair is done by Chester Soh.
Was recommended by Nicole through her blog and he’s responsible for her hair as well.
Told Chester that i would like perms like yankaykay and tricia ong,
so i showed him a few pictures of them.
Seems like he got it pretty quickly
since he must have done many blogger’s hair, 
and honestly, they’re all quite similar isn’t it?
Therefore, saved me a lot of effort in communicating what i want(:

Final product’s pretty isn’t it(:
Just a few selfies to display my satisfaction for the hair perm AHAH.
I want it not too curl, looks natural, but lasting as well.
This is supposed to last for 3 months with minimal care effort(:
Ya all can scan through to look at THE PERM properly(not my face hahah)


Alright, if anyone’s looking for a salon, free feel to try Salon De Choix!
And remember to look for Chester Soh.
For my friends who are interested, i could also get ya all additional 15% off.
Just drop me a text and i’ll arrange for ya(:

Black Paint Organic Skincare Set: Healthy Cleansing

Hi all,
I’ve worked as a Black Paint skincare promoter for 14days in April.
Am glad to be trained on the benefits of using this Black Paint skincare products!

Black Paint is originated from Kyoto Japan! 
And its products are 100% organic.
So i’m absolutely grateful to be given one full set of Black Paint skincare
by the founder, Miyuki, as a reward for hardwork.
Therefore i am here, doing a review for them(:

During that period, there are ongoing promotions so the promotion price for a box is $129!

One full set consists of:
A black paint charcoal soap (Main Product)

A konjac scrub sponge
Vegetable oil
Best Water (Toner)
Rose water (Pore tightening)
Water cream (Moisturiser)

What are some of the benefits?
As i’ve been fully trained by 3 japanese consultants and the manager herself,
all the information that i’m gonna give you now would be really accurate(:

Black Paint is famous for their Pore Cleansing.

So the main benefits of using their products:
-Cleanse your pores 
-Close your pores
-Tighten your pores
And to pamper your pores with the right skincare guide! 

Girls, if you do go for facial to cleanse your face once in a while,
Black Paint actually works the same way, just naturally!

This is what the BLACK PAINT CHARCOAL SOAP looks like.
I’ll be your instruction manual in this case!

Step 1:
 BP Charcoal Soap (Main Product) 
is made up of charcoal with 23 different essential oils.

This bar soap can last you up to 1 month if you use it twice daily
(Day and Night)

It works as a:
-Facial Cleanser
-Make-up remover
(Able to remove heavy waterproof eye make ups)

Don’t worry! It smells good with all the essential oils…
And it is not going to dry your face at all.

Black Paint works for all skin types.
For oily/normal/sensitive skins

How to start using it?
Firstly, place the soap into a cup of warm water and let it soak for 20 seconds!
After 20 seconds, apply it to your face with all the 6 surfaces of the BP soap.

It is recommended to apply cover all 6 surfaces of the soap.
However if lazy, just apply it all over your face.

When you apply to your face, black colour is good
Grey colour indicates that the BP is not soak long enough in the warm water.
After applying, place the charcoal soap on bowl or plate and let it dry naturally.
(Repeat when you use it during the day and night)

Massage your face for 20 seconds to let the Black Paint enter your pores!
I would advise you to apply at the eyes area during the last 10 seconds!

Why Black Paint instead of a normal facial cleanser?
Firstly, unlike normal cleanser, Black Paint does not leave your skin too dry.
It will leave your skin just nice without being too oily or dry.

When the Black Paint enter your pores, it actually brings all the dirt and impurities away 
when you cleanse your face with warm water after..

Although it is a bar soap, which makes it incredibly troublesome,
the process and result will convince you otherwise!

Since it is packaged at a one month serving size,
this suggests that to cleanse your face and pores completely..
(A human face has 200 over pores)
You are to dedicate to this facial wash and not mix it with other products in the meanwhile!
Since it is 100% organic, organic works best with organic products.

Also, during the meantime when you use Black Paint.
It warns us that there might be a mini breakout or dryness at some parts of your face.
This is completely NORMAL!
Because BP are trying to push all the dirt out of your face!
Therefore, a breakout simply suggests that part of your face as dirty.
For me, my mini breakout happened just after 5 days 
but only a few at the forehead and lower chin area!

Just apply more toner, and it will go away after 2 days or so!
However, after the whole “treatment” process i would say…

Step 2: 
Scrub your face once a day at least with the
 Konjac Scrub Sponge

It is made of 100% vegetable fibres.
Use it to remove all the unwanted blackheads 
and impurities that are pushed out by the Black Paint soap!

Soak the Black Sponge in warm water for the first time to soften it!
Usage: 1 month 
(Throw away when soft and broken)

Ladies, our nose areas and the area below our lower lip are usually rough and edgy.
This is because of blackheads and impurities!

Directions of use:
Simply pressed on both cheeks area and gently move left and right.
Press and move and repeat all around the face,
For nose areas, light scrubs are recommended.
Next, if you do purchase these other products..
(As i mentioned organic works best together)

Best Water (Toner)
The BP Toner is 100% alcohol free so no chemicals will be apply to your face!
It might be hard to penetrate into your skin as there are no alcohol.
Pump 5 times onto your hand and then apply and push the toner into your face.

Rose water (Pore tightening)
Rose are queen of pores tightening!
We love this!
As a bottle of Rose Water is made of 2000 FRESH ROSE pumped into it!
Purpose is to tighten the pores after hydrating it with toner!

It is important as pores that are tight makes a face lift!
If your pores are big and open,
it may cause your face to sag and dry!

Water cream (Moisturiser)

Lastly, their moisturiser works as a protective layer to dirt in the air!
Simply apply onto your face..
As you massage in the Water Cream, water droplets are formed around that area.
Simply SPREAD and let the moisturiser DRY ON IT’S OWN!
It may take 2-3minutes but let it dry on it’s own.
After dried, it feels like a make up base(:
(May protect you from the chemicals in your make up as well)
For me, i know all the purpose of using these products..
So i does all 5 steps even before i leave the house in the morning!

So does it really work?
I can only conclude that it leaves my skin soft and much fairer after using it for a month!
It is reasonably smooth and the dry and bumpy areas are really gone!
I generally also feel healthier for my skin as all ingredients are organic.
I would surely purchase the Black Paint again to cleanse my pores regularly!

Worth a try ladies!
I’ve repurchased my second bar of Black Paint soap.
It really cleanses my skin like no other facial cleanser!

Black Paint can now be purchased at 
Jurong Westgate Isetan B2 (Japanese products section)
They are still trying to get a retail store in Taka Orchard!