Fat Freezing at Cove Aesthetics (formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics)

Hi All!

My recent visit to the Cove Aesthetics (formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics) was a good one! I did the Fat Freezing treatment on my outer thigh.

As you guys already know, I’ve been trying all ways to slim faster, but I don’t exercise much (Maybe once every 2 weeks). Therefore, I considered Fat Freezing for as a faster option.


Cove Aesthetics is conveniently located in the town area, at Wheelocks Place.


When i arrive at the clinic, I waited at a pretty cosy waiting room and fill up the standard application/declaration form.


The therapist then explained to me how Fat Freezing roughly work. It is a non-invasive fat cell reduction treatment, and has no downtime!

It uses freezing temperature (ideal -9 degrees celsius) to break down fat cells without affecting other tissues. Frozen dead cells will then be excreted out of the body several weeks after the treatment!

Firstly, we take some photos before the treatment! There are some ugly fats budging the outer sides of my thighs.

Next, my therapist, Yann, then mark the side where she wants to apply the machine suction on.


The clinic uses the new Clatuu Alpha machine with 2 different applicators, flat and wing. With the wing applicator, we can freeze better!

The suction is rather tight and strong, pain 1/5. The process lasted 1 hour. 1 hour of fat freezing to reduce the top layer fats!!


After the treatment is done, the treated area is rather red for the first hour and it feels like it’s bruising because of the freezing. Therefore, I am advised to keep massaging the same area for the entire week.


Here i am, happy to know that 25% of the top layer fats are gonna be reduced! (For the treated area of course)


Before and After Treatment, on the day itself:


After 2 weeks, I take photos again to compare as this kind of treatment usually gets better result after several weeks.


I don’t know if you guys can see the difference but i definitely can feel it! That whole chunk of fats budging out is somehow gone and i can’t squeeze that outer area as much compared to the past! Layer of excess fats are also more even out?


Fat Freezing is honestly the fastest solution to reducing fats.

I’m definitely glad to go for such treatments once in awhile to maintain my figure, especially us girls, who wants skinny long legs!

There are so many places you can do Fat Freezing for: Arm, Back, Love handle, Abdomen, Hip and Thigh.


Alright, here i am, leaving as a happy customer šŸ™‚ Please consult with the clinic directly for more details.


501 Orchard Road #04-07B Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

T: 6734 6531

Hue Floresta: White-A-Fair Skincare Range

Hello! I’m back with another skincare brand review. This time, I’ve tried the entire range of products and stick to this for 2 weeks.

I’m always very glad and happy to spread words about effective skincare range that works. My skin is now clear and gorgeous!


Hue Floresta is a brand launched by the company Forever Young. They believe that “The naked skin on a woman’s face is the truest expression of her beauty, inside and out.”

The entire range focus on the Advanced Micro-Bio Whitening technology, using Soy Yogurt Filtrate as the main product ingredient.

Soy Yogurt Filtrate is a derivetive from soy fermentation, and is proven to produce 30% more collagen, 40% more Melanin deduction and 100% more Hydration after 4 hours compared to others. They are rich in Amino Acid, Vitamin B Complex, L-Lactic Acid and Antibacterials.

I especially like the fact that this brand don’t use alcohol, artificial coloring and bleaching agents. It’s really gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Here are my review for the entire range of Hue Floresta, via the correct skincare flow:


Hue Floresta Purifying Facial Cleanser

I’m in love with the cleanser! The Purifying Facial Cleanser is a mild and pH balanced formula that is gentle even on sensitive skin. I think when you scrub the cleanser on your face, you can immediately feel the difference between a good and bad cleanser.


A good one is like this, it doesn’t foam much and don’t strip off excess oil from your face. This cleanser effectively removes all the impurities, leaving my face smooth and moist still.

Hue Floresta Exfoliant


This product is rich in antioxidants and uses white wax beads from caster oil as the exfoliant.


I applied the exfoliant across my face and leave it on for 5 mins. Then, i apply some water and scrub my face before rinsing it off. Look at how clear my skin is!!! It has a brightening effect as well.


Wah this product is amazinggggg! Look at the after effect after 1 use!!! My face is super bright and clear! This is the perfect product to use as it effectively smooth away dead skin cells without being too harsh, leaving my skin superrrrr smooth!


Hue Floresta Revitalising Treatment Essence


Toner/ essence is usually a very important step to your skincare routine and this one sure boosts up the absorption.


I love how I can really feel the moisture sinking into my skin from this product.

Hue Floresta Day Protection Cream (SPF30)


During the day, I put on the Moisturizer to complete my skincare routine!!


I like how the after effect of this protection cream, leaving the skin oil-less (as if you put on the no sebum powder!!) The cream, containing Soy Peptide and antioxidants, also provide full spectrum of protection from UV damages.

Hue Floresta Night Repair Emulsion


The Night repair emulsion feels rich but not too overwhelming, it’s also not that oily.


It helps in repairing and renewing our skin at basal layer and accelerate cells renewal! I like the whitening effects it gives me after using it continuously for the week.

Hue Floresta Intensive Whitening Treatment


The treatment mask is actually recommended to be used before putting on your day or night cream.


It is AMAZING!!! Can’t believe the mask works after a single use, making my skin instantly brighter and fairer. This mask is meant to hydrate, firm and whiten your face. The mask is enhanced with polysaccharides & Vitamin B to regenerate new skin cells and collagen for a crystal-clear and flawless complexion.


Look at my clear face!!!


Overall, the entire range of products are indeed very natural and effective. I think i am sold on using these for a long time. Also, they are not very expensive as well.


I definitely recommend this brand!! It is extremely hard to find gentle products these days and Hue Floresta is rather suitable for all skin types.

Do check out their entire range and try them out! Giveaway’s happening on my IG page, head over to join!

Hue Floresta