Urban Steps Academy, Dance Classes

Hi All, Recently, I’ve brought Aaron to a dance class at Urban Steps Academy. I thought it’ll be a good exposure and experience for Aaron since I love dancing so much myself.

The dance studio is conveniently located at Beauty World Centre, accessible via the Beauty World MRT Station.


Over the years, dance classes such as Hiphop, Kpop, Funk style are getting more popular!

I like how this dance school offers programmes for different age group, such as kids and teenagers. There are also special 3 months courses for the serious learners.

This is a how the studio looks like, it is also located at the highest level of the mall, directly beside the hawker centre.

Photo from Jeslyne

And this is Aaron, getting ready to be all cool and funky!


Aaron attended the Urban Juniors class where the kids danced to the My Little Pony Theme song this session! It was truly enjoyable for him.


The instructor, Maqrius, was patient and has a way around kids! Just look at the pictures and you’d know. It’s also a really good time to test Aaron’s listening skill and movement.


Here are the other kids enjoying the dance class with him. Urban Juniors is the youngest class, with kids from 5 years to 8 years old. There are also other classes which are suitable for other children.




Overall, It was a pleasant experience with Aaron in the dance class.

I’m sure he had a good time expressing himself via the upbeat music too. Moreover, the older kids took care of him and he has made new friends!



How i wish i was the one attending dance classes huh. All dressed up for Hiphop or something haha.


I’m actually very impressed by their rehearsed dance videos. These children did an extremely great job! I’ll be super proud if i’m their parent!

Lastly, if you’re interested to let your kids try out dancing, lucky for you!!

My followers get to receive a free dance trial, valid from 3rd June onwards till July 2019! Simply quote “JESLYNEXURBANSTEPS” when you call in to register for the classes!

Parents, wait no more!


Urban Steps Academy

#04-16 Beauty World Centre 
144 Upp Bukit Timah Rd 
Singapore 588177 
+65 8822 7890


Althea Korea A’Bloom Collection

I really love Althea Korea’s products and have been with them for awhile.

This time, they are launching the A’Bloom Box and the collection is simply the cutiest!!!

In The Box, it contains:

4 Mask Sheets-

  • A’bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet
  • A’bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet


FRUITS SHEETS look so fun and sound so yummy at the same time, dayum. Here are the benefits to each type of mask:

Peach: Anti blemish-purifies and soothes sensitive skin, Peach and Tea Tree Oil to regulate oil, balance moisture and purify

Lemon: Brighten dull skin, Double dose of Vitamin C from both lemon and lime- banish dark spots, Green Tea-Boost boosts brightening while calming skin

Watermelon: Hydration and moisturization- waterful skin, Lavender to calm senses

Avocado: Rich in Antioxidants- protects from environmental harms and prevents wrinkles, Infused with avocado & hibiscus for soft supple skin

2 Types of Blending Puffs

  • 1 A’bloom Giant Meringue Puff
  • 3 A’bloom Baby Meringue Puffs


The Meringue puffs are priced at such affordable prices!! Only $3 for the giant one and $4 for a pack of 3 baby puffs. Additionally, they’re made from high density latex FREE foam (PLUS POINTS).

Not sure about you, but i definitely have to use a puff to apply my makeup daily. They are the best tools invented to help blend the makeup so easily and well on the face!

And my favourites are those Baby puffs, that covers hard to reach places like sides of nose and corner of eyes.

Lastly, the A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster


This Natural BHA Blackhead Blaster stick removes your Blackhead/Whitehead effectively with no pain. It also purifies and clarifies your pores instantly with natural ingredients: White Willow(BHA),Charcoal, Apricot Seed, Tea Tree Leaf Oil.

I love how i can use this multi-ways, both on the face (For exfoliation & sebum wash off) and on my body as well (Advisable on the elbow cause it’s rough as hell).

Big love to Althea Korea for sending me this lovely A’Bloom Collection!<3

The collection is already out for sale on their website, simply visit:


Do check out their entire range of kbeauty brands as well!

Nose Threadlift with Aesthetics Central Clinic

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Nose Threadlift and I was super duper excited when I set an appointment with Aesthetics Central Clinic!

This is my second experience with Nose Threadlift, with the first experience, I’ve definitely gotten braver because I already know the procedures to it.

I had a good impression of the clinic, it was located at the office building of The Central Mall and the receptionist and nurses are really friendly.



The clinic looks clean with beautiful decorations, which makes me feel safe about doing any procedure there because it looks comfortable and professional.

Here’s the waiting area, super cozy feel.


And this is one of their rooms.


The first step to the procedure is to numb the nose with numbing cream. The assistant nurse brought me to a room and took the “before” photos so that I can compare and see the difference after.


Next, I waited approximately 20 minutes, before the numbing cream actually set in.

Dr. Ryan Tanconsulted me before starting the procedure. Despite knowing that I have done this before, Dr. Ryan Tan still went through a very detailed brief of the Nose Threadlift procedure process! I’m so glad that he refreshed my memory of what I should be expecting.

He also gave me recommendations of how he planned to proceed with my Nose Threadlift. I expressed my concerns about having my nose still looking natural after this.


As we’re about to begin, he then explained that anesthetic injection would have to be given twice, one up my nose bridge and then one directly on it to make sure the nose can’t feel anything. This is to ensure that I feel comfortable throughout the procedure as well. I was indeed very brave because I already knew what’s about to happen 🙂


Dr Ryan Tan then proceed to insert 8 threads up my nose bridge. I know, the needles look scary, but you don’t see me being scared here, in fact, I don’t feel any pain, I only felt the motions.


Dr Ryan also recommended some short threads at the sides of my nose to perk it up. I agreed because the sides of my nose are really soft and it looks kind of fat.


I think he only took like 15 minutes? And it’s all done! The procedure was comfortable and FAST.

My nose felt sore at the start but it’s fine, the soreness and swelling will go away within 2-3 days.

This is how the nose look like immediately after the procedure. The swelling will go down and the nose will become more “petite” after a few days, giving it a more natural look.


I am so pleased with the results!!

Having a sharper nose is the dreams of all ladies because it can really help define our features better.

Here, the before and after, my favourite part because the comparison made you feel like it’s all WORTH IT.



Lastly, I was given some medications that lasted about a week to ensure that the wound and all does not flare up.

Let me repeat, this is a really SAFE and FAST procedure which I would recommend to everyone to do. Fillers are great but if you want a more defined and lasting outcome, choose Nose Threadlift! Nose Threadlift doesn’t spread too!

My doctor’s really good! So if you’re looking to do another aesthetics treatment, do visit my clinic!


Look at me, such a happy girl!

As for price wise, it differs with the number of threads you’ll require, a consultation is definitely advisable for anyone who’s keen to try any aesthetic treatments.


Thanks for taking good care of me, Aesthetics Central Clinic and Dr. Ryan Tan! I had a 10/10 experience 🙂

This is me 3 days after hehe. SO NICE RIGHT, getting more natural.


Who doesn’t want to be prettier? Everyone does!

Okay, so if you’re keen, do check out their website for more info!

Aesthetics Central Clinic

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90 Singapore 059818

Phone: (+65) 6221 8221

Whatsapp: (+65) 8448 8636

Email: aestheticscentralclinic@gmail.com