Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2018 with FABLIFE

Christmas is just round the corner and I’m super excited with this festive season. Because that means lots of discounts and attractive promotions islandwide!

Everyone should know by now that I love FABLIFE‘s beauty, wellness and body products!! And I would really recommend anyone to try them. They have really good bras/shapewears FYI that i would choose over any other brands.

2018-11-28 10.32.08 2

FABLIFE is holding their very own Christmas packages and here are some of the exclusive promotions this 2018!!

THE PRICES ARE SO SO ATTRACTIVE!!!! Find the packages below:

1. Glowing Inside Out Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 VENNA RICESPA at $68

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The Venna RiceSpa is Face Scrub plus mask that aids combating acne, reduce wrinkles and promotes cell regeneration. More info can be found here.

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2. Rejuvenate & Replenish Bundle consists of 1 INDOX & 1 APPLE at $95

The Venna Indox is a Natural Fruit & Enzyme Supplement that helps to break down large molecules such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins to aid nutrients absorptions. More info can be found here.

The SwissCórr Apple Stemcell Full Body Rejuvenation Drink repairs damaged skin cells and has reverse aging purposes. 1 Box consists of 15 days course. More info can be found here.

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2a. VENNA RICESPA & 1 REVE product (Any) at $95

There are different type of serums and masks under the Reve product range which you can Mix and Match with 1 box of Ricespa.

2018-11-28 10.37.00 1

3. Voucher that consists of 1 personalised BRA and SHAPEWEAR Fitting Experience at $288.

This also entitles you to an Exclusive 20% discount off selected designs of bra and shapewear.

2018-11-28 10.45.39 1

4. BELIK EYE MESSAGER, Buy 2 at 25% off

Give your eyes a treat with this super relaxing Eye Massager!
2018-11-28 10.32.07 1

The prices are really attractive enough right???

SO DON’T MISS OUT the Christmas sales cause these make damn good Christmas Gifts for your wife, friends and relatives!

They also sell REALLY PRETTY AND COMFORTABLE pyjamas and sports range. I especially love this FinelyCup Homewear too!!

2018-11-28 10.26.12 1

Read more about the other reviews that i have done for FABLIFE here:

1. FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife
2. The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

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FinelyCup by Fablife


Location: 883 North Bridge Road, #13-02, SOUTHBANK Singapore 198785

FinelyCup Lingerie by Fablife

Fablife brings in amazing lingerie, the brand is Finelycup.

Firstly, I really really love the apartment office that they get for customers to come by and relax, other than purchasing. This is the 2nd level, where all the lingeries are displayed like a counter at the shopping mall.


And this is their level 1 of the apartment, where all the other skincare or healthcare related products are placed. It feels really cozy, isn’t it??SAM_8905-01

So… back to Finelycup, i really love all the designs available for sale!!!  SO SO gorgeous, feminine and lacey?


They offers an intimate 1 to 1 consultation as well, before you go ahead to purchase the correct sizing and type of lingerie to correct your current problems.

I think this is what made them unique, adding a personal touch to their products with extra services provided.


Alice, the founder of Fablife, assist to help with measurements and then picked out 3 choices (Designs) for me to explore. Then she explained really clearly how these bras can help tackle my current issue, which i told her, is excess fats at the sides and sagging due to breastfeeding for a period of time after giving birth to my 2nd boy.

I went home happily, with a set of bra that fits me really well.


It’s not only SUPER NICE IN DESIGN, it lifts the front and tackle the excess issue at my sides. I have never worn a bra so fitting before.


See the sides, it keeps the excess in control and is supposed to correct it in the long run.

Just to share abit more on the lingerie set itself, it comes with a pretty mesh satin panties as well.



Yes. This is a dream come through cause wire simply hurts and sucks.



The size that I’m wearing is 75B.

Just a series of my selfies:


They also carry other range of products, like sleep wears, sports range and shape wears. Check out some of the pictures that i have taken from the display rack.




Lastly, spend above $750 to become a FABLIFE member. (Limited to first 500 pax)

You’ll be able to enjoy exclusive benefits as following:
– Birthday Month 35% off
– Normal Month 10% off
– Earn 1 point with every $10 dollars spend to exchange
– Entitled to a range of 10%-55% on selected range
– Membership classes like flower arrangement,wine tasting etc..
– Entitled to amenities like this pool deck and sauna whenever you come by to shop with them:), can bring along +1 too


They’re also having attractive Christmas promo so go on to shop with them!!!

FinelyCup by Fablife


The Venna Rice Spa by FABLIFE

Recently, I tried the Venna Rice Spa, a very natural product, made with ingredients like Oatmeal, Rice Enzyme and Tea Tree Oil.

2018-11-05 11.35.54 1\

This product is also voted by Beauty Insider, as the Best Face Saver in 2018.

It aids in combating acne, reducing wrinkles and promoting cell regeneration. It also fights any signs of aging with Rice Enzyme Powder and Oat Extract to make way for rejuvenated and vibrant looking skin.


The Venna comes with 9 sachets of “Rice Spa” powder,conveniently with a brush and a measuring container for mixing.

So, i give it a go!

It’s recommended to use half a sachet- 1 full sachet per usage.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 1

I mixed an entire sachet with approx 12ml of water, like instructed.


Firstly, apply some on your cheeks and rub in circular motion, to scrub your entire face with the mixture.



After a GOOD SCRUB, apply the rest of the mixture to both your face and neck and use them as a mask.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 3

It sure smells yummy! I really like the rice grain smell, very natural.

2018-11-14 08.06.35 2

Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then pat some water to your face and continue to scrub.


I really like the process, it feel as if you’re getting rid of all sorts of dirt. Whenever you are ready, you can wash the mixture off!

2018-11-14 08.06.35 1

VERDICT: My skin feels AMAZING, definitely smoother and whitened after using it. Liking the natural ingredients in the mask too!

Some of the other properties of Venna Rice Spa:

    • Natural Skin Whitening
    • Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive
    • Regenerate and reduce dead or damaged skin cells
    • Reduce dull skin, spots and signs of aging
    • Diminishing of fine lines and reduction of wrinkles
    • Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality
    • Help skin to retain moisture and glow
    • Effective in curing acne
    • Maintain skin elasticity
    • Replenish nutrients needed by skin
    • Relax muscles, relieve stress and boost cell regeneration

This mask can also be applied daily to your skin, it’s gentle and soothing.

2018-11-14 08.06.36 2

For me, i applied alternate days, good enough!

2018-11-14 08.06.34 1

Venna Rice Spa can be found exclusively at Fablife.

It cost $48.50 for a box of 9 sachets and it sure made a good gift!