Revive the quality of your hair!!! HEADLINES BY ARTISTRY Hair Salon [AD]


Keeping up with the social media/ trends these days,
I can easily named a few famous hair salons in SG.
But often, some are way too expensive( or out of our budget)
and some simply don’t work out for me.
(Because they just cannot keep up with trend)
Today, i finally found Headlines by Artistry, 
whose services are pleasing and to my liking.
I’m already looking forward to my next session with them!

I don’t know about you, but i have always wanted my hair to be soft and fluffy.

But it always FAILS because it always gets dry over time.
(And HONESTLY, we often are not willing to spend/splurge on hair treatment..
I’m totally guilty!)

Trust me, I’m not saying this just because this is sponsored.
I am reviewing this salon sincerely.
If you want your tresses to revive again, Do go try our Headlines By Artistry.
My Hair is done by Jerry, the director of Headlines.
Look at the huge difference….before and after!

Conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar, 
You can go and have Cake Spade after… HAHAH OK JUST KIDDING.
It’s rather easy to find their salon, and the environment of the salon is pretty good!

Unfortunately, i was in a hurry that day due to back to back appointments..
so i took the photos with my samsung phone at the salon.

For this collaboration, 
i’ll be doing my hair for my prewedding photoshoot at Honking end May!

Jerry snip off the last few inches of my damaged hair and 
suggested for me to do ash brown color that won’t turn out too yellowish in my photos. (The idea is to look good for the shoot!)
And also, less crazy color so my photos will be good too!

Also, Headlines are really into healthy hair.
Therefore, the treatments that they do are really good and helpful!
(They really want to protect your hair!)

And here are some snapchat vids hehe

And TADA! 
Took the rest of the photos when i’m home!
These photos are taken on the same day that i did my hair…

And… a week after,
Here are some shoot pictures of my hair 
and i think i’m ready for my prewedding shoot this Tuesday!
Can’t thank Jerry enough for making my life(Hair) easier.

Now, Good news!!!!
For my readers/friends/families, 
You may quote Jeslyne to receive 10%-30% discounts!
(T&C applies)

Just hurry go try!!!:)

Also take note, 
Advance appointment is required and walk ins are not allowed!

Fret not, easy booking can be made via Booksy,
which allows you to see what timing are available and which the rates of each stylist!
Download the Booksy App now to conveniently book your hair appointments!

They are located at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-32, Singapore 079903
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

Contact number: 6223 3133

Remember to like their Facebook page
or follow them on Instagram

Your hair will be safe in their hands.

If you’d like to see more of my hair journey with them, 
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Thank you for reading! <3

Myntefingers Home-Based Nail Salon [AD]

Hello beauties!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be working long-terms with 

For those who’re in love with my pretty nails,
You’d love the price that you have to pay for it as well!

Look how pretty!
I look up 2 nail designs and then asked her to combine it for me,
And Ta-Da! Yays to the broken lines that looks so chic.

I really don’t know where to find such good deals any more.

At the moment, Mynt is charging:
$25 for Classic Gel Mani
$15 express Gel Mani

It’s like a huge difference compared to the price you pay at the retail salons?
What better, she’s meticulous and you get a 1-1 service!
It’s feels so relaxing as well cause we just keep chatting till we forgets the time.

She’s located at Yishun.
If you stay nearby, no more excuses! Just go! 

I can’t wait for the upcoming set of nails for my prewedding photoshoot:)

Will share with you girls soon!

Lastly, Discounts!!!
Everyone loves discounts…

So remember to quote Jeslyne to enjoy additional $5 off all gel services!
So it’ll be a really worth it!:)

Comment below if ya all have any questions!

Biore Marshmallow Whip Deep Clean Facial Foam [AD]

Hi All!
I’m back with SampleStore SG with a new product to review.
I’m certainly in love with common brand that WORKS.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a cheapo, i have tried branded products and 
facial cleansers from Lancome/ Dior/ Estee Lauder and they’re the best of the best.

However, you just can’t keep up with the costs of such products all the time!
 Having a common brand that works just fine and is gentle on the skin at the same time is just simply awesome.


Biore Marshmallow Whip 
Deep Clean Facial Foam!

So first, let me educate you guys on what oily skin can led to….

Skin problems such as (that we’re all guilty of):
-Visible larger pores (Yicks!)
-Black heads (I HATE THESE)
-Acne (Fortunately i don’t have but still…)

And having worked as a beauty counter sales person before..

We have to understand that many oil-control facial cleansers worsen the skin conditions as they strip off the natural oils on the skin, 
causing dryness and hence, resulting in more oil production. 

We need those natural oils on our skin, and that is the reason why we apply moisturiser
(even though some makes us feel more oily after shower), so that our skin don’t product MORE oil.

And considering the SUPER HOT weather in Singapore, 
You definitely have to take care of your skin to prevent oily dull complexion as compared to other cooling countries.

So, what are some of the product benefits 
of the Biore Marshmallow Whip Foam Cleanser?
1. Convenience: Instant Foam with just 1 pump!
(It kind of reminds me of the Kirei Kirei Hand Foam Soap)
2. Contains Deep Cleansing Ingredients that thoroughly 
removes sebum without drying the skin
3. Ultra Fine Instant Foam that cleanses better 
and gently with bubbles smaller than pore sizes 
4. Formulated with newly improved Skin Purifying Technology that 
retains moisture and skin suppleness
(Skin feels refreshed and smooth after every use!)
So, i’ve done up a simple tutorial video to share with you girls on what i use
 for a quick and easy makeup removal/ cleansing for my everyday routine!
(Which i will reveal pretty soon!!)
P.S. It’s the most ordinary products that can be found in all supermarkets 

and it works just fine for me!

Directions for Use

Pump appropriate amount of foam (1-2 pumps) onto palm and massage onto wet face.
Rinse thoroughly with water

Avoid pumping in excessively wet conditions

I like how my skin feels supple with moisture retained after the wash!
It’s not drying like some of the really bad common brand facial wash that i’ve tried before.
And it sort of reminds me of the hand wash kirei kirei? ahah

Effectiveness 9/10
Texture 10/10 (i love the bubbles!)
Scent 9/10
Price 10/10

Alright enough said.Get yours now at $13.90 only!
Available at all pharmacies, hyper & supermarkets, beauty stores,
 departmental stores and selected minimarts 

 For more information, Head over to Sample Store to read more reviews of Bioré Marshmallow Whip Deep Clean!