Hong Kong Guide Pt 2: What to Eat!

What’s Hong Kong without these fantastic food?
Hong Kong is really famous for it’s food and shopping!
So i’m sure my guide is very important to you as we spent almost the whole trip eating!

So now, take this down.

1) TIM HO WAN 添好运
Dim sum is a must!
It’s not because it taste oh-so-heavenly..
The reason to try Tim Ho Wan at HK is because we Singaporeans, 
have been queuing up all day for this restaurant in our country.

Naturally, it makes sense to try the authentic version at HK right?
What’s more, it has been award the Michelin award.
It’s also cheaper than the outlet in SG.
But don’t worry, after you’ve tried this, 
I’ll recommend other much tastier HK dim sum/ food(:

Food that you must order:
Char Siew Bao
Chee Cheong Fun
Malay Steamed Cake (Ma Lai Gao)

2) MAK’S NOODLES  麥奀雲吞麵世家
Another not the most-fantastic noodles, 
but the one brand that has gotten to our Must-try list for tourists in HK!
Don’t get me wrong once again..
the noodles taste great!!! It’s delicious!
But for this restaurant, the downsides are that the portions are too small and 
probably too over-rated cause it’s expensive compared to a local stall.

But try it anyway! it’s really good(:
I’ll recommend another noodle place which is so good that
you will have to go back twice during your trip at least!! 
But guys, try this first, then you’ll get what i mean.

Food that you must order:
Shrimp Wanton noodles
Beef noodles

Definitely another MUST-GO!
But i don’t think this place is over-rated at all..
it’s really up to it’s name!
Blend in to the local flavours with reasonable local prices.

You may come here for breakfast/ desserts!
Don’t be shocked to a super long queue, but it moves really fast so just queue anyway ok people, don’t give this up on this is awesome shit!

Food that you must order:
Scrambled egg on a buttered toast
Milk Tea
Dun Nai Original Milk Flavoured
and i personally likes the dun Nai from PLACE NO.5 more actually)

Had fun taking photos while queueing too!
The stairs are so damn photogenic.

46 Portland Street , Yau Ma Tei 

haha pardon me if i exaggerated but it’s really so good and so so affordable!
Words just can’t describe anymore ahahaha
It has famous actress/actors pictures all over the restaurant 
which is similar to our Founder’s Ba Ku Teh.
Somehow their local delight i guess!
The beef literally melt in my mouth ahahaha

Food that you must order:
Shrimp Wanton noodles
Beef noodles
Beef brisket (single dish)- 80 HKD

Well, if you have read my comment in place no.3, yep i like the desserts here better!
There are also stuffs like red bean desserts and you can always stop by here 
for snacks like sausages with sunny-side up.

Food that you must order:
Dun Nai Original Milk Flavoured
(IS REALLY GOOD HERE! especially if you like it more milky!
It is really smooth and sweet.)

6) Lian Xiang Lou (莲香楼)
Another MUST-EAT!!!!
The food here are so damn good!!!
Regardless whether it’s dim sum/ dinner.
However, the dim sum here is a must try.
And it leads you back to the old hongkee days where you have to “fight” for the dim sum.
Old ladies would push out trolleys and trolleys of dim sum so you just go to them and get yours!
An advice would be to go earlier in the morning to get your dim sum as 
when it gets later, the variety runs out!

Get their traditional tea instead of the one in a pot if you would like to experience better!
(Will upload dimsum pics soon)

OKAY, those guides above are all about the restaurants..
Now, i’ll introduce some awesome snacks/ cafe bites!

Located in the heart of Mongkok, at the entrance of one the shopping mall.
It is almost like yong tau fu, where you get to choose the type of ingredients you want in your noodles.
The noodles is bitesize, maybe 5 mouth worth of noodles?
It has this sweet and spicy sauce that makes it taste so good
I personally love the octopus cause it’s so fresh!
Must grab this cold bite okay!

Yes, imma hipster hahaha #shameless
but i do realised that nowadays, Singaporeans love cafe-hopping more than anything!

In a hidden street of HK Da hung area,
lies many cafes/restaurants which allow you to cafe-hop like crazy!
It reminds us of our very SG Tiong Bahru Area.
Quite pretty for ya to take lots of hipsters photos,
and have local food/jap food/ ice creams!

is located inside this area as well.

Just in case any ladies would like to dine in,
the cafe is super small and the queue is super long, 
Do go early to queue if you really wanna dine in..
Take Note:
And they don’t allow takeaway as well, 
Takeaways are only available in their counter cafe i
Causeway bay SOGO mall basement food place.

It reminds us of our very SG Holland Village/ Clarke Quay.

You can always pop by here at night to have a good bistro dinner and some beer!
Besides, LAN KWAI FONG is just round the corner,
so feel free to eat nearby before going clubbing!

Some other visuals..

Clubbed at MAGNUM…
And it’s too damn packed on a saturday night.
Too squeezy ahahha

Their beautiful toilet hhahaha..

Must buy cosmetics/beauty products..

And a MACAU DAY TRIP perhaps?

Ruins of St Pauls

Alright, that’s all of my visuals available for now!
Hope you’ve taken down some pointers for first timers,
Enjoy HongKong well(:

Hong Kong Guide Pt 1: Where to stay!

Hong Kong has been hou good ah!
(I’m so stuck with the canto-ish chinese accent)

HK is a city of food, shopping and late night fun!
So all we do all day is eat and buy and party {on repeat} ahaha
So…. if ya haven’t been to HK, 
there are a few pointers here that i might be able to help/guide you along to enjoy your holidays better(:


My advise would be to either:
1. Stay near Mongkok (旺角) MTR station
It is a place that you must go to anyway, 
all the shopping places are around this area.

2. Just stay near any MTR station that is within walking distance of 2-5 minutes from your hotel
Preferably along Mongkok till Causeway Bay (Red to Blue line)
Because you would probably be travelling along these few stations throughout the trip!
I like booking all my hotels through www.agoda.com
It is easy, convenient and you earn points 
which could be exchange for $$ to be waived off for your next trips(:

For my first time in HK, i stayed at 
ROYAL PLAZA HOTEL (帝京酒店) -5 stars
93 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Mongkok, Hong Kong

It is located beside a shopping mall, above Mongkok East MTR.
Able to walk to Mongkok shopping area within 15minutes.

Cost approximately $250 SGD per night during non-peak hours/agoda promo 
I got a plaza deluxe room the other time!
This hotel is crazily comfortable! And of course kind of expensive..
Don’t book this if you have a budget for the trip.

The bathtub is so comfortable and they provide Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries.
smells damn damn good!

For the 2nd time back in HK, my friends have some budget.
So we stayed at 
WING SING HOTEL (永星酒店) – 2 Stars
1B Wing Sing Lane, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
3 Star Hotel

It is located at Yau Ma Tei MTR, 3 minutes walk from Exit C
(1 station from Mongkok)

Cost approximately $60+ SGD per night during non-peak hours/agoda promo 
We got a Triple room.

It has one queen bed and 1 single bed.

As we were really on budget.. this hotel is decent enough.
I would say, a place to crash and then go out quickly the next day. 
Although it is small, but really really good enough for us!

Unlike other budget hotels, you get some walking space for this..
And the toilet is actually not small and cramped, quite spacious!
It’s really recommended for people who find no point in spending too much on hotel rooms!
If you’re feeling rich, feel free to checkout hotels near MTR Central (中环)
It’s an pretty awesome place to stay at as well!
Unless it’s too late for MTR as the taxi in HongKong is more expensive than in SG!
The meters jump every 200m!

MTR is so so so much faster and cheaper(:
Get an octopus card instead of day passes!
At the end of the day you can refund the remaining money in the card 
with a deduction of 9HKD for processing fee

Hope my guide helps!
Will continue on which places to shop and eat on part 2(: