Isabella Aesthetics- Scotts Square

Where to have facial these days? This is a common question that I’ve gotten from my friends who are in need of recommendations.

My experience at Isabella Aesthetics-Scotts Square is good! The facial was good as well.

This booking was made via Tropika Club– the new booking portal in town to get you all the deals that are location-based!:)


At Isabella Aesthetics, I was greeted with a smile at the entrance and seated at a beautiful waiting area. What immediately caught my eyes, was their manicure room (Yes they have manicure services on their menu too!)


There were a few rooms, not overcrowded and I went into one to change into the robe provided. Super ready for the facial!


The facial I had was the Ion Intensify Facial Treatment+ scrubs. It brightens and removes dead skin cells from your skin- making it cleaner and clearer.

The beautician starts off with a scrub- to remove or eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from the outer layer of the surface.


After this, she pours ampoule on the skin while using this cooling tool to further penetrate the serum into the skin.


The facial was ended off with a mask. The masking was most enjoyable cause it’s cold and relaxing- the place is very quiet with soothing music and i love a good rest during mid-day! (All mummies enjoy quiet moments)


Tada! My face is so clear and bright after the facial! It’s amazing!


Thank you for having me Isabella Aesthetics! Hope to be back to try out your other treatments again! They also provide Embroidery, Eyelash, Slimming, Waxing, and other facial treatments!

20200731_183421_333_mr1596201040899 (1)

To beautiful clear and brighter skin!


Isabella Aesthetics

Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-24 Singapore 228209

Jurong Point
63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point, #B1-43 Singapore 648331 (Opposite DBS Bank)

LactoKIDS+ Probiotics for Growth and Immunity

Recently, I’ve adopted the practice of feeding my kids probiotics even since I’ve learnt the benefits of this supplement. Big thanks to LactoKIDS for sending these my way!

2020-03-01 12.51.48 3

I believe stomach upsets is the most common trouble kids and babies faced these days. Moreover, there are too many kinds of viruses and as mothers, we just want our kid’s body to be strong enough to fight illnesses.

In a nutshell, Probiotics can help:

  • Strengthens immunity
  • Improves Digestion
  • Relieves Stomach Upset

Especially for babies and children, their immune system is not built up yet and could led to frequent illnesses and stomach discomfort. Probiotics can help to strengthen against harmful bacteria.


There are many brands in the market, but I chose LactoKIDS+.

Their products are 100% natural, GMP Certified by KFDA and Made in Korea. It has a unique combination formula of lactic acid bacteria, with added colostrum, calcium, vitamins and prebiotics.

This version is made especially for BABIES & KIDS.

2020-03-01 11.57.10 9

In a box, there are 60 sachets of probiotics. The recommended intake for below 3 years old is 1 sachet a day, and older children (including adults) can take 2-4 sachets a day.

I let Aayden try it on a night where he ate alot of tidbits, in hope that the probiotics can help ease his digestion. As you can see, Aayden really like the probiotics powder! That’s a Thumbs Up!


I don’t have to mix the probiotics with water for consumption because it tasted good enough for Aayden in powder form. After which, I took one sachet for myself, it tasted somewhat like yogurt. Yummy!


Aaron thought it tasted like candy, means it’s really of good taste!

Lactomin Advance+ Probiotics

This version is only suitable for kids 2 years old and above. (So it’s more like the normal version)

2020-03-01 11.57.10 8

I just want to emphasize on the technology this brand adopted in the creation of these powder.

Each Latomin Advance+ has Noltec Double Microencapsulation for optimal release. There are 2 times protective coating for high survival rate to the gut, and therefore makes the supplement more effective.

2020-03-01 11.57.10 7

Dosage recommendation is: 1 sachet for building immunity and 2-4 sachets for relieving stomach upsets. I thought that LactoKIDS+ really tasted better for babies & kids. As an adult, it’s not too bad either.

2020-03-01 12.51.48 4

You can find Lactokids+ on their website here, or on shelf in Watsons/Guardian! It retails at $68/box.


Well, now that we have a solution to better immunity, we’re all going to be really healthy! And you know what they say: Healthy family, Healthy life! 🙂

WUNJO Red Bean Essence

WUNJO Red Bean Essence is a drink made with extracted red beans. The product is made from high quality Hokkaido red beans, without adding sugar, preservatives and artificial colour or flavouring.

At first, I was skeptical to try, red beans are so commonly found in your everyday lives, what makes it a worthy drink?


Red Beans are generally high in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Polyphenols and Soluble Fibre.


By consuming this Red Bean Essence, it has an effective and natural way to help reduce the water retention in your body. It also increases your body metabolism. (This alone sounds enticing already) The best part? It is all natural, unlike detox or other cleansing drinks.

I opened a bag (super cute and pink packaging btw) and pour the red bean essence into a cup.

SAM_0627 (1)

Then, according to your personal preference, dilute the drink with 1-2 times of hot or cold water. For me, I poured in hot water!


It’s super easy to consume!

I love the taste, the red bean flavor is actually very subtle after you dilute them with water. The essence actually taste alot like tea so I can now substitute my coffee intake with this!

SAM_0630 (1)

There is actually another way to consume it. You can warm the bag directly in hot water, then opened and pour into a cup to be consumed directly.

SAM_0640_mr1580790614176 (1)

The WUNJO Red Bean Essence uses patented extraction technology to ensure that each red bean remains intact during the process of extraction. This way, it maximise the benefits of red beans without the carbohydrates, bringing drink efficacy to its best.

SAM_0597_mr1580790022712 (1)

The Red Bean Essence also has natural beauty-boosting effects! It’s definitely recommended for people like me, who looks for beauty drink with health factors all-in-one!

Since the drink can help improve poor circulation and reduce water retention, it’s very suitable for woman who experience water retention before and during menstruation cycle, and for pregnant women as well!


Lastly, if you’re a fan of Taiwan products, the WUNJO Red Bean Essence is also widely endorsed by renowned Taiwan celebrities.

SAM_0602_mr1580790162829 (1)

If you wanna try, go ahead to redeem free WUNJO Red Bean Essence samples here at Sample Store!!! The product is available for purchase as well.

More information:

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range for Healthy Hair & Scalp

Hello all! I’ve been trying out the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range for the past 1-2weeks and I’m very happy with the results.

2019-12-22 11.00.50 1

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Range consists of the Shampoo and Tonic.

As a mother of two, a full time working adult, as well as a blogger, I have the worst lifestyle habits of not sleeping enough, getting stressed as well as constantly moving about and therefore my hair and scalp aren’t exactly well taken care of at all times.

With bleached hair (although I’m proud that my hair is still very soft), I tend to only wash my hair every other night. This means oil and dirt tend to accumulate depending on my daily activities. As a result, I have dandruff time to time and also, uncontrollable oily scalp.

2019-12-22 11.00.51 1

I have only used this product for 1-2weeks, and I see a difference in my scalp already. It does not produce oil that much and the dandruff magically disappeared after few days I’ll explain WHY this shampoo can make this happen).

Also, for an extra touch, my hair is super soft and back to healthy state thanks to the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Nutrition Conditioner for All Hair Types.

2019-12-22 11.00.52 1

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Shampoo 200ml ($48)

I love the minty feeling after you lather the shampoo, and leaving it on your scalp. The ADV Purify Shampoo is a great scalp cleaner that removes dandruff flakes and sebum clogs. It leaves my scalp refreshed and soothes itching or any sort of irritation. As a victim of dandruff and oily scalp, I can immediately feel a change in my scalp condition after 1 use.


The key ingredients of this shampoo includes Rice Stem cells (Promotes Scalp Circulation), Ribwort Plantain Extract (Anti-inflammatory that calms itchiness) and Salicylic Acid (Removes sebum clogs and dandruff flakes).


PHS HAIRSCIENCE® ADV Purify Tonic 100ml ($108)

After towel dry my hair, I apply the tonic to the different parts of my scalp, especially affected areas. It works like a spray and therefore, is super easy to apply.

The Tonic helps to normalise the scalp’s sebum production and reduces flaking. As a result, dandruff-causing bacteria are eliminated. No wonder my scalp feels so much less dirty after consistently using this range for a week.

I actually also love how this range calms and relieves my scalp from itching.


The key ingredients of this Tonic includes Patent 5 Complex (Promotes scalp health), Lotus Stem Cells (Heals and strengthens hair follicles), Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract (Anti-inflammatory) and lastly, Licorice Root Extract (Prevents dandruff and greasy odours).

2019-12-22 11.00.47 1

This might just be the PERFECT RANGE that you’re looking for if you have Oily and Troubled scalp just like me!

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are made with the purest botanical essences and do not contain harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils or benzophenone. You’ll really experience the most effective concentration of their ingredients, thus faster and lasting results.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® products are available at:

Retail stores: Wheelock Place #04-12, Ngee Ann City #05-25,
Plaza Singapura 04-34/35, Bedok Mall #B2-40/41, Parkway Parade #B-70/71, Takashimaya Level 3 counter

Online: , Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, as well as on Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop

Mole Removal Laser at Aesthetics Central Clinic

I’ve always wanted to remove the moles on my face, especially the bigger and prominent ones, as I envy those with clean faces and think I’d look better without them. And no matter how good the photos look, the moles are just very obvious and it has been a concern for me since young.


Therefore, I made a visit to Aesthetic Central Clinic, the place where I did my Nose Threadlift, to find out more about their Mole Removal laser.


During my consultation, Dr Ryan explained clearly how the laser works, and how the procedure will be carried out. Lasers are used to burn and “cut” the mole out. However, burning means strong heat on the skin, so Dr Ryan tends to prevent cutting too deep into the surface area so that ugly scars would not be left behind. After which, the spots would turn red/brown and eventually fade to pink over time. 

The procedure sounds easy enough, and there are not many risks, so I made the decision to go ahead with the mole removal.  Say goodbye to my moles!


To begin, Numbing cream was applied on 5 of the moles on my face, 4 tiny ones at the left profile and 1 bigger one above my lips. 


It took approximately 20 minutes for numbing to take place. Dr Ryan injected anaesthesia as he’s afraid that I would be uncomfortable (and feel pain), the bigger mole is quite close to the lip and would be more sensitive than the other parts.

Dr Ryan patiently begins with the laser and the procedure is really simple, it took about 5-10minutes to remove each mole.


I could feel a little when the laser was on my skin, however the pain is endurable (2/10 most of the time).


After approx. 45minutes, we’re done! 

Here’s how the wound look on the day itself when the mole is being laser off. The wound is not too red yet.



I got antibiotic cream and applied diligently every day and night on the wounds. The laser parts look really red and obvious for the first few days. Then it starts to scab one by one after 4 -5 days. 


After the scab drops, it leaves a brown/pink spot, which means the wounds have healed. I use concealer in the day to cover them up so they’re not really obvious.

Here’s a picture of how it looks after the scab has dropped and wound has healed, around 1-2 weeks after.


It looks a bit dark still, and will take some time to slowly faint into pinkish tone. I’ll need to go back for a review and perhaps use laser toning to even out the marks left behind.

Some things to take note are to keep the wounds clean and dry (so that recovery is faster), and to avoid putting on makeup directly on the wound itself (at least for the first week).


I look so much fresher in the left(After) photo.

Overall, I’m still glad that I underwent the mole removal laser treatment because I have always wanted a clean look! I’m excited for the scars to fade and to a clean and beautiful face! 

It will cost approximately $300 for a couple of moles.

If you’re interested to find out more, feel free to contact Aesthetic Central Clinic for consultation! Remember to look for Dr Ryan Tan!

Aesthetics Central Clinic

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Office One, #11-90 Singapore 059818

Phone: (+65) 6221 8221

Whatsapp: (+65) 8448 8636


Fat Freezing at Cove Aesthetics (formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics)

Hi All!

My recent visit to the Cove Aesthetics (formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics) was a good one! I did the Fat Freezing treatment on my outer thigh.

As you guys already know, I’ve been trying all ways to slim faster, but I don’t exercise much (Maybe once every 2 weeks). Therefore, I considered Fat Freezing for as a faster option.


Cove Aesthetics is conveniently located in the town area, at Wheelocks Place.


When i arrive at the clinic, I waited at a pretty cosy waiting room and fill up the standard application/declaration form.


The therapist then explained to me how Fat Freezing roughly work. It is a non-invasive fat cell reduction treatment, and has no downtime!

It uses freezing temperature (ideal -9 degrees celsius) to break down fat cells without affecting other tissues. Frozen dead cells will then be excreted out of the body several weeks after the treatment!

Firstly, we take some photos before the treatment! There are some ugly fats budging the outer sides of my thighs.

Next, my therapist, Yann, then mark the side where she wants to apply the machine suction on.


The clinic uses the new Clatuu Alpha machine with 2 different applicators, flat and wing. With the wing applicator, we can freeze better!

The suction is rather tight and strong, pain 1/5. The process lasted 1 hour. 1 hour of fat freezing to reduce the top layer fats!!


After the treatment is done, the treated area is rather red for the first hour and it feels like it’s bruising because of the freezing. Therefore, I am advised to keep massaging the same area for the entire week.


Here i am, happy to know that 25% of the top layer fats are gonna be reduced! (For the treated area of course)


Before and After Treatment, on the day itself:


After 2 weeks, I take photos again to compare as this kind of treatment usually gets better result after several weeks.


I don’t know if you guys can see the difference but i definitely can feel it! That whole chunk of fats budging out is somehow gone and i can’t squeeze that outer area as much compared to the past! Layer of excess fats are also more even out?


Fat Freezing is honestly the fastest solution to reducing fats.

I’m definitely glad to go for such treatments once in awhile to maintain my figure, especially us girls, who wants skinny long legs!

There are so many places you can do Fat Freezing for: Arm, Back, Love handle, Abdomen, Hip and Thigh.


Alright, here i am, leaving as a happy customer 🙂 Please consult with the clinic directly for more details.


501 Orchard Road #04-07B Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

T: 6734 6531

Hue Floresta: White-A-Fair Skincare Range

Hello! I’m back with another skincare brand review. This time, I’ve tried the entire range of products and stick to this for 2 weeks.

I’m always very glad and happy to spread words about effective skincare range that works. My skin is now clear and gorgeous!


Hue Floresta is a brand launched by the company Forever Young. They believe that “The naked skin on a woman’s face is the truest expression of her beauty, inside and out.”

The entire range focus on the Advanced Micro-Bio Whitening technology, using Soy Yogurt Filtrate as the main product ingredient.

Soy Yogurt Filtrate is a derivetive from soy fermentation, and is proven to produce 30% more collagen, 40% more Melanin deduction and 100% more Hydration after 4 hours compared to others. They are rich in Amino Acid, Vitamin B Complex, L-Lactic Acid and Antibacterials.

I especially like the fact that this brand don’t use alcohol, artificial coloring and bleaching agents. It’s really gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Here are my review for the entire range of Hue Floresta, via the correct skincare flow:


Hue Floresta Purifying Facial Cleanser

I’m in love with the cleanser! The Purifying Facial Cleanser is a mild and pH balanced formula that is gentle even on sensitive skin. I think when you scrub the cleanser on your face, you can immediately feel the difference between a good and bad cleanser.


A good one is like this, it doesn’t foam much and don’t strip off excess oil from your face. This cleanser effectively removes all the impurities, leaving my face smooth and moist still.

Hue Floresta Exfoliant


This product is rich in antioxidants and uses white wax beads from caster oil as the exfoliant.


I applied the exfoliant across my face and leave it on for 5 mins. Then, i apply some water and scrub my face before rinsing it off. Look at how clear my skin is!!! It has a brightening effect as well.


Wah this product is amazinggggg! Look at the after effect after 1 use!!! My face is super bright and clear! This is the perfect product to use as it effectively smooth away dead skin cells without being too harsh, leaving my skin superrrrr smooth!


Hue Floresta Revitalising Treatment Essence


Toner/ essence is usually a very important step to your skincare routine and this one sure boosts up the absorption.


I love how I can really feel the moisture sinking into my skin from this product.

Hue Floresta Day Protection Cream (SPF30)


During the day, I put on the Moisturizer to complete my skincare routine!!


I like how the after effect of this protection cream, leaving the skin oil-less (as if you put on the no sebum powder!!) The cream, containing Soy Peptide and antioxidants, also provide full spectrum of protection from UV damages.

Hue Floresta Night Repair Emulsion


The Night repair emulsion feels rich but not too overwhelming, it’s also not that oily.


It helps in repairing and renewing our skin at basal layer and accelerate cells renewal! I like the whitening effects it gives me after using it continuously for the week.

Hue Floresta Intensive Whitening Treatment


The treatment mask is actually recommended to be used before putting on your day or night cream.


It is AMAZING!!! Can’t believe the mask works after a single use, making my skin instantly brighter and fairer. This mask is meant to hydrate, firm and whiten your face. The mask is enhanced with polysaccharides & Vitamin B to regenerate new skin cells and collagen for a crystal-clear and flawless complexion.


Look at my clear face!!!


Overall, the entire range of products are indeed very natural and effective. I think i am sold on using these for a long time. Also, they are not very expensive as well.


I definitely recommend this brand!! It is extremely hard to find gentle products these days and Hue Floresta is rather suitable for all skin types.

Do check out their entire range and try them out! Giveaway’s happening on my IG page, head over to join!

Hue Floresta

VitaRealm Beauty Drinks: Skin Perfecting Essence

I’ve always been a fan of Beauty drinks and this time round, I tried VitaRealm’s Skin Perfecting Essence.


In a pretty pink packaging, a box contains 8 bottles of 50ml beauty drinks.

Now, it’s interesting, to make it easy for the consumers, VitaRealm comes up with beauty colors to help consumers identify skin concerns. I chose the pink box because of the skin concerns i wish to tackle.


The boxes of beauty drinks comes in 3 different colors, which you can choose according to the skin issues you’re facing:

Dull skin tone, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark pigments

Sensitive skin, troubled skin, acne-prone skin, acne scars, enlarged pores

Thin and dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines

Our diet affects our skin, especially dairy products and food with high GI (eg. White rice) have been known to increase sebum production. This might just be the reason behind your clogged pores or pimples.

VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence contains acerola cherry that helps to balance sebum production, whiten and brighten skin tone.

I love this flavor and the drink tasted as sweet and yummy as it looks!

Ultimately, I’d like to see differences in the balance of sebum production or assistance in healing acne and scars after!


This is the before(left) and after(right) photo after drinking the entire set of 16 bottles daily.

Can you see my face being brightened? My skin feels slightly less oily mid day too, hopefully it’s the effect of balancing sebum production!


Here are some of the benefits to the Skin Perfecting Essence(Pink):

  • Revitalizes skin cells
  • Improves Skin Elasticty
  • Balances sebum production
  • Refines pores
  • Hydrates & plumps skin
  • Smooths out fine lines

These tiny bottles also contain 2000 mg of marine collagen peptides to improve skin elasticy and boost hydration for plumper, radiant looking skin.

If you’re looking to brighten your skintone, you can try the Blue box of Whitening Collagen.

The Purple box of Anti-A.G.E Essence helps in hydrating and firms your skin while reducing sugar induced skin damages (wrinkles, fine lines).


Where to purchase?

Purchase these beauty drinks from at $49.90 with free doorstep delivery for SG orders (Psssss website is having sales so it’s also selling at $39.90 for the entire month of july!!!)

OR from Watson’s stores at a discounted price of $39.90 for a box of 8 bottles (Limited time only!)


For my followers, Go on to my Instagram to join a giveaway by VitaRealm!!!

2 lucky winners will be chosen to each win a box of VitaRealm Beauty Drinks (8 bottles)!!! The giveaway ig story post will be up from 23rd July onwards:)

Pretty Nail Wraps from Nailsicle

I always love a set of nicely done nails, but with so little time and restrictions on the types of nails that can be done as a mother of 2, i simply stop going to nail parlours.

With delight, I was introduced to Nailsicle, an online brand that sells pretty nail wraps!


I like how it comes with clear instructions to guide first timers like me put on the nail wraps.


The prints are so pretty! I don’t even know which should i begin with.


After much consideration, I’ve decided to put on this girly pink/purple/flowerish style to go along with my makeup. You’ll see later:)


Following the instructions, I’ve picked a nail wrap that is appropriate for my thumb nail and carefully stick it on. You can view the step by step below, it’s really simple!


And in no time, i’m done pasting all the nail stickers on my fingers:)


Some tips after i’ve tried putting them on:

  1. Make sure your hands are completely dry/non-oily.
  2. Stick the nail wraps properly if not it’s going to keep coming off
  3. If you have short nails like me, one nail wrap sticker can actually be used twice. (YES I used the same designs FOR BOTH my right and left hand)
  4. When you file the excess nail wrap off, press it down properly once first, so it gets nicely cut off
  5. Do not press too hard on the nail wraps because they are very soft and easily torn
  6. My nails are quite small, so I’m still left with so many bigger wraps which i won’t be able to use unless i cut them myself. I suggest giving the rest of the wraps to another person whose nails are bigger!

TADA and i’m done!

Does this theme matches my makeupoftheday?:) So so pretttyyyyy!!


What i like about Nailsicle is that their nail wraps are made from REAL Nail Polish so it looks super natural and the ingredients are safe for our hands!

It’s so convenient plus i can change my nail design whenever i want to without having to repaint, no more waiting for nails to dry!

It’s literally like magic, instant manicure from the comfort of my home! Plus the designs looks like wearable art to me, all my friends love them!


I will definitely buy these for my niece or cousins who are basically children and is not suitable to use nail polishes. Pregnant mummies can also avoid painting their nails with this alternative, how nice!

These nails also lasts up around 14 days, depends on your activities.


Lastly, Do check out their other nail wrap designs on their website!


I am certainly pleased with my pretty nails now!


Urban Steps Academy, Dance Classes

Hi All, Recently, I’ve brought Aaron to a dance class at Urban Steps Academy. I thought it’ll be a good exposure and experience for Aaron since I love dancing so much myself.

The dance studio is conveniently located at Beauty World Centre, accessible via the Beauty World MRT Station.


Over the years, dance classes such as Hiphop, Kpop, Funk style are getting more popular!

I like how this dance school offers programmes for different age group, such as kids and teenagers. There are also special 3 months courses for the serious learners.

This is a how the studio looks like, it is also located at the highest level of the mall, directly beside the hawker centre.

Photo from Jeslyne

And this is Aaron, getting ready to be all cool and funky!


Aaron attended the Urban Juniors class where the kids danced to the My Little Pony Theme song this session! It was truly enjoyable for him.


The instructor, Maqrius, was patient and has a way around kids! Just look at the pictures and you’d know. It’s also a really good time to test Aaron’s listening skill and movement.


Here are the other kids enjoying the dance class with him. Urban Juniors is the youngest class, with kids from 5 years to 8 years old. There are also other classes which are suitable for other children.




Overall, It was a pleasant experience with Aaron in the dance class.

I’m sure he had a good time expressing himself via the upbeat music too. Moreover, the older kids took care of him and he has made new friends!



How i wish i was the one attending dance classes huh. All dressed up for Hiphop or something haha.


I’m actually very impressed by their rehearsed dance videos. These children did an extremely great job! I’ll be super proud if i’m their parent!

Lastly, if you’re interested to let your kids try out dancing, lucky for you!!

My followers get to receive a free dance trial, valid from 3rd June onwards till July 2019! Simply quote “JESLYNEXURBANSTEPS” when you call in to register for the classes!

Parents, wait no more!


Urban Steps Academy

#04-16 Beauty World Centre 
144 Upp Bukit Timah Rd 
Singapore 588177 
+65 8822 7890