One Healthy way of snacking


I’m delighted to receive “Jello” Collagen from Expressions Wellness! There is no way to deny collagen is the secret way to beauty.

Expressions Wellness Launches 100% Jello Beauty Nutrition for our Daily Collagen Boost to increase collagen and hydration to our skin and makes our skin glow and radiance.


Collagen is really important to us nowadays, as we age the body reduces its natural production of collagen and causing us to have wrinkles, fine lines and shagging skin. To prevent and reduce this, we need to have sufficient collagen levels in our daily life.

Jello is a newly launch from Expression, It does make a difference to our skin with the combination of patented and top quality ingredients that are uniquely formulated and clinically tested. 

Made with high bio, available hydrolyzed deep sea collagen peptides from France, Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly, Formosa Ruby Djulis extract and Vitamin C, this formula allows for skin rejuvenation, softening and repair. 



Collagen Reduce Signs of Aging

Collagen peptides formulated for optimal absorption increase skin elasticity and prevent from hydration. It also moisturizes and reduces the imperfections and makes your skin more even tone and better complexion.

Collagen not only beneficial to the skin, it also gives supports to hair, nail and joint health. Additionally, the high concentration of amino acid, glycine stimulates gastric acid secretion and thereby aids in digestion. 

Royal Jelly boosts Immune 

Royal Jelly has a whole lot of health benefits but mainly boosts immune system and aid in healing wounds. It help to prevent cancer growth, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve liver function and promote healthy digestion made it an excellent nutritional supplement. Combined with increased metabolism, it helps in weight loss efforts. 

With anti-aging effects, it protects skin by enhancing collagen production. Beneficial for both genders, it eases menopausal symptoms in women and increase male fertility. The interesting part is, it is also a brain food that could improve cognitive function and memory. 

Active ingredients to combat skin aging

Formosa Ruby Djulis extract from a cereal plant in Taiwan is gaining attention as a health and skincare food based on antioxidant and anti-aging properties in recent years. It is found to increase collagen and moisture content as well as reducing melanin formation. Other active ingredients include Vitamin C with its antioxidant properties and role in collagen synthesis is vital for skin health. 

Expressions Jello is an award winning invention from France. French fish collagen peptide clinically proven to deliver anti-aging benefits, is free from contamination and 100% safe to consume. 


Each luxurious package contains 7 sachets, recommended for daily consumption anytime. An all-in-one beauty nutrition food, be surprised as it regains your youth and beauty at the same time. 

Before (1st Day) – Dull & Oily Skin
After (28 Days) – Brighter & Smoother Skin

This collagen is so addictive… loving the sweet refreshing taste.

Available in original, lychee and strawberry flavor to delight your taste.

Nevertheless it so convenience, I just have to chill it in the fridge before I head out for my daily activities. And this also become my healthy way of snacking!

Each box come with 7 Sachets

Price @ $38 for 1 Box, $50 for 2 box, $99 for 4 box

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