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November has been a challenging month for me. During this time of the year, my days are packed with events and work that requires me to jet set around the globe. Exciting? Yes. Tiring? Definitely.


My demanding schedule never fails to make me feel lethargic and listless all the time, with unbearable aches that torments my joints. In the recent weeks, the pain has gotten so bad that I end up pondering if there is more than meets the eye – aside from a busy schedule, perhaps aging was another contributing factor.

With all the issues that is going on with my tissues, the invitation from Grand Spa to review and enjoy their bestselling body massages came at perfect time!

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Located at Singapore’s most popular district, Bugis, Grand Spa is a unisex massage spa that operates for 24 hours every single day. Featuring 11 cosy rooms with premium bespoke decors and even their own in-house sauna, Grand Spa is designed for ultimate indulgence, but with wallet-friendly treatment prices that is ideal for everyone from all walks of life.


The moment I stepped into Grand Spa, it is like leaving the hustle and bustle of world behind and entering a peaceful sanctuary. The lush decor and the aroma of the spa’s scene immediately put me at ease and made me excited for what is about to come. Was handed a menu to pick the treatment that i desire and after much deliberation, I decided to go ahead Grand Spa’s ‘Essential Oil Body Massage’.

Although I do like massages, I have a phobia of overly vigorous massages that cause pain that is why I am pleasantly surprise at how relaxing and soothing Grand Spa’s Essential Oil Body Massage is, causing me to fall asleep within minutes. The therapist was also professional at all times and was sure to seek my opinion on the pressure, the ‘places’ to concentrate on and more to ensure that the massage was ‘customized’ for me.

With their lengthy open hours, budget-friendly therapies and wonderful treatments, Grand Spa is a triple threat and I highly recommend those who suffer from sleepless nights (or feel like taking a break during the day) to pop by for a feel-good therapy or two… especially in the next few weeks when Grand Spa’s year end promotions are in full session!

– 2 Hours Body Massage @ $105
– 90min Body Massage @ $80
– First time trial (60min Body Massage) : $50

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Also, get a bang for your buck and gain access to a secret massage promotion if you were to quote my name <JaniceFion> at the counter ; a 90min Body Massage + Body Scrub at only $80!

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