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  • Bust Enhancement with Body Perfect ~

    Natural Bust Therapies (NBT) by BodyPerfect can promote health, shape and volume of the bust line. I always prefer the safer non-aesthetic choice when it comes to beauty treatments. I do not like going have to go under the knife whether its the face or bust enhancement. Even though surgery is so common now, I […]

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  • My Slimming Journey with Body Perfect, Part 3 ~


    Have you missed out my previous post of BodyPerfect’s Treatment give away? http://blog.myfatpocket.com/janicefion/beauty/my-slimming-journey-with-body-perfect-part-2/ I’m back sharing with you another session with BodyPerfect! Other than Cavitation, BFMS (brown fat mobilization system) & Revelozone, I also get to try other additional treatments too. One of the treatments is: Thermojet – Treatment The purpose of this treatment is […]