My Slimming Journey at BodyPerfect~

In my mid-20s, I started to gain weight unexpectedly due to work and improper diet. Inadequate exercise also contribute to my weight gain of 2kg recently. It seriously just stays there and never comes down! Seriously, I want to get rid of this excess weight once and for all! My concerns are my hips, thighs and stomach region As a result, I am unable to fit into some of my favorite clothes in my wardrobe. I have to admit that this weight problem is unavoidable when we get older, we tend to gain weight easily. My initial ideal body figure turned pear shape, as my arms got more flabby, my hips became wider & my thighs became fatter.

As the unhealthy hazy weather conditions persist, I could not do my regular outdoor jogging. Fortunately, BodyPerfect came at the right time to provide me with some weight management expertise. Now, I can feel more relieved and untroubled with my lack of exercise time, at least until the haze clears.


BodyPerfect is one of Singapore’s leading weight management centres having helped many celebrities lose weight. As an actress myself, I was so shocked to see some their names. Hong Hui Fang, Xian Yun, Constance Song, Olinda Cho, Joey Swee, Margaret Lee just to name a few. They also provide treatments to high profile bloggers like myself – haha.

BodyPerfect does a Body Balance Composition for every client, new or old, to help determine their body condition better before treatment. They also combine the latest aesthetic technology and more traditional body wraps for better results. Here are the results of my analysis:

Fat % – 23%
Total Body Water – 26.4 kg
Fat Free Mass – 36.1 kg

My initial measurements were within the average of women in my age group, the desirable fat % is about 23%. And my Total Body Water is more than 50%, which means I have less chance of suffering the effect of water retention. Nevertheless, I wanted to lose that 2.5kg that I have recently put on.

My 1st Visit – 3 Treatments Series – 70 mins

1st Treatment – 40k Ultrasonic Cavitation 20mins

BodyPerfect believes that fats cells need to be broken down for effective fat burn. Cavitation breaks down the larger fatty acid chains into smaller sizes. This allows for the body to metabolize the fat cells faster. This treatment is known as a non-surgical liposuction technic with visible inch loss from the first visit.





You might feel uncomfortable if this is your first attempt undergoing cavitation treatment. I felt ticklish around my stomach area. Eventually, I got used to the cavitation treatment as it progressed.

Treatment 2 – BFMS (Brown Fat Mobilization System 30mins)

As seen from the photo, i’m totally wrapped up like an ancient Egyptian mummy!

This is BodyPerfect’s Signature formulae to detoxify the body and prevent broken down fat from reforming. This intelligent formulae also triggers the brown fat metabolism babies have a lot of brown fat cells for keeping warm, and this treatment restarts this unique fat burn process even though we exercise.

My view on this treatment – personally I don’t really enjoy this treatment because the cool wrapping that makes me shiver with cold. But for the sake of slimming down, I think it is worth sacrificing it! Hehe.

Treatment 3 – Revelozone (4 in 1, 20mins)

BodyPerfect’s VelaSmooth ReveloZone is the perfect tightening and drainage system after creating all that fat burn from earlier. BodyPerfect combines this 4 technologies in 1 step machine with nano-firming serum for improving skin firming and increasing skin tightening. According to BodyPerfect, Drainage and Tightening are important processes in creating long term results which many weight management professional forego.

Doesn’t this looks like a vacuum cleaner to suck out the fats.

From the picture, you can see the roller. This increases the lymphatic drainage to remove the metabolic waste from the body and the roller can help to massage down cellulite formation. During the start of the treatment, I could feel a bit of pain as the roller rolled over my skin with the suction function. But after awhile, I got used to it and eventually it became quite comfortable as the treatment progressed.

Results After 2 visits in 5 days

After attending these 2 treatment sessions in 5 days, I actually lost 1.2kg and 16cm overall!!! I’m quite happy with my achievement and I can’t wait for the next treatment to come!

So do you have such similar weight problem and wish you can also attend these slimming treatments offered by BodyPerfect? Well, please do stay tuned for my upcoming blog post as BodyPerfect will be doing attractive giveaways to my lucky readers!

***FYI; BodyPerfect is located at the following outlets:

Orchard @ +65 6235 7377
541 Orchard Road, #21-03/04 Liat Towers, S238881

Jurong East @ + 65 6425 6966
3 Gateway Drive #03-26, S608532

Yishun Central @ +65 6532 0188
Blk 931 Yishun Central, #01-105, S760931

Toa Payoh @ +65 6252 0188
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-142, S310177

Parkway Parade @ +65 6345 1663
80 Marine Parade Road #04-07, Parkway Parade, S449269

Tampines One @ +65 6782 3688
10 Tampines Central 1, #04-30/31/32, Tampines 1, S52953