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  • V10 Plus Reviews…


    Have you ever heard about V10 Plus? V10 Plus is an award winning skin care product from Japan. They are known for the V10 Plus (rainbow) Serum Series Range where is known as World 1st Skin Supplement Concept! V10 Plus represents 10 different serums where it helps to address varying skin care concerns from dryness […]

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  • My Slimming Journey with Body Perfect, Part 3 ~


    Have you missed out my previous post of BodyPerfect’s Treatment give away? http://blog.myfatpocket.com/janicefion/beauty/my-slimming-journey-with-body-perfect-part-2/ I’m back sharing with you another session with BodyPerfect! Other than Cavitation, BFMS (brown fat mobilization system) & Revelozone, I also get to try other additional treatments too. One of the treatments is: Thermojet – Treatment The purpose of this treatment is […]

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  • My Slimming Journey with Body Perfect, Part 2 ~

    Hello! I’m back to continue sharing my slimming experience with BodyPerfect. If you had missed my previous post earlier, you can click the link below to view: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/janicefion/sponsored-posts/my-slimming-journey-at-bodyperfect/ For the past 3 weeks, I had attended slimming sessions scheduled by BodyPerfect and managed to lose 2kg. This is good because I have stopped my usual […]