The Secret Beauty of BioCode & Meditrina ~


I’ve been on BioCode Brightening Beverages 10-days program. I love the taste of sweet, sour berry wellness drink & it  helps in giving me a fairer complexion! My skin is more glowy and radiant! BioCode Brightening Beverages also reduce the age spots, scars, marks and even out the skin tone! What impresses me was that it even helps in replenishing my lost collagen and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles!

This beauty drink is really addictive and effective.

To make this even more effective I use Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream at the same time. This is so important that I myself wouldn’t want to miss out. As you know, when we grow older, our skin become dry and saggy, fines line start appearing everywhere, body start aching from part to part and we get drained out easily leaving us restless in between the day. All this are tail signs of hormonal ageing and imbalance in our body.

We can’t run away from it, but we can maintain it and control the ageing process by applying this Meditrina Ageless Herbal cream! This cream is able to reduce the speed of ageing process and leaving us a more youthful and vitality lifestyle.


And yes, I don’t look like my age basically because of this secret beauty. I’ve been using! Would you guess my age?

Thank you Meditrina SG for this wonderful products. It make me feel so good and lively!




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