Give away ~ Facial Treatment Packages (worth $300 each)! 

For people, especially the women who are working in the acting and modeling industries, they need to look presentable at all times by putting on heavy make ups. And at certain time intervals of each working day, these actors/models will then need to touch up their facial appearances by applying layers of powder on them. As time goes by, these accumulations of face make ups will lead to the cropping up of pores which is unhealthy for the skin.

Hence, in order for a person to maintain a clear, healthy face complexion, it is essential that he/she seeks regular facial treatments.

Purchasing and putting on a face mask by yourself does not mean you have done your entire facial treatment because there may be occasions when we require the expertise (facial therapist)’s help in dealing with more complexed facial related issues.


So lately, I have been invited to one of the Shakura Pigmentation Beauty outlets for a facial treatment. During the treatment process, the well-trained facial therapists will conduct a face analysis for you in order to determine your skin problem. Later, they will then carefully select a suitable treatment to suit your skin. I was glad that my skin problem was not a serious one during that time of visit.


Before the visit, my face was filled with few pimples and it was mainly due to my hectic work schedule and frequent late night turn in. And I have a tendency of squeezing my own pimples with my itchy hands!


So, after undergoing a few treatments with Shakura, my face complexion started to improve, and I could hardly see any more pimples developing. The facial therapist uses special formulae of milk essence and red ruby roselle for my skin treatment. This formulae is naturally enriched with Vitamin C and amino acid that helps to repair and rehydrate pigmented skin from deep within. It also acts as an anti-oxidant with intensive-humectant hydrating properties to improve skin texture and promote blood circulation, leaving you with smooth, radiant and luminous skin free from pigmentation spots.


Milk essence are generally known as lactic acid. It is a natural component that helps to increase cell renewal and to decrease the chances for skin to develop pigmentation.

So would you like to give it a try on this facial treatment package that is worth $300?

And I have good news that is definitely worthy to share with all of you!

I’m giving away such facial treatments to 2 lucky winners!

So if you are keen to participate, do make comments at the end of my blog post on why you think you deserve this facial treatment? Please remember to include your contact details such as your email address. The 2 lucky winners will be notified by email on Sunday 27th Sep!! Hurry!

P/S: This treatment give away is only valid at Shakura Jurong Jcube.




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  1. Xavier says: Reply

    I don’t know if I comment and get a chance to win the treatments because seldom guys do so. Well I feel that everyone should really take maintain their image. Your blog has been resourceful and interesting not for only me but everyone! Been visiting often ever since a friend recommended.

  2. Jen Goh says: Reply

    Recently, i have been facing pores clogging issue and have tried ways and means to improve my skin condition, but to no avail. After reading this post, I believe i have found my saviour. Hence iI hope I can given the chance to try it out and be the best testimonial for this facial treatment 🙂

  3. Grace Lin says: Reply

    I really want to win this as I have acne prone skin with pore woes due to improper application of make up:)

  4. hitomi says: Reply

    Because I need serious help for my face. I have been searching for a few facial therapies to cure my current situation

  5. e says: Reply


  6. Tham ka khay says: Reply

    I would like the get rid of my acne scar and lessen my acne through the treatment. I always find difficult to apply liquid foundation due to my oily and acne skin. I hope it can helps me better in apply makeup.

  7. Felicia teo says: Reply

    I want to win this treatment , because my face condition is really bad. Lots of pores and my skin very dry , i hope this skin treatment can help me to achieve better skin .

  8. Seah yong kiang says: Reply

    Very immaculate and well described testimonial. This is a nice blog and hope that you can help and reach to more people about this good facial salon.Hope that I have a chance to be one of the lucky winner to try this facial services!

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