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Recently my face has been very sensitive to frequent breakouts. My job requires me to put on full makeup for long hours. Daily foundation, concealer and layers of touch up caused dry skin and an oily t-zone. Even proper cleansing did not remove residue that clog up my pores. I was so stressed every time I looked in the mirror those few weeks, which made my skin looked worse.

No matter how much “homework” we try to do at home, like exfoliating, masks, skincare routine and face mist, it never is enough. This is why many of us source help from experts to prevent the skin problems from getting bad to worse.

After being invited to try facial treatment at different places, I finally found the most effective facial for my skin condition! It’s none other than SkinPerfect! You probably heard of BodyPerfect, as both of them are under the same parent company, SkinPerfect specializes in facials and BodyPerfect specializes in slimming.

I was honor to be invited to Skin Perfect to try out their Oxygen facial treatment. Oxygen Facials are well known for helping sensitive skin. Their Pure Oxy with 99.7% filtered oxygen protects your skin hydration, minimize your pores, lighten scars and could even help to activate your collagen cells, which increase skin elasticity !!! The best plus point about this treatment is that it helps in lightening your acne scars too!!! 


 The whole process took around 1 and a half hours. After the treatment, my skin felt so refreshed and cleansed. There was visibly brighter skin and lightened scars marks. I will highly recommend this oxygen treatment to all my family and friends!

I’m so happy with the results! To prevent breakouts and aging skin, we have to ensure that make up is removed thoroughly every night. Regularly facial treatments and the right type of make up can also heal our skin. Most importantly,  you should understanding your skin type before choosing the correct skin products and type of facial treatments.

Thank you SkinPerfect for having me! I’m truly blessed!

Customize your very own facial program for Free!

Experience your very own award-winning Skin Saver facial with SkinPerfect!  With 7 locations available, it is so convenient for everyone! 🙂



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