New Year, New Goals, New Backpack – Gaston Luga Review + Discount Code

Thinking of the fact that I’ll be hitting the thirties in 2 years’ time scares me. I worry about getting wrinkles (!!), thinning hair issues and growing double chin more than death and illnesses. Continue reading New Year, New Goals, New Backpack – Gaston Luga Review + Discount Code

8 Life Lessons in 2017

2017 is almost ending and it has been a whirlwind year. I re-aligned myself in terms of life goals, took a leap of faith to go on a hiatus before trying out a new role, changed a new hairstyle, made many new friends through my social media account, bought two cars this year (literally cash burning year), and even found love when I least expected. Whilst there were some dramas in between, I wouldn’t trade this year for anything else. Thank you to those who stick by me through the situations, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve/survive without your endearing support! Continue reading 8 Life Lessons in 2017

October Monthly Goals

The power of goals gives you focus, direction and short term motivation. Starting this month, I hope to share monthly/quarterly goals I want to accomplish. By publicly declaring them, it gives me a little pressure in completing them too, so keep track on me and ‘scold’ me a little you think if I fall short, I will appreciate the little motivation.

Continue reading October Monthly Goals