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SG Coffee Fest with Jacelyn

For all coffee lovers, rejoice as Singapore Coffee Festival is back for its second year, this time at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. The event is presented by DBS and organized by The Straits Times; you’ll get to sample and enjoy your drinks (there is a variety of coffee, tea, juices) with a waterfront view.


I visited the place on 3rd August all thanks to Alvinology and got to learn a bit more about coffee while talking to the different vendors and treating myself to some retail therapy.


The festival isn’t all about coffee, there are a couple of lifestyle related vendors whom are selling interesting books, healthy snacks and I’ll let the photos do the talking.


In general, be prepared to drink up and get yourself some discounts from regular priced items from the participating vendors.

For interested parties, get your tickets here; and each ticket comes with a goodie bag, 2 sampling drinks and a discount card to get promotional rates at participating cafes.


P.S. There are many good OOTD spots around the Marina Bay Cruise Centre , so have fun exploring the area after being spoilt for choice with all these good beverage choices! Have a good weekend <3

With love, Jacelyn

Jacelyn X Krozz Official – on Love

JULY IS MY FAV MONTH and I am so glad to be able to share some of my views on love with Krozz this month. Here’s my fav quote on love and you can see more on the interview here.

Jacelyn Phang X love quotes

Also, Krozz is partnering with ClickClique Studios to be giving away a couple photoshoot till 31 July, details are here. I’ll be trying out my luck too hehe.

Now, here’s wishing all of you a month filled with love! <3

Best, Jace

Following My Bliss

They say “Life isn’t about having what we want. It’s about wanting what we have”, true that, but for people who knows me, I always reach for the moon. Lately, I have been feeling that I had deviated slightly from my goals and there seems to be slow progress in the things that I do. But f* that recent setback, I am committed to getting better. Looking forward to July where I push myself beyond my comfort zone to take up Acting classes. For me, it has always been between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity. What about you? Are you working for your mission in life?

Meanwhile, I am happy to have collaborated with Mizzue (bag), HairVisuality (styled hairstyle), Statelight.co (locket charm necklace & keychain), TheGreenRoomSg (bouquet) and VagueSketches (awesome photog!) for this lookbook shoot. Enjoy the photos and to all who has aspiring dreams, always “follow your bliss“.

Cheryle Dibonaventura - Burgundy X Mizzue
Cheryle Dibonaventura – Burgundy X Mizzue
Mizzue Satchel Bag
Mizzue Satchel Bag
Statelight.co's Charm Locket and TheGreenRoomSg's Bouquet
Statelight.co’s Charm Locket and TheGreenRoomSg’s Bouquet
Statelight.co Blessed Charm Locket
Statelight.co Blessed Charm Locket

Dress from Lovebonito

Also, I am on a lookout for photo-editing/photography courses to put my SkillsFuture Credit Fund to good use, so let me know if anyone has any good or fun courses to introduce 🙂

With love,


Jacelyn X OSIM’s uStiletto Launch

Attended OSIM’s latest uStiletto Launch Event recently, and I can’t keep my excitement to introduce this amazing leg massager to all ladies who love your heels.

Jacelyn Phang X Elegant Design

As a model and a pageant girl, I wear heels so often! Despite having blisters and a foot fracture before, it doesn’t deter me from heels. I like how heels (1) boost my height, (2) enhance my confidence, (3) accentuate my posture and (4) allow me to flaunt my legs. On days that I have to take public transport to and fro work, I always go home with aching calves and sore feet. As a result I rely on monthly massages at massage parlours/spas to help alleviate those pain and strains.

Jacelyn X OSIM HQ

It was love at first sight when I meet the uStiletto – OSIM’s latest leg massager, targeted to provide a thorough and pampering leg massage for all OLs and ladies. This means I can now enjoy DAILY massages instead of monthly; that’s super good news! With three designs, the uStiletto is designed for every personality.uStiletto_E001R

From Left to Right: The Homemaker Design, The Elegant Design, The Kawaii Design

Osim launch X SG influencers

After the first trial session, all the girls were raving about how good the experience was. I swear that I felt that my legs are lighter and my heels were looser than before. This immediate effect AMAZES me as I never thought it could provide instant relief to my tired legs. The OSIM uStiletto fits perfectly for all feet sizes (my dad tried uStiletto at home too and he loved how the uStiletto snugs his legs from his toes to the calf!) and there are many program settings to suit individual preferences (1) Pamper (2) Relief (3) Beauty (4) Reflexology and (5) Sleep.

OSIM X Interview

My personal favourite massage program is the Pamper program. It uses ‘S-Tone Airbags’ and ‘S-Care Rollers’ to provide a very gentle and comfortable session to soothe discomfort for THE WHOLE FEET AND CALVES arising from wearing heels. I particularly enjoy the part when the rollers go from the top to back of my feet; the whole process wasn’t itchy as most people would imagine it to be, instead the strength was just right. Part of the program also has the airbag inflated to squeeze my calves, and I find that it is particularly effective in relieving tension accumulated on my legs.


For those individuals who usually go for reflexology, rejoice as the reflexology massage program stimulates vital reflex points on your feet to improve circulation and metabolism of your legs. This program is great for individuals who go for regular massages and for those who stands for long hours on a daily basis. Its intensity is surely helpful to relax your leg and body to give you a good rest every night. Here’s a photo of all of us enjoying our massage and there were numerous time I thought I was so close to falling asleep as the experience was just too shioook.

In general, here are three key reasons why I think uStiletto is a great gift for yourself or for any ladies in your life:

(1) Convenience

Jacelyn OSIM at home

Save time and money on monthly massages at the massage parlours/spas when you have uStiletto. Massage those legs of yours anytime whenever you feel like at the comfort of your home.

(2) Functionality

 uStiletto Function

Honestly, regardless of gender, our daily walking causes strain on our feet. Nothing beats going home for a pampering session; your legs will definitely thank you for it! It has a “warm air” function that helps to enhance circulation for your feet and body. Besides, well-rested feet help you go a longer distance!

(3) Affordability & Convenient

Light and portable, the uStiletto is convenient to move around and its design fits the modern home.

Watercolor Workshop

Thank you OSIM for the kind invitation to your launch, I also had so much fun with Fashion Artist Chan Clayrene during the WaterColour Workshop. Each of us learnt the basic techniques of water coloring using Faber Caster art materials. Follow her beautiful works on Instagram at @artclaytion.

Jacelyn Phang X Art

Definitely not the most artsy person around, but I’ve tried my best, here’s my creation after the session.

P.S. For a limited time period, use my pre-sale exclusive code                                 <OSIMKOLyfz1bn > at http://www.lazada.sg/osim to enjoy a discount off the uStiletto till 30 May! Heard that prices will be adjusted up soon, so do take advantage of the discount before its too late 🙂

I urge you to experience uStiletto for yourself too. Head on to selected OSIM roadshows at Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun), Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May), Causeway Point Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun) or Waterway Point, outside Charles & Keith (29 May till 11 Jun). Trust me, you will not regret trying it out!

More information on uStiletto can also be found on: http://sg.osim.com/ustiletto-leg-massager.html. Hop on here to view event snippets and hear what other bloggers have to say about this amazing massager!

All in all, I am just so glad that achieving beautiful legs is no longer a dream; thank you OSIM’s uStiletto!

With love, Jacelyn

Jacelyn X Halley Medical Aesthetics

Would you dare to go barefaced in public? If not, why not?

Find out the common fears from ladies of all ages, and find out how Dr Terence Tan can help you with your insecurities. Click here to see the video!Jacelyn X My Fat Pocket TV X Halley

This is the first street interview I have done; so be kind on your comments especially those parts where I used repeated words and seem to be speaking like a machine gun ! But I would love to hear any comments you have, so drop me a comment, msg or PM especially if you would like to see more of me in actions (i.e. in videos).

With love, Jacelyn

5 Must-Read Tips for Newly-Engaged Couples

As a guest speaker for many wedding events, here’s sharing 5 biggest money-saving tips for wedding couples before planning your wedding or attending wedding fairs.

(1)  On getting a good deal from the Venue

Wedding Shows really have the BEST and MOST WORTH IT packages! Besides, expecting discounts from the respective hotels or restaurants, it is also a one-stop location for your wedding needs as they bring related vendors to YOU. For instance, Le Queenz, a facial specialty salon, provides exclusive prices for their Bridal Illuminating Facial for the Brides and Deep Cleansing Facial for the Grooms only during wedding fairs. On top of it, for any sign up with the venue, you will stand to win EXTRA lucky draw items sponsored by participating vendors (you won’t get these goodies on normal sign-up days)! The lucky draw items are usually items or services that you will need for your big day, so that’s more cost savings gained.

Furama Riverfront X Jacelyn Phang Wedding Recommendation
Furama Riverfront Waterfall Lounge (Photo Credit: Singapore-Guide)

When choosing a venue, one extra thing to highlight is… never dismiss any venues based on your subjective preconceived notion if you have never been there! Many hotels have ballrooms that are surprisingly SO BEAUTIFUL!! Some of my friends dismissed certain hotel options because they are less convenient, or have an exterior that doesn’t look very new. However, these hotels are often the ones that put in A LOT of effort in decorating the interior space to make up for the inaccessibility. One example would be Furama Riverfront Hotel, if you are holding less than 20 tables, take the Waterfall Lounge area and you have a backdrop of a 20ft waterfall with lush tropical surroundings. I love the idea of having natural sunlight that lights the whole area which makes the area so INSTAGRAM-WORTHY!

(2) You need a PROFESSIONAL Wedding Emcee

It is recommended to let your best friends enjoy and be a guest to witness your union (unless your friend is really damn zai). A professional wedding emcee is a better candidate to help you take care of your wedding, especially, dealing with unexpected happenings/time control and entertaining your audiences; they make sure the event runs smoothly because they have EXPERIENCES in managing crisis.

I have attended a wedding where the emcees shamelessly ‘sell’ themselves, taking the limelight off the wedding couples. Emcee A actually announced that Emcee B is single, and is up for grab if anyone’s interested. They constantly make jokes that weren’t funny and even tried recruiting people for their businesses. Seriously, it is not funny.

From Left to Right: Emcee Sylvia, Jacelyn, Emcee Cyrus at Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Showcase 2017
From Left to Right: Emcee Sylvia, Jacelyn, Emcee Cyrus at Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Showcase 2017

Highly recommend Emcee Sylvia (she can sing super well too!) and Emcee Cyrus as your wedding emcees for any friends who are tying the knot. I’ve worked with them several times and they make any event so light-hearted, happy and entertaining.

(3) Glowing Skin does not happen OVERNIGHT

All brides want flawless and radiant skin, but if you have horrible skin, no amount of makeup or no matter how wonderful the products is, those can’t save you. Glowing skin does not happen overnight.

Honestly, getting good skin and looking radiant boils down to regular maintenance. Just like frequent exercises and haircuts, to keep your body toned and your hair healthy, your face also needs regular maintenance and massage to stay in tip top condition! 6 months before your big day, you should schedule monthly facials.

Le Queenz V Lift Facial

Le Queenz’s most popular V-Lift Facial is a 90 minutes treatment session to give dry skin a hydration boost and deep cleanse acne-prone skin to help prevent fewer breakouts. Don’t under-estimate how a relaxing facial session can help you unwind and have skin that glow from within. Call 6244 0228 or SMS 8533 2336 and quote “Jacelyn’s Blog X Le Queenz’s V-Lift Facial” to enjoy this Bridal facial for $68 Nett, valid till 31 Dec 2017.

Daily maintenance is equally important; at home, no matter how tired I am, I insist on applying at least a daily mask to meet my skin needs.

(4) An Auspicious Date for your Wedding Ceremony is NECESSARY

A majority of the couples (especially younger couples) rely on Tong Shu to calculate the auspicious date. However, the dates from the Tong Shu are very generic. The reason being that in the Tong Shu, only the zodiac sign are taken into consideration for the calculation of the dates. Instead, the usage of the couple’s Ba Zi (i.e. date, time, month and year of birth) is needed when choosing a suitable date.

Every date is represented by a specific element through the 5 elements theory. Through the years, many scientists and astrologists have computed past trends to come out with known auspicious timings, dates, humidity and even precipitation level for each date. These information help farmers’ plant seeds during Spring, grow plants during Summer, harvest during Autumn and let the land rest during Winter. And choosing a bad time is equivalent to planting seeds during Winter Time; without a good timing, it is hard for the marriage to have a good union.

Selection of Auspicious Date X Yuan Zhong Siu (for Wedding Dates)

Selection of an auspicious wedding date is ideal to lead you to happiness, harmony and wealth for you and your partner for the rest of the life. Yuan Zhong Siu’s Selection of Auspicious Date package is the most comprehensive in the market. It includes 2 sets of wedding dates for your consideration, which includes the date & time for your 过大礼,安床,迎接新娘,过门 and 回门 activities. It takes into account the Ba Zi of the couple as well as the zodiac signs of each of the parents-in-law. Service is priced at SGD188 and you can walk-in to any of their outlets – JEM, Chinatown Point, NEX or Fortune Centre or email admin@ntglobal.com to enquire for the service.

(5) FREE lunch

Most wedding fairs offer food sampling services for the attendees, so skip your lunch and turn up for the event! You get to enjoy interesting shows and engaging activities put up by the hotel – usually they would have live band performances, bridal fashion show and of course engaging lifestyle talk show with me to share more about useful Feng Shui and/or Bridal Beauty Tips!

Last but not least, go to AS MANY wedding showcases as possible, you will be surprised how much goodies the hotels and wedding vendors will provide just to entice you to take on their services and/or products.

With that, here’s wishing all lovely couples everlasting love and a blessed marriage!

With love, Jacelyn

Macau Recommendations X Jacelyn Phang

All thanks to Singapore Women Association, I had the privilege to be invited to participate in Women Sports Festival 2017! Organized by Macau Sports Council and the Women General Association of Macau, I had the opportunity to gather with many wonderful women all around South East Asia region for a healthy cause.

Jacelyn P X Macau Sport Festival

The Singapore team had great fun performing at Senado Square and attending the Macau Sports Festival Health Seminar which focused on an interesting discussion on the topic of Aerobic Exercises. 

Jacelyn X Singapore Women Association

And of course I took time to visit several good places which I would love to recommend! Here’s 5 recommended things to do in Macau.

NUMBER ONE. Portuguese Egg Tart

Jacelyn X Macau Egg Tart - Lord Stow

I am the biggest egg tart fan so Portuguese egg tarts are a must have for me! A sinful treat, you’ll not be disappointed with Lord Stow Bakery’s version of the edible icon for Macau. The most convenient for you to get your egg tart fix is at The Venetian Hotel, where you get to make your rounds for your shopping too. Their Ice Milk Tea is also one of the best that I had in Macau; you will regret not trying it! Lord Stow has a couple of outlets in the city, click here for the list of their outlets. P.S. I thought the egg tart at Koi Kei Bakery was very ordinary though.

NUMBER TWO. Casino Hop

Jacelyn X Wynn Palace

I visit Macau regularly but I haven’t gotten bored of it because the new hotels spring out so fast! This year I visited The Parisian and Wynn Palace both of which are really beautiful especially the latter.


Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

For an exceptional dinner experience, I had dinner at Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace. Serving Cantonese fine-dining, I enjoyed their roast meat selection the best! Every details count at this restaurant, I loved that their flower pieces on each table are all fresh blooms and every item in the restaurant are coordinated to match their theme colors. You also get to see the Performance Lake water show every 20 minutes, dining there is definitely a feast for all your senses. Not forgetting that service was exceptional as well (FYI, I am not paid to say this haha). Super romantic if you want to impress your date! 😉

The Venetian and The Galaxy have elaborate decorations, if you haven’t been to Macau; they are worth a visit too!

NUMBER THREE. Drinks & Party

I visited SKY 21 for a rooftop bar experience and Club Cubic @ Hard Rock Hotel this trip.   

Jacelyn X Sky 21 and Club Cubic Nightlife Macau

SKY 21 bar is a cosy place which suits couples and love birds. With a lot of sofa seats, it is not too noisy and really comfortable to chill at. There weren’t anything spectacular as you can’t see most of the view unless you step out to the alfresco area where most patrons use it as the smoking area. Service was slightly below expectations but the cocktails like Victoria Secret and Angel were quite pleasant.

To party your night away, I recommend Club Cubic; Macau’s biggest club in both hype and space. The party starts after 12am; enjoy Ladies Night on Friday nights and DJ acts on most Saturdays. Entry fee was 250 Macau dollars inclusive of a drink. My greatest catch that night was seeing TVB actor Lawrence Ng!!


Jacelyn Macau Seafood Recommendation

Don’t miss feasting on seafood treats when in Macau. My must-haves are steamboat, huge oysters, Angus Beef and Canadian Geoduck!

NUMBER FIVE – The House of Dancing Water

Macau X The House of Dancing Water

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The House of Dancing Water is the world’s largest water-based show that is so breathtaking and spectacular! The story depicts a love story of a survivor of a shipwreck falling in love with a beautiful princess; but like any fairy tale story, the happily ever after ending never comes easily. The duo was cruelly separated and their love were tested by the Princess’s evil stepmother, the Dark Queen. Filled with heart-stopping stunts, I think this is really one of the best performances I’ve watched in recent years!

Last tip to share, purchase SIM card with data plan from the vending machine in the airport instead of from touting individuals in those car rental booths. For some petty cost savings, the SIM card that I got from the airport counters doesn’t work  well. It taps on 3G network, can be used to send messages but connection to Instagram and Facebook is pathetically limited 🙁 My other girl friends whom had bought the cards from the vending machine has high speed 4G instead!

If you are in Macau to try your luck, here’s wishing you the best too!

Xoxo, Jacelyn 

Be Beautiful from Within – Jacelyn X QYRA

(SP) Real beauty comes from within. Besides having good thoughts and kindness that will shine out of you, I think true beauty is reflected through healthy and glowing skin. If you are keen to enhance your external appearance and get better skin, QYRA intense care collagen drink has been proven to be more effective than normal topical cosmetics.

Here’s sharing 6 Big Reasons why you should try QYRA:

(1)    Clinically Tested


Photo Credit: HerWorld

Made in Germany and safe for consumption; QYRA Collagen Drink has been clinically tested on more than 100 women, and they have shown visible effects and improvements for their skin after a short period of taking the drink. The clinical test result revealed that the consumption helps delay skin aging process, and participant’s skin also became visibly firmer and smoother.

(2)    Reduces cellulites in 4-6 months

Jacelyn Phang X 360 activ

As we age, our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down; and the magical ingredient in QYRA is called Verisol (a scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptide) that can enter the deep dermal layers of the skin to help improve our skin from within. Collagen gives our skin strength and elasticity, and the good news is you can intake good collagen orally to help your skin cell repair and renew normally. However, please also remember to cut down on unhealthy lifestyle habits like eating a diet high in sugar, smoking or even being under the sun for prolonged period of time which depletes your natural collagen level!

(3)    Reduces wrinkles in 1-2 months

A very small bottle (2.5g), the QYRA collagen drink if taken over a period of one month, can produce measurable effect on supporting skin metabolism, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

(4)    Intense moisture

Jacelyn Phang Jing Qi X Qyra

A significant percentage of the human body is water, and when your skin is sufficiently moisturized, it feels soft and young-looking. Restoring and retaining moisture are my top priorities in my skincare routine, and I couldn’t be happier finding a way to top up the moisture level for my skin in such an effective manner! 🙂

(5)    Convenience

jacelyn phang X collagen drink from Germany

Small and portable, the packaging of QYRA Collagen Drink is so easy to be brought around in my daily routine! I usually carry at least 2 small bottles with me (so that I don’t miss drinking it when I am on the go) whenever I am out and I don’t even feel the extra weight in my bag.

(6)    Simplify your skincare routine

In general, QYRA Collagen Drink is such a wonderful skin enhancer product. Easy to drink, it has a light tangy flavour which is very appealing in taste. Most people think that it is difficult (or even impossible) to enhance attractiveness without going under the knife, but you can actually get younger skin by taking in the right supplements. For people who hate taking tablets or pills (ME!), rejoice as QYRA is so pleasing in terms of taste and it cares for your skin in a way that application of topical creams can’t.

jacelyn x qyra

In case you are wondering, there are a total of 21 small bottles for drinking in each package of QYRA Collagen Drink. At a promotional price of $76.50 (original price $85), you can get yours to try from www.360activ.com. Eager to try? You can drop an email to hello@360activ.com to get your complimentary sample today!

Say HELLO to beauty from within 🙂

With love, Jacelyn

Korean Beauty Make-Up

Teaching you how to achieve flawless skin Korean beauty make-up with U-weekly: http://www.uweekly.sg/lifestyle/33798.

For every grooming talk I give, I can’t emphasize enough that make-up is to enhance your features and to hide your flaws, don’t over-do it. Almost no one recognize that this is me =.= Remember to embrace your beauty girls! You are more beautiful than you think you are.

With love, Jacelyn