Delifrance Christmas Menu 2018 x Jacelyn’s Review

Hello there, as you might have realized, I rarely blog about food, and so when I do, you can be sure this is damn worthy of your time to read. Earlier this month, I had the privilege to be one of the first few to try out Delifrance’s Christmas Menu and boy, I had such a good time and a jolly good feast!
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5 Gifting Ideas For Your Female Friends

11 more days to Christmas and if you’re still fretting what to give your female friends, you can read the link below for some ideas.


  1. To get your customized label Nutella bottles, I just realized Nutella’s booth move every week! You can check out the locations here:
  2. Also, if you are thinking of getting face masks from LMChing, the correct link is (so sorry that the link was broken in the previous post).

Wishing everyone a jolly and happy festive season!

With love, Jace