Jacelyn Phang Work Chic Outfit

Work outfits doesn’t always mean black & white or boring. My work wear philosophy had always been “don’t blend in when you can stand out”.

Get noticed with
1. Unique accessory (it’s always a great conversation starter!), or
2. Bright colors (ain’t no time to be a wallflower) and
3. Fitted outfits (you look smart instantly)

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.01.45 PM

“If summer could be a person, it would be Star Clozetter JacelynPhang! Her boldly printed pencil skit and bright green halter top aren’t what you would expect someone to wear during the fall season, but going against fashion rules surely paid off! Her gorgeous pencil skirt hugged her body beautifully, while her halter top and large sunglasses pulled the whole look together for one classy OOTD.” – Tisha Caedo, Feature Writer of Clozette

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.01.55 PM

Thank you Clozette for the feature, learn more ways to wear the mid-length skirt suitable for work with Clozette here too!

With love, Jace


(edited) Oh, what an eventful weekend that went by!

dentiste_cineleisure_nov15-115_zps8dn801sw-2dentiste_cineleisure_nov15-big responsedentiste_cineleisure_nov15-couple and baby shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first Kissing Silhouette Event by Dentiste’. It was such a lovely afternoon seeing not just passionate young lovers, but also families and sweet ‘old’ couples having fun at the unique event. The cool kissing concept was a hit at Thailand (you need to see this video here)  and I am so glad it came to Singapore as well! I was surprised to see the huge turn out and was also feeling really happy to be able to finally meet some of the other social media influencers too.

To see the actual happenings on the event, LIKE Dentiste’ Singapore Facebook and watch Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video HERE.




Dentiste’ has been a global leader in premium oral care with its products sold internationally and is known to specially protect against nighttime oral bacteria and bad morning breath.

As a person who uses retainer every night, I am constantly bothered with morning breath as I wake up with a lot of saliva stuck between my teeth and retainer. The moist nature boost the growth of bacteria while I am asleep. For the longest time, I will not dare to kiss my partner the moment I open my eyes. After trying Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste for a week, I really wished someone would have recommended to me earlier! I  wake up with little or no morning breath everyday! Below are the top 3 reasons why I think you should try too.

Jacelyn Phang Dentiste

Top 3 reasons why you should try Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste:

  1. NATURAL CLEANSING – the toothpaste is powered with 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other ingredients specially formulated to inhibit night-time oral bacteria and fight cavities. Meaning fresh morning breath & finally being able to perform a TRUE love kiss every morning!
  2. EFFECTIVE RESULTS – The toothpaste comes in Tube, Pump and Travel Set. No excuse for smelly breath because the travel set is so portable. Having strong and healthy teeth is never made easier with the pump option!
  3. MORE THAN A TOOTHPASTE, IT EMPOWERS. I no longer feel shy kissing my dog or my lover the moment I open my eyes and I feel good about it! That is how we should all start our day – on a positive note topped with great breath.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.56.12 PM

No oral care is complete without the Mouth Wash. Dentiste’ Oral rinse has a special pH balanced formula which helps reduces bacterial deposit, protect gum and moisturizes the mouth naturally to prevent dry mouth for long last fresh breath.


Jacelyn Phang Jing Qi X Dentiste

New Dentiste 100% Natural Toothpaste is 100% natural, you can smell a whiff of mint; the smell is light and not too overpowering. The whole experience using the toothpaste was so pleasant I was a bit shock. To fight nighttime oral bacteria I expected the “taste” to be super strong. While brushing, there was no bitter toothpaste taste or strong after-taste. I also like the usage of the pump, it is hygiene as you only pump when you need to use.

Jacelyn Phang X Dentiste

I had a hard time with other brands of Oral rinse because of the spicy burn. Dentiste’ Oral rinse does not burn and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh which I look forward to using every night before bed.

Jacelyn X Dentiste

Through the 1 week usage of Dentiste’ toothpaste and oral rinse for a week, I found fresher breath and my teeth also appear less yellowish. I would definitely continue to purchase Dentiste’ and will recommend to my friends and family!

Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores! Empower yourself by having confident morning breath today.

With love, Jace

Singapore Fashion Runaway Model

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing” – Oscar Wilde.

Halloween was spent modeling for Singapore Fashion Runway’s last community event at Blisshouse. For a short one hour runaway show, a lot of sweat and work had been put in to make it a success. It’s been a pleasure working with local fashion brands as I’ve been an avid supporter of SG brands (Hey, I’m a proud Singaporean!).

The experience was made fun not just because I get to get filmed by Channel News Asia or because I get to wear nice clothes, rather, it’s really the new friends that I make that makes such work so enjoyable. Such experience is priceless & I urge you to push yourself to experience new things every now and then. Every experience opens a whole new world X

Love, Jace

Photo credit: Aaron Tan

Beauty Secrets

Beauty to me is being comfortable with your own skin and being able to be yourself without any pretence.

And my secret to my confidence stems from my good skin!

Here’s sharing my beauty tips:

1. Having ample sleep to allow our skin cells to rest & regenerate (I sleep at least 8 hours everyday without fail)

2. Cleaning my face with a mild Babor facial cleansing foam and using the most suitable facial skincare products that my skin needs for that day (remember that on days that you are well rested, your skin will be different than if you have a lack of sleep.)

3. Using cream mask instead of paper mask because of its effectiveness for absorption (remember that consistency is the key! so repeat whatever that is effective for your face. I use a cream mask AND a paper mask on nights that I have time to get maximum results. I try to do the double masks daily, but if I really don’t have time, I will apply one mask at least.)

4. Regular facial at Le Queenz (it’s a monthly affair for me. Skin renews every 21 days, so a 3 weeks interval is enough for you to visit your beautician for professional care.)

What are your beauty secrets? Share them with me at

Love, Jace

Be Bolder with BOLDR Watch

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. Choose wisely.

Featuring BOLDR Voyage Clever Watch in Clean White in this post. More than a fashionable & trendy watch, this watch features a GMT indicator, pedometer, smartphone notifications, remote shutter release (my fav feature!), and a phone loss prevention alert.

No doubt this is one powerful and clever watch.

Support local and show some love by backing their project on Kickstarter.

Love, Jace

Black Maxi ShopPrincessa X Jace

This little black dress doesn’t snuggle me too tight on my hips, which is a good dress to go to when I just want to be a casual slob. The irregular design also gives it a touch of sexiness yet not losing its modesty.

Not sure how much you like the colour black, but decking in an all-black outfit is soul comforting for me. I don’t need bright colours to help me stand out and there really isn’t anything as slimming and as flattering in black.

Necklace: Love Bonito

Dress: Princessa

Crab at Bay

Congrats Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant for your opening!

If you love crabs and seafood, don’t miss out on this cozy restaurant on Macpherson Road.

If you are an avid Getai fan, you will have spotted Sherraine who was in a top 10 finalist in Getai Challenge. She’s someone who pursues her dreams fearlessly and one of the most bubbly people I know. So proud of her and her mum’s venture.

Try their signature crab beehoon and let me know what are your reviews! X