Hey 2016

The start of the year has been nothing but grey and sadness for me. For everyone who’s slightly close to me, they would have known how much I love my baby maltese (Mickey). Unfortunately, he has passed on just before Chinese New Year and that is why I haven’t been active here.

Do forgive me for the late of updates, but read my recent articles for My Fat Pocket below instead (Remember to click “sign in via Facebook” in order for you to read the articles 🙂 )

10 Life ‘Skills’ to Master by 26


My ideal Valentine’s Celebration


Here’s wishing that the rest of the year would be better for me and for you. Will be back on my feet very soon!

P.S. Featured image taken by Thomas Edison photographer. Check out his works on FB.

With love, Jace.

CNY Shopping

If you haven’t start your CNY shopping, fret not, here’s a quick article to introduce my top 5 favorite places to get clothes.

  1. Love Bonito

Love Bonito fryda-jacquard-dress

For friends who know me, you would have known I’m a HUGE fan of Love Bonito! You can expect to find classic, simple and value-for-money designs suitable for daily/work wear. The best part is you can do a fuss free of exchange of clothes if the size doesn’t fit!

P.S. they also have very consistent sizing, so you don’t have to worry about fitting in different sizes for every piece. (i.e. if you a size S for dress A, you can be sure to fit in size S for dress B, C, D, E…)

  1. Oh Vola

Oh Vola bora-mesh-lace-set

My recent favorite has got to be Oh Vola! They have modern and inexpensive designs suitable for work or for casual wear. Not forgetting that their customer service team is super efficient, nice and helpful! I bought a lace skirt with a slight defect from their retail store, emailed them, no further questions were asked and I was allowed for an exchange the next day!

3. MFW Store

MFW Store CNY Dress

For casual pieces and cute phone cases, I love MFW Store! It is more suitable for youngsters looking for fun, flirty and playful designs.

  1. City Plaza @ Paya Lebar


The wholesale center at Paya Lebar is where most blogshops get their supply of clothes! Take time to comb through the shops, you’ll definitely not be disappointed with the number of items you can get. The down side however is that there’s usually no price tags along with the clothes; so I do find it troublesome to ask for prices sometimes. Go with a couple of friends because there’s room for discounts when you get a few pieces!

P.S. bring along more CASH with you because most shops don’t transact with NETS or cards.

  1. Carousell – @bernicelove and @iluvfashionclothings


For second hand good deals, I frequently visit these sellers as they have really nice items on sale. Their items are well maintained, as good as new and most importantly a fraction of the usual price!

P.S. If you fancy the blue lace dress featured in the featured image, it is from Fashmob. Dress material is slightly thin, but the colour stands out in photos & I have gotten SO MANY compliments in it.

Happy shopping for now!

With love, Jace

Hair Trend 2016 – Balayage

A while ago I had the privilege to be Kimage Hair Model and its a timely good opportunity for me to (finally!) ditch the boring long straight hair I’ve been having all the time (feeling a bit guilty as I say this, but I kept the same hairstyle for more than 10 years so far!).


To be honest, I am pretty wary when it comes to experimenting new hairstyles for myself (because I am always worried about the turn out and I have had a disastrous perm many years back), but Kimage had managed to convince me to try something completely different from how I usually look – Middle length, Choppy Bangs with Balayage hair color. And boy, I was excited after I saw the image after googling “Balayage”.


(image source: hair-by-lisa)

When I set my eyes on this Balayage hair color image, it was just love at first sight for me! Nothing too drastic or wild, and it suits my personality.


Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It creates a sun-kissed natural looking hair color with the darker shade on top followed by a gradual fading of color to the hair tip (meaning less noticeable regrowth lines when the black roots merge with the darker shade of color on the crown of your head). I think I look more sunshine after the change of colour!


It’s perfect for my lifestyle as I prefer a hairstyle with less maintenance effort while giving me a soft and natural look. If you are more adventurous, you can go for stronger colors with the same balayage effect (see below).


(image source: saltlakemagazine)

Suitable for the tropical weather, middle length is fun, flirty and versatile. Also, read below on why you should consider shoulder length hair and choppy bangs from the professionals from Kimage instead!


You can pick up the Hair Trend Lookbook of 2016 at any of the Kimage outlets and expect to read about the Color/Texture/Hair Length of 2016!


P.S. I did my hair with Yvonne at Kimage (Bukit Panjang Outlet), she’s attentive to my needs, patient and skillful! If you are looking to change a new image for the new year, do consider dropping by. 🙂


For more pictorial and regular updates of my life, follow me at @jacelynphang on Instagram. Have a lovely weekend all <3

With love, Jace

Review: Cinderella, A Fairly True Story

Jacelyn Phang Cinderella Review

If you didn’t catch Cinderella: A Fairly True Story, you really haven’t missed out.

Told from the point of a view of a reporter (the narrator of the story), Cinderella: A Fairly True Story features a great cast of talents singing, acting and dancing beautifully by the huge RWS Theatre stage. This production from Belgium directed by Karina Mertens features the classical Cinderella fairytale, with the focus on Cinderella’s relationship to her Mother (Deborah de Ridder).

I enjoyed myself immensely whenever the nanny of the prince (Wanda Joosten) and the Stepmother (Sara de Smedt) sang. Their energy was contagious and it was the most enjoyable highlights of the show for me.

You also get surprises in between the show like when Cinderella’s dress turned from rags to a beautiful blue gown and also when the pumpkin turned into a shiny golden carriage!


I was expecting an enchanting and magical performance, but to be frank, I was fairly disappointed at many points of the production. Firstly, the prince (Caleb Vines) was less charming and tall as I would like him to be. I would think he’s more cute than suave. Which is a total letdown for a diehard disney fan when I saw him. He’s also a nanny-boy by the way.

I wished that Cinderella (Charlotte Campion) had sang more than she did in the production too. She has a crystal clear voice that lit up the whole theatre whenever she sang. But there were little of her dialogues and singing.

Featuring a mix of original music and popular radio hits (like “I Gotta Feeling”, “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”), I didn’t like the fusion of songs played.

Overall, they were a few light hearted moments, good comic actic and great singing, but I think the show is more catered for kids than for adults (i.e. more gimmicks that real solid content). Not complaining because it is decently worth its price; I got the cheapest ticket for only $58.50 (after a 25% discount) per pax and the Resort World Theatre is pretty comfortable (you can get relatively near the stage even with the cheapest ticket price category!).

P.S. The show is not worth recommending so my review came in so late.

Have a good week ahead friends!

With love, Jace

New year, new me

“You will have the habits 20 years from now that you put into practice today. So look at the behavior you admire in others and make those your habits, and look at what you find reprehensible in others and decide those are the things you are not going to do” – Warren Buffett.

I couldn’t agree more. 10 days to 2016, I am still struggling to write my resolutions. One thing for sure, in 2016, I promise to be a better (and a more consistent) blogger!

Meanwhile, find my latest articles below:


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Image source: Shopstyle
Image source: Shopstyle
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To read, create an account with My Fat Pocket or just simply click “Facebook log-in”! 🙂

Happy New Year friends! As 2016 dawns, remember to run after your dreams everyday. This year will be the best year yet for all of us. May you have faith to fulfil the promises you made to yourself. <3

With love, Jace

Studio M Staycation Review

If you are still looking for staycation options for year-end parties with your significant other or your bffs, give Studio M a try!

Located at No 3 Nanson Road (nearest MRT: Clarke Quay), Studio M is the first hotel in Singapore to feature loft-style rooms. Expect full-length windows and lots of natural sunlight for great OOTD shots (perfect for me!). Why Studio M? Simply because I saw so many nice photos of it on Instagram and the price is reasonable!

Jacelyn Phang X Studio M loft concept

Two weeks ago, I booked a 2D1N stay for a short stay at the Studio Loft (cheapest option!) for $198/night and was surprised with an upgrade to Premier Loft (around $280/night) when checking-in. Check in was smooth on a Friday afternoon and we were granted a later check out time (1.30pm) upon request.

Jacelyn Phang Jing Qi Studio M Nanson Road

The package includes unlimited Internet access, complimentary breakfast for 2 and complimentary car parking (warning: car park spaces are limited, whenever I return from shopping, there are only 1 or 2 slots available. So make sure you are not staying out too late!).

Jacelyn Phang style blogger Studio M

Premier loft has the bed on the upper floor and a working table on level one. Making it a great option for business travellers too! Oh, don’t expect nice view out from the window, as there are no other things than tall buildings.

Jace Phang Studio M miminalist deco

Studio M offers a minimalist interior and a decent comfort level for a short stay. The downside however is that… the shower area and the toilet cubicle are really awfully small. I am not fat, and I find the space rather restrictive, so imagine how small it is.

Studio M Level 2

(Image Source: Studio M Website)

Breakfast had a variety of options like bacon, sausages, hash browns, salad, porridge, bread, and an egg cooking station. I liked that breakfast was in an al fresco setting, allowing me to soak in some sunlight (my favorite activity ever since my bone fracture because the doctor says I have insufficient Vitamin D level).

The egg cooking station was a distance away from the main area serving food so both me and my friend didn’t even notice the station until it was closed 🙁

Studio M Hotel - Swimming Pool
Studio M Hotel – Swimming Pool

(Image Source: Studio M Website)

Had a lot of errands that weekend so I didn’t get to enjoy the amenities (swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym) but the deck at level 2 is worth checking out! It has multiple seating areas and spacious cabanas that are good for you and your friends to chill.


Jacelyn Phang The Book Cafe

Opposite the hotel was the The Book Café which I fell in love with! For individuals who love to read, this is the perfect place for you as The Book Café has several hundred books and magazines that are free for browsing. The sofas are so comfy that I stayed the whole afternoon in the café to get some work done. Oh, not forgetting that they have free wireless internet access and also offer printing services. P.S. Studio M residents get a 20% discount; you only have to show your hotel’s access card!

Jacelyn Phang recommend Studio M Hotel

Overall, I did thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Studio M. Staff were friendly and helpful; and if you are just looking for a short getaway to rest and recharge, or even spending some me-time over a weekend, I highly recommend a staycation at Studio M Hotel.

I am always on a lookout for good staycation options; if you have other places you would recommend, write to me!

Happy holidays all! <3

With much love, Jacelyn

Never STOP Learning

Einstein  said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying”.

So every now and then, I would push myself out of comfort zone to experience new things or learn new skills.

I am back to attend Cosmoprof’s Make Up and Hairstyling course for the month of December (stopped for awhile because of my leg fracture previously) so I have not been active in doing anything else 🙁 Everyday it’s just class, work and sleep.

Just done with my mood board and make up conceptualisation for the upcoming exams today! Will be re-creating the looks I have selected in the next few days… I have gotten many enquiries and questions about the make up class, so I will share more about the course when my exam ends. Meanwhile, please wish me good luck Xx

Jacelyn december 2015

On a side note, I do miss my dear classmates from the previous batch whom have graduated :'( They were my pillars of strength and encouragement on a daily basis as I struggle through this class A LOT.

Jacelyn and friends

(Creative Make Up above)

Jacelyn X Cheryl Make Up Artist

(Fashion Make Up Twiggy Style above)

P.S. if I haven’t been replying messages & am unable to attend events/gatherings, please text me again when 2015 is over.

With much love, Jace


Jacelyn Phang Work Chic Outfit

Work outfits doesn’t always mean black & white or boring. My work wear philosophy had always been “don’t blend in when you can stand out”.

Get noticed with
1. Unique accessory (it’s always a great conversation starter!), or
2. Bright colors (ain’t no time to be a wallflower) and
3. Fitted outfits (you look smart instantly)

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.01.45 PM

“If summer could be a person, it would be Star Clozetter JacelynPhang! Her boldly printed pencil skit and bright green halter top aren’t what you would expect someone to wear during the fall season, but going against fashion rules surely paid off! Her gorgeous pencil skirt hugged her body beautifully, while her halter top and large sunglasses pulled the whole look together for one classy OOTD.” – Tisha Caedo, Feature Writer of Clozette

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 5.01.55 PM

Thank you Clozette for the feature, learn more ways to wear the mid-length skirt suitable for work with Clozette here too!

With love, Jace


(edited) Oh, what an eventful weekend that went by!

dentiste_cineleisure_nov15-115_zps8dn801sw-2dentiste_cineleisure_nov15-big responsedentiste_cineleisure_nov15-couple and baby shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first Kissing Silhouette Event by Dentiste’. It was such a lovely afternoon seeing not just passionate young lovers, but also families and sweet ‘old’ couples having fun at the unique event. The cool kissing concept was a hit at Thailand (you need to see this video here)  and I am so glad it came to Singapore as well! I was surprised to see the huge turn out and was also feeling really happy to be able to finally meet some of the other social media influencers too.

To see the actual happenings on the event, LIKE Dentiste’ Singapore Facebook and watch Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video HERE.




Dentiste’ has been a global leader in premium oral care with its products sold internationally and is known to specially protect against nighttime oral bacteria and bad morning breath.

As a person who uses retainer every night, I am constantly bothered with morning breath as I wake up with a lot of saliva stuck between my teeth and retainer. The moist nature boost the growth of bacteria while I am asleep. For the longest time, I will not dare to kiss my partner the moment I open my eyes. After trying Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste for a week, I really wished someone would have recommended to me earlier! I  wake up with little or no morning breath everyday! Below are the top 3 reasons why I think you should try too.

Jacelyn Phang Dentiste

Top 3 reasons why you should try Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste:

  1. NATURAL CLEANSING – the toothpaste is powered with 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other ingredients specially formulated to inhibit night-time oral bacteria and fight cavities. Meaning fresh morning breath & finally being able to perform a TRUE love kiss every morning!
  2. EFFECTIVE RESULTS – The toothpaste comes in Tube, Pump and Travel Set. No excuse for smelly breath because the travel set is so portable. Having strong and healthy teeth is never made easier with the pump option!
  3. MORE THAN A TOOTHPASTE, IT EMPOWERS. I no longer feel shy kissing my dog or my lover the moment I open my eyes and I feel good about it! That is how we should all start our day – on a positive note topped with great breath.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.56.12 PM

No oral care is complete without the Mouth Wash. Dentiste’ Oral rinse has a special pH balanced formula which helps reduces bacterial deposit, protect gum and moisturizes the mouth naturally to prevent dry mouth for long last fresh breath.


Jacelyn Phang Jing Qi X Dentiste

New Dentiste 100% Natural Toothpaste is 100% natural, you can smell a whiff of mint; the smell is light and not too overpowering. The whole experience using the toothpaste was so pleasant I was a bit shock. To fight nighttime oral bacteria I expected the “taste” to be super strong. While brushing, there was no bitter toothpaste taste or strong after-taste. I also like the usage of the pump, it is hygiene as you only pump when you need to use.

Jacelyn Phang X Dentiste

I had a hard time with other brands of Oral rinse because of the spicy burn. Dentiste’ Oral rinse does not burn and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh which I look forward to using every night before bed.

Jacelyn X Dentiste

Through the 1 week usage of Dentiste’ toothpaste and oral rinse for a week, I found fresher breath and my teeth also appear less yellowish. I would definitely continue to purchase Dentiste’ and will recommend to my friends and family!

Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores! Empower yourself by having confident morning breath today.

With love, Jace