#SgStyleCouple x The Red Wedding

#SgStyleCouple x The Red Wedding

Hi guys, this is Part 3 of SgStyleCouple Wedding Journey blog post and today I am so excited to share more about my BEYOND AWESOME experience with The Red Wedding! I have gotten so many friends asking the details of my Qun Kua, so I decided to pen down some personal thoughts about wearing and choosing a suitable Qun Kua once and for all.  Pssst… read till the end to find a discount code too!


Redefining Qun Kua – To be honest, I have always been fascinated by the Chinese culture. I am a big fan of Chinese dramas, the language, the architecture and its rich history. For those who didn’t know, I also lived in Shanghai for the entire 2012 (which happened to be a life-changing year). So, fast forward to my wedding, I knew I could not skip such a symbolic and iconic outfit.


Trends come and go, but an iconic Qun Kua will never go out of style. This outfit is simply a beauty of its own when you look at its symbolism. Traditionally, the Qun Kua is embroidered with a dragon and phoenix – the combination of the mythical creatures represent the perfect balance of yin and yang of the bride and the groom. The former (dragon) is an auspicious and power creature in the Chinese culture; it is a symbol of power, vigour and vitality. Since Sherman is born in the year of the Dragon, it adds to the list of reason why I am particularly drawn to this motif. As for the phoenix, it tends to remind me of the recurrent mockingjay symbol from The Hunger Games (mockingjay is a variant of phoenix).  I have always been mesmerized by this beautiful creature as it represents ‘rising from the ashes’; I look to it as the embodiment of resilience, grit and grace. And these 3 attributes are everything I seek in life.


Additionally, do you know that in Feng Shui, the union of the dragon and phoenix are considered to be the ultimate symbol of love and marital joy? With such good connotations, I don’t see a reason to NOT wear the Qun Kua.

Who should wear Qun Kua


Fair girls would totally rock the red Qun Kua!! It creates a nice contrast with your skin and you’ll look AMAZING. The colour red has always been considered a HUAT and auspicious colour to draw in good fortune and auspiciousness. It is liken to be a 好彩头 (a head-start for the union) to start your marriage on a wondrous note. Call me a sucker for such beliefs; as long as the practice of the customs/traditions isn’t to the extent of superstitious (side note, I define superstitious as an obsession towards an idea/object that seems fully irrational or incomprehensible through logic), I am fully excited in embracing my ethnicity as a Chinese and in doing my part to preserve as many customs as I can!


That said, you don’t have to be obsessed with Chinese Culture to wear the Qun Kua. Just choose it if it looks GOOD on you, and the only way to determine this, it’s to TRY IT ON.  Think of it this way… THERE’S NO OTHER DAY TO WEAR THE QUN KUA IN YOUR LIFE. The wedding day is the only opportunity where you will EVER get to wear this symbolic outfit. You need to at least try it once before deciding if you want to give it a death sentence.




BUT! Please go to a vendor that is passionate about his/her items AND do try on GOOD-QUALITY pieces. Do your due diligence just as how you will pick your other wedding vendors!

There are a few reasons why I recommend THE RED WEDDDING.


The Red Wedding specializes in the rental and sale of traditional Chinese Wedding Gown (also known as Qun Kua or Qun Kwa) and I love love love the founder, Janet! From day one, Janet impressed me with her professionalism and her exquisite taste. If you are at her place, I am positive that she will advice you on the best fit and design that suits you.


The Qun Kua they have are a work of art and they don’t all look the same. The Red Wedding has an unparalleled selection of Qun Kua that stands out in terms of their cutting and workmanship. Elegant and flattering, there are various colours of sequins and embellishments to choose from. In fact, I only recently came to know that the more expensive the Qun Kua, the less red cloth would be seen.  The beauty of the Qun Kua is determined by its density of its embroideries. The rule of thumb is the more gold and silver threads, the pricier it is. If you think that the Qun Kua is RED from head to toe and you’ll be like a walking red angbao, you can’t be more wrong. There are different hierarchies of Qun Kua (like “King” and “Queen” kua) and they are all BEAUTIFUL and INTRICATE in their designs. What caught my eye were those that had more pinkish embellishments/threading, sorry, I have no photos for those 🙁 (p.s. I didn’t get to order the pink ones that I like for my wedding day as they had already been booked by other brides. Make sure you are kiasu about booking your Qun Kua as the designs at The Red Wedding come in limited stocks and are very unique! So if one bride has ordered it earlier than you, you might not get what you want). 


For my height and build, a Queen Kua fits comparatively better than a King Kua. That said, it doesn’t mean that if you have extra cash, you should pick the King Kua. It’s all about finding the Qun Kua that suits your personality, skin tone and body shape. If you want something less loud, they also have dainty beaded Qun Kuas, you can definitely find a style that you prefer. 


Besides, at The Red Wedding, their Qun Kua jackets are tapered at the sides, so it gives you a slimmer silhouette and accentuates the waist. You can see from the images that the design is very modern and feminine. Not “obiang” at all okay. 


I GO FOR QUALITY. And The Red Wedding is synonym to good workmanship. This means what you are getting is realistic-looking flowers, dragons and phoenixes motifs. The designs are 3D, very life-like and I can totally vouch for their quality! Go compare a few brands and you’ll know what I mean.

Sadly, most boutiques in Singapore don’t specialize in Qun Kua and they have VERY limited designs.


Hence, I am so glad that The Red Wedding is the only stop you have to go to get the entire Chinese Wedding Gown settled. The Red Wedding has one of the widest selections of Qun Kuas (for the bride) and Ma Gua (a silk Chinese men’s jacket over a gown for the groom) with embroidery. They have everything you need! My hair accessory and traditional embroidered heels were also from their boutique! You’ll be able to find matching accessories, like phoenix and dragon bangles, to match as well.




As the Qun Kua design is extremely elaborated, I chose to go with an updo hairstyle and a simpler hair accessory for the actual wedding day.

Next, let me share about when I wore the Qun Kua.

I wore it during the tea-ceremony at my husband’s place and for the returning of the bride at my place for tea ceremony. The Qun Kua allows extra space in the arms so it makes maneuvering of the arms easy.


It is super functional. A two-piece jacket and dress, the Qun Kua is incredibly easy to walk in and comfortable to wear (it is light and isn’t very tight)! The only downside is that it can get a bit stuffy and hot as it is long sleeved. So make sure you switch on your air-con at home so that you are a happy bride throughout the day. 😉 In my opinion, a modern bride should wear whatever that makes her comfortable, happy and confident. Don’t torture yourself with suffocating and overly tight gowns on your wedding day please. You can’t enjoy the day when you are overly conscious of looking perfect and always thinking of tucking in your tummy.




To maximize your rental “yield” (i.e. wear it for longer hours), you could also follow the traditional Chinese customary practice of wearing it from the morning to await your groom till the tea ceremony at your home!


All in all, whilst you are focusing your energy on finding the perfect white bridal gown, I strongly encourage you to throw away any pre-conceived notion of whatever stereotypes you have of the Qun Kun, and I recommend you to make The Red Wedding your first stop to explore and try a Qun Kua before making a decision.

P.S. The Red Wedding also provides bridal makeup and hairstyling service! For enquiries, contact them via their (1) Facebook (The Red Wedding) or (2) Instagram (@the_red_wedding).

As promised, here’s a discount code especially for YOU! Get **15% off for your Qun Kua rental**, valid for *NEW* bookings from 18 Jun – 31 Dec 2019. Remember to quote “Jacelyn Phang” as your referral!



For soon-to-be brides, I hoped this blogpost helped you! I have so much more about my rings, Guo Da Li and more to share too. Till the next blogpost!

Crediting all other vendors in this blogpost (1) all photos by @JoyDevi (2) Bridesmaid Outfit – @OccasionBoutique (3) Car flowers and hand bouquet – @WildFlowerTheory (4) Groomsmen Shirt – Uniqlo (4) Couple Mugs – @MyDreamVibe.Co (5) Red Customized Xi Stickers – @LoveLeKnot (6) Red Xi Bowls & Teapot Set – @YuanZhongSiu.Sg (7) Gold Si Dian Jin – @SKJewellry (8) Hair styled by @connie_autelier (9) Bridal Makeup – @San_Professional_Make_Up (10) Golden Foil Xi and Flower Backdrop of Cover Photo – @Siriuspine.

With a lot of love, Jacelyn

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