#SgStyleCouple Wedding Journey Part 2: Artisan Prints Review

#SgStyleCouple Wedding Journey Part 2: Artisan Prints Review

Photos have a magical way of sparking happiness.

In my family, my mum is the kind of eager host that will make anyone visiting my place for the first time sit down and look through her wedding album plus our family photo-books.  As every picture tells a story, this has been an excellent ice-breaker; and I love it when these people exclaimed how much weight my dad has put on over the years or how much I have transformed from an ugly buck tooh girl to a seemingly demure lady now! In almost all the occasions, my mum would also talk about how skinny she used to be and she’ll take a lot of credit for dressing me in the cutest culottes when I was a baby. It was in these hearty conversations, I appreciate that we have a collection of unforgettable moments in these photo keepsakes.


Needless to say, for #sgstylecouple’s wedding, a wedding album is a necessity.


So today, if you are considering to print a wedding album or a canvas for your wedding, I’ll be sharing with you THREE reasons why it is 100% worthwhile to get yours from Artisan Prints

1.     Superior Quality and Excellent Customer Service –


From the people behind Glory Workz Premium Album + book, Artisan Prints is designed to deliver artisanal quality photo products for you.


I first met Robby from Artisan Prints during one of the BOWS wedding showcase (I don’t even think Robby knew this), and they were having an irresistible promotion offer which worked in the credit system. I had a good first impression of their items and was really tempted as their packages are really affordable! But you know how everyone says that you should do your homework before engaging any wedding vendor? I totally think that is necessary as some brands have super smooth talkers as their salesman, and they end up don’t delivering what they promise. So Sherman and I were very careful and we decided that we didn’t want to commit right away. We were relieved to find that Artisan Prints wasn’t pushy or hard-selling AT ALL and if you have been to BOWS, you should totally know why that was one of the concerns (because those overseas bridal boutique booths are legit scary and ultra hard-selling!).


Being a kiasu bride, I started stalking them on instagram at @artisanprintscom, and found that they have an amazing portfolio! They have worked with famous local DJs, influencers (see more here) and more; if you have seen their portfolio, you’ll know why I have picked them 😉 



Every wedding is a story. Over the course of our ‘pak-tor’ (dating) days, Sherman and I have accumulated MANY photos from our various styled shoots and our headache was actually having to go through the digital photos we have and picking only 100 best photos. The process was a nightmare as our photos are stored everywhere – some were in my home laptop, office’s desktop, some were in Sherman’s laptop (he has several laptops) and I have a couple of hard disks too (if you don’t know me personally, I am really messy).


With the number of photos we had, we also decided to opt for a photo-book instead of a traditional photo album (the pages are thicker and usually printed in a high gloss finish). In my opinion, a photo-book is more modern and casual, which is also like the relationship Sherman and I have (we are the sort of couple that is more chill and relaxed). And I love love love my photo-book! From the cover, to the pages and colours, the quality and workmanship exceeds my expectations in many ways!


photo credit – Glory Workz (sister company of Artisan Prints)

Whenever I look at the photo-book, it gives me an immense satisfaction when I can FINALLY browse through our love story in an organized manner.

2.     DIY Online Designer tool – 

In Artisan Prints, everything is CUSTOMIZABLE!! First, they have a DIY online designer tool which is user-friendly and intuitive to help you customize the layout of your album easily. This service helps you upload photos and choose templates in a breeze. You’ll be happy to know that you can design your album the way you like and it’s super EASY~!


However, if you are lazy or busy like me (haha just joking, I think I am more of the former), they also have a professional designer to help you with laying out your images in a timeless and classic manner. All you have to do is shortlist the photos you like, get it to them, and you will have a design within 2-3 weeks. SUPER CONVENIENT! And of course they will gather your opinions before printing them 🙂


photo credit – Glory Workz (sister company of Artisan Prints)

You’ll also get to pick your cover (colour and material), paper material, print finishing (gloss/matte),  and if you have a quote you like, you should totally print it as an album cover quote (you’ll also get to pick the word font and colour)!

3.     Wide range of Products –

If you think that wedding albums is the only way for you to look back on your memories, you are wrong. They are so many other products that you can choose from – wooden photo block, acrylic photo block, wall art, photo books, lay-flat books, and more that are suitable for wedding and as good gifts for your loved ones. See price list here.


And since I had gone through the trouble to browse and sieve images from my gallery, I have also decided to print MY FAVOURITE image of us as WALL CANVAS. This was used as a display during the wedding day and it is now hanging on the wall of my room too! The printing quality is legit good!!!


Fun fact! I had decided on this image because the sea in the photo could be placed in the water position in the study of Feng Shui to bring abundance for the home too.


All in all, Artisan Prints and Robby really took off a lot of stress off my shoulders (you just had to pass him the photos and he’ll do the rest!). And for now, I am going to safe-keep those items and patiently wait for the day where my children or even grandchildren can touch, hold and look through my wedding photos (but I hope I don’t have to wait too long hehe).


You can visit them at 3 Coleman St, #04-33, Singapore 179804 or check them out on their Facebook Page here. More reviews and blogpost coming up soon~

With love, Jacelyn

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