Fighting Insomnia: My Heaven Luxe Bedsheet Review

Fighting Insomnia: HeavenLuxe Bedsheet Review

If you struggle to have a good night’s sleep or have the inability to stay asleep throughout the night, you’re not alone. For the longest time, I have been having sleep problems and those endless dreams disrupt my sleep cycle like nobody’s business. But over the years, I have found ways to tackle the bad nights to help me sleep like a baby. Read on if you want better sleep too.

When it comes to sleep, BEDSHEET is everything. I am very picky when it comes to picking the material for my bed because better sheets mean better sleep. If you have been sleeping on any fabric other than TENCEL, you are really missing out big time on the good stuff! Cotton in my opinion is the cheapest and the worst. Tencel is my favourite as it is ridiculously soft, super silky (ironically, it is way softer than silk material, no joke) and you’ll be surprised how cooling it is.  

Heaven Luxe Bedsheet Review - Jacelyn Phang

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To have an instagrammable bedroom, white bed sheet is often recommended as it makes your room look like a hotel. BUT DO YOU KNOW A PURE WHITE TENCEL BEDSHEET IS SUPER HARD TO FIND IN SINGAPORE?? I have walked all big departmental stores and the closest pure white bed sheet I had found was this material called ‘eco-silk’. Eco-silk is soft, but it’s not comparable to this recent Australian Tencel bed sheet from HeavenLuxe which I have tried for a month now (disclaimer: I am not paid to say this).To be honest, I’ve been sleeping on tencel bed sheet for many many years, and I find that the one from HeavenLuxe’s sheet set are by far the SOFTEST and COMFIEST sheets I have ever slept on. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

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HeavenLuxe’s sheets are made of Austrian tencel fibres which are 500x thinner than cotton, making it heavenly soft on your skin. It is super soft to the touch and unbelievable soothing to sleep in. Plus point – it doesn’t trap heat and is ultra breathable! 


Trust me, once you have slept on a tencel material bed sheet before, you will never go back to any other material. THIS IS BECAUSE YOUR BODY WILL KNOW HOW TO PICK AND TELL YOU WHICH IS THE BEST. The only way for you to believe me is to try it for yourself, and you should totally opt for a 60 Days Trial here – I can guarantee that you will love this (don’t worry I don’t get any commission and neither am I affiliated to this brand, I am only sharing this based on my experience)!  In my opinion, bed sheet are like clothes, it is not about the quantity that you have, it is about the quality. In order to sleep soundly and sleep better, it pays to invest in a good quality and eco-friendly product. And my only complain about HeavenLuxe’s bed sheet? It’s that I can barely peel myself out of bed because I just snug under my sheets all the time!! And I am not even exaggerating about this.

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In order to have a better sleep, the investment on a comfy bedsheet will definitely be worth it. Now, sleeping well doesn’t seem like an impossible dream. Change up those sheets and you’ll be having a better sleep sooner than you think. 😉 Wishing that you will be blessed with good dreams and a restful sleep every night.

P.S. All lingerie featured are from Triumph. 

With love, Jacelyn

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