4 Regrets from my Wedding Day

4 Regrets from my Wedding Day

While every bride is going to be sharing about the good memories of their wedding day, I think few will tell you about their disappointments after the wedding. This blogpost is for any soon-to-be brides in hope that you will avoid my ‘mistakes’.

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1. Not planning the event flow ahead of time

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Upon securing the wedding venue, I was too chillax in finalizing the other details and vendors of the wedding. As a result, I didn’t manage to engage the super popular photobooth vendor (@srslyphotobooth.sg) as they were already occupied when I texted them. Moral of the story: you’ve got to book your preferred vendors fast. 

I squeezed most of the errands in the final lap, and I got overly stressed out for a period of time; I was fatigued, overwhelmed, and didn’t get to have much sleep almost every day.

So, plan early.

That being said, be prepared for CHAOS/CHANGES. My trusted and appointed HMUA (@FidelisToh) was expecting and had to cancel on my booking midway. I was super elated for her, yet, that got me frantically scrambling for an alternative as a lot of other popular makeup artists were already booked at that time. Plus, it didn’t really help when my wedding date is a hot date!  

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2. Not taking care of my stomach on the actual wedding day

Let me tell you, time passes so fast on that day. You need both physical and mental strength.  Be prepared by having a solid breakfast, lunch and pre-banquet dinner.

A hungry bride is an angry bride. ‘Nuff said.

Avoid my mistake of eating too little; throughout the day, I was just tired, famished and irritable.

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3. Rushing through it

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My biggest regret is that the day felt so rushed, I still feel upset that I didn’t get to interact much with my guests. Between the mad rush of activities, Sherman and I barely had time by ourselves; we spent most of the time fussing about the others, making sure everyone is fed and that things are going as planned. As the bride, I didn’t have much time to bask in the joy and excitement of the wedding.

If I had made my way to the hotel earlier (we were really really late! My mum’s makeup artist waited almost an hour before we arrived. Cues *guilty face*), I would have planned more time for pictures at the hotel and with my guests at the photo-booth station. Photos are what we really had at the end of the day to take with us, and there can never be enough photos.

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Do your due diligence, look up for reviews and research thoroughly before engaging your wedding vendors! I was so fortunate to have engaged videographer Kelvin from @Alanmitchi, he has been patient, re-assuring, highly creative and professional. Vice versa, an inexperienced vendor will not know what to do at the right time and could cause more havoc then help.

Honestly, I had regretted having too many vendors on my actual day; it added a lot of unnecessary stress. I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a trusted entourage to help you manage any hiccups throughout the day too.

With that, do not under-estimate the amount of work you have to put in to plan for your dream wedding. It takes a lot of organization to keep everything on track, and you have to plan early, plan early and plan early (important things must emphasize thrice)!

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There’s a lot more to share about the wedding, and I shall leave it for the next blogpost. Till then, have a good CNY celebration!

Special credits to – (1) Photographer: my good friend Yuan (@4YuanYik), (2) KUA Red Gown and Qun Kua: @The_Red_Wedding, (3) White Gown and Suit: @Silhouette_the_atelier, (4) Make-Up Artist: @San_Professional_Make_Up, (5) Hair Stylist: @Connie_Autelier, (6) Flowers: @WildFlowerTheory, (7) Hair Colour: @Aoyama.Hair.Studio, (8) Tea Ceremony Backdrop: @Siriuspine, (9) Chinese Red Xi Deco with Customized Names: @LoveLeKnot, (10) Selection of Auspicious Date for Wedding: @YuanZhongSiu.Sg , (11) Si Dian Jin: @SkJewellery.

With love, Jacelyn

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