Bali Highlights 2018 (Part 1) – Sisterfields Café Review

Bali Highlights 2018 (Part 1) – Sisterfields Café Review

Having a good friend “doubles every joy and halves every defeat”.


I am very blessed to have a couple of good friends in my life and I am beyond happy that my good friend Yuan has found his soul mate in life. Last month, I made a quick trip to Bali and it has been such a joy to witness his wedding celebration (it is certainly the most romantic wedding I have ever attended!)! Also, took some time to squeeze in a couple of leisure activities so I am just going to be reviewing those places that I have been.  

This blog post is dedicated to talk about my visit at SISTERFIELDS CAFÉ.


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Located in Seminyak, Sisterfields café is a super popular café for tourists (and handsome angmohs). Around noon time, the café was packed but don’t worry, there’s plenty of seats and service is prompt. The interior is huge and really pretty; but it’s a pity I didn’t have any images of it as every table is occupied (it is almost impossible to take a decent OOTD). You can see it on their website instead.



Xin (my favorite travel buddy!) and I had the Shakshuka Style Poached Eggs and Mexican Beef Cheese Fondue. Both of which were flavourful (to the extent of jialat) if you were to finish the dish on your own. I like my Shakshuka spicy but the one at Sisterfield’s is more sweet than spicy. If you like Shakshuka (tomato based sauce with poached eggs topped with chilli peppers and spices), go try the one at Singapore’s Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery Branch) instead, it wins hands down. The Mexican Cheese Fondue is just cheese sauce (not what I imagine a fondue will be) on top of the pulled beef, jalepeno, coriander, chives and sour cream. It’s more like a dip that is suitable for starters or for sharing instead of having it as a main.


The only highlight which I have to rave about is the fruit juice – Grandpa’s Remedy (apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger)! I was nursing my horrible flu, drank this and felt so so so much better! Sorry no images too as lunch was pretty rushed that afternoon.


In my opinion, mains are decently priced (around $8-15) but drinks are on the expensive side (if you compare it with the prices of the mains). Drinks are around $5 onwards. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with my food. As this place is highly raved about online, I think I will visit it another time to try their other popular dishes instead. I do see many people ordering and enjoying their Avocado Toast, Burger and Pancakes. You can also read Ladyironchef’s blog article on the cafe here

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 11.42.37 PM

Overall, the café has a very relax and inviting vibes. If you are into café brunch food, you’ll most probably love being seen at this it café. Food for me is a 2.5 out of 5 stars (decent, but definitely not a die die must go place). Oh, before I forget, do visit the washroom. It is so pretty haha!

Hope you’d enjoy this short review! More Bali updates to come~

With love, Jacelyn

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