Best Hair Colouring Experience with Aoyama Hair Studio

Best Hair Colouring Experience with Aoyama Hair Studio

Good hair = good mood. Who else agrees with me on this? For the past two years, my hair has been black, long and boring. Feeling that my lock of hair is making me look too mature, monotone and lifeless, I finally decided to experiment a little and change it up.

As we age, so should our style. Inching closer to the thirties, I have to admit that I am closely monitoring the physical aspects of myself. It is hard for me to not notice that my friends have started developing wrinkles around their eyes area and unsightly fats around their bodies. Hence this year, I have started (1) religiously stepping up on my skincare routine (i.e. slapping on more anti-aging products and increasing frequency of laser treatments), (2) exercising more regularly (at least 2 times a week) and lastly also finally (3) proceeding on my hair colour transformation with Aoyama Hair Studio.

Jacelyn x Hair Aoyama

A good hairstyle and colour can make one look years younger if done well.


If you have been following me regularly, Aoyama Hair Studio should ring a bell. Helmed by Japanese hair stylists, they are known for their impeccable service, attention to detail and wallet-friendly prices.   

Jacelyn Phang X Hair Colouring Experience

At the start of the year, my favourite Japanese Senior Stylist Haruka gave my hair a much-needed change in colour. You can read more about her in my previous blog post here. After examining my hair and face shape, Haruka suggested Ash Brown colour for my tresses. Fully trusting Haruka’s professionalism and expertise, I went with it. Under natural sunlight, this colour makes me look more youthful than ever and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The colour of the hair helps soften my facial features and I really love how this fresh shade goes with my fair skin!



Overall, I do highly recommend Haruka’s service as she has an eye for detail which is also translated to her impeccable hair work.

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In the second quarter of the year, I revisited the salon, this time at their new branch at Westgate. Hooray for West siders as we now get to choose either to visit their Clementi Mall branch or Westgate branch up to our convenience! I was privileged to have Creative Director Yuichi Soga to work on my locks this visit. He gave me an even lighter hair colour  (Cinnamon Hair Color) which frames my face with a healthy brightness.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 9.49.27 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 9.49.38 PM

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This new hair colour added an unprecedented brightness and light to my face. The great thing about working with Creative Director Yuichi Soga is if you’re not sure what hair colour to get, you can trust him to suggest colours to help change up your look. He converses well in English and works really fast. Overall, you can expect getting personalized hair colouring service which complement your skin tone and hairstyle.

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And ta-da, a lighter coloured hairstyle is all it takes to help take years off your age. So if you are still thinking of getting a hair change, why not do it this season?

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You can also make everyday a good hair day with Aoyama Hair Studio.

Visit them at any of their outlets – Clementi Mall (#05-34), Westgate (#B1-37) or Century Square (#03-04). See more of their outlet information here

With love, Jacelyn

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