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Who else is a fan of Taiwan?

Rejoice if you are because Sample Store is bringing Taiwan to you! Whenever people mention Taiwan, my eyes will lit up because I love their food, culture (people are so friendly!) and of course their milk tea!

Jacelyn - Fav Taiwan Bubble Tea

No trip to Taiwan is complete without having a good cup of milk tea and my favourite bubble tea brand has got to be SOMA. Their Original Milk Tea is fragrant, smooth, delicious, not overly sweet and most importantly not overpriced. If you are in Taipei, please go try please! It’s super goood.

Milk Tea and Jacelyn

However, if you are not flying to Taiwan anytime soon, good news, you can still have a good cup of milk tea at home or in the office with this awesome tea bag from 3:15PM. Different from instant milk tea powder, you can find real tea leaves in the tea bag. The milk tea is pretty legit as it is made using Taiwan oolong tea combined with Sri Lanka Uva black tea.  

Jacelyn Phang - 315 Milk Tea

Using professional fermentation and roast, it definitely has its own unique aroma. Read till the end to redeem this particular product for you to try too!

315pm Tea

Why I like it?

1.       Convenience – To serve, all you have to do is pour 200-250cc of hot water, wait, stir and you can drink it! It’s really as simple as 1,2,3.  If you like your milk tea sweet, 200cc of water is great; otherwise I like mine with 250cc of hot water (it’s like the siu dai version).

2.       Versatility – You can have your milk tea served either Hot or Cold depending on your preference. For a cold serving, halve the hot water and add ice cubes, as long as the total capacity is around 200-250 cc, it’s perfect in terms of taste.

3.       No artificial flavours – For health conscious individuals, you’ll be delighted to know that the product only uses sugar and creamer; it does not contain artificial flavours and chemical additives. So yay! Taste wise, the oolong tea flavour is distinct and unique in its way, which is an acquired taste that oolong tea fans would definitely like.

Jacelyn Phang x 315 Milk Tea

Keep your wanderlust at bay; you’ll be delighted to know that you don’t have to fly over to Taiwan just to try this new convenient and yummy Milk Tea. Now, you can redeem the product here! Meanwhile, find out more about this awesome brand and this summer must-have drink here. Lastly, have your eyes peeled on Sample Store as they have been actively launching a whole series of beauty and F&B products from Taiwan too.

With love, Jacelyn Phang

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