REVIEW: Easing Menstrual Frustration – Laurier’s Ultra Gentle Sanitary Napkin

While some people have lesser menstrual cramp issues as they age, I am the unlucky few whose menstrual cramp worsens with age. *warning* It is not great to catch me when I am on day 1 of my period as I usually feel extremely tired, weak and grumpy (but lucky me, day 2 onwards I am okay!). Some friends say that avoiding cold drinks at all cost could help with menstrual cramp but I love my ice teh too much to give them up ah!

Honestly, menstrual cramp is such a chore to handle; I don’t want to have to worry about leaking or discomfort. Hence, I am super picky with the kind and brand of the sanitary napkin I use. If you are a lady, read on; if not, I think you wouldn’t be interested in this post.

Here’s introducing Laurier’s new and improved Ultra Gentle sanitary napkin which is dermatologically tested for superior comfort and you are not going to want to miss the review on it! Pssst… also, read till the end to get yours for FREE!


Key features of the product include:
  1. Minimal Friction: having unique wavy surface which reduces skin contact, minimizing friction by 30%, making it gentler than ordinary cotton napkins.
  2. Extra Breathable: the improved wavy surface promotes and increases airflow by +50% thus relieving stuffiness.
  3. Quick Lock & Dry: it comprises of super absorbent layer that lock in fluids fast. DSC09344
AND After trying it, I Love IT! here’s my review:
  • Comfort and effectiveness: 4/5 – I tried both the Day and Night sanitary napkins and there was no stuffiness, itchiness and discomfort AT ALL when wearing them on. Some other brands of sanitary napkins will get stuck around the delicate area which is very annoying. But I had no problem wearing Laurier’s Ultra Gentle for work, sleep and even exercise! More importantly, the surface is always dry and sticky free.
  • Price and Variety: 4/5 – depending on your needs, there are different lengths for you to choose from. Honestly, I really love the 25cm length for day usage as it gives me the extra assurance that there would be no leaks whilst I am out. You’ll be happy to know that the sanitary napkin is also rather broad. See the affordable price range as below – 

o   Day: Ultra Slim Light Flow 18s 20.5cm ($5.20), Ultra Slim Day 16s 22.5cm ($5.40), Ultra Slim Heavy Day 15s 25cm ($5.60)

o   Night:  Slim Night 10s 30cm ($4.80), Slim Heavy Night 9s 34cm ($5.35), Slim Extra Heavy Night 7s 40cm ($4.95)

In summary, I like that the Laurier’s Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins are super absorbent, breathable and are also suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.  

Oh! Do you know that Laurier’s sanitary napkin is made in Japan? Known for its premium quality and advanced skin science technology, Laurier’s brand has earned a reputation to bring you the ultimate level of comfort during your period. I highly recommend you to try! To get them: you can head to all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Alternatively, you can get FREE SAMPLES by clicking on the link to redeem, so go on and get yours too: !

With love, Jacelyn

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