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Living in local Singapore, most people are battling with oily scalp without knowing. Recently, I have been having worsening hair loss issues which I thought it will be good for me to get my scalp checked.

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For those who stay in the east, Topp Care Hair Solutions is super convenient for you. Located in heartland Tampines area, it is a hair centre that takes pride in its western botanical ingredients and effective results. It will be hard to miss the shop as its modern aesthetics stands out amongst the older retail shops around the area.

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Walking into the shop, you’ll be welcomed by the group of therapists whom are all amiable and easy to talk to. One of them even offered to make a trip to help me dabao dinner knowing that I had rushed over after work. Thumbs up for the service attentiveness!


We started with the hair scalp analysis, and I got a shock of my life knowing that my hair scalp is red, follicles are blocked and scalp is oily with inflammation! I always thought that my hair was pretty health as I don’t have dandruff or itchiness issues, but I was WRONG! Redness is usually caused by a lack of sleep or sleeping at late hours, which I am guilty of. Not sure how many of you feel the same, but there’s just too much to do every single day and too little time. As a result, I almost never ever blow dry my hair entirely, which may be the main cause of blocked follicles. Both of which could explain my increased hair loss issues.

Topp Care provides customized treatments.

There are four signature treatments available for different hair types – (i) Healthy Scalp Treatment (Hair Loss Prevention), (ii) Detoxdren Scalp Mask (Oily & Inflamed Scalp), (iii) Energising Scalp Mask (Scalp Regeneration) and (iv) Treatment for Damaged/Coloured Hair. So there’s definitely a treatment for YOU.

Step 1a

Administered by professionally qualified therapists, the steps in each treatment incorporate the use of products made of ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health.

Step 2

Step 3

The process is super relaxing, I saw one customer dozing off (she even snored!) during the massage step. For myself, I had a good shut-eye during the hair wash.

I did the Detoxdren Scalp Treatment which helps balances excessive oiliness. The intensive treatment renews and strengthens hair follicles while calming the scalp.

Step 4

This is the Magic Comb Therapy which helps to (1) boost the blood circulation of my scalp, (2) allows better absorption of nutrients and (3)promote hair growth.

Step 5

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Amazingly, after just one treatment, I could see and feel significant results! My scalp and hair seems to be more healthy, shiny and more manageable. We did the hair analysis test again; the photo on the above right shows the image of my scalp after the treatment and there are way lesser clogged pores than when I first stepped into the hair salon. There were also no redness on the scalp. 

Heading to Topp Care requires me to journey from the west to the east, which takes me a little while, so here’s hoping and praying that they will open another branch in Jurong area next! I’ll definitely be there more frequent if they are in the west!

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Overall, Topp care services exceeded my expectations in several ways, and I actually returned for a second visit just after 1 week. Here’s summarizing why I recommend the hair salon:
(1) Each step of the process were all super comfortable. I love being pampered through all the scalp massages.
(2) Prices are all inclusive in the $100 charge. Meaning there is no hidden costs and pushy therapists. Of cos there are special package prices which means more savings for multiple treatments too!
(4) Therapists were very willing to share USEFUL hair care tips with me! They were very selfless in sharing the appropriate ways to maintain a healthy scalp.
(5) And of cos its effectiveness! My hair felt lighter and more clean after the treatment.

Good news for those of you who wants to try! Topp Care is having a promo on Fave where you can enjoy 2 sessions of Scalp Treatment with Massage and Styling at just $28 (UP $160)!  Don’t miss this super good deal here!

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Topp Care Hair Solutions is located at Block 201D Tampines Street 21, #01-1131, Singapore 524201. Telephone 6645 3020. For more information, check out their FB page here and IG page (@toppcare).

With love, Jacelyn

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