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As CNY approaches, it is the perfect time to talk about maintaining your tresses. Rejoice if you stay in the West and are looking for Japanese style hairdressers in the city, Aoyama Hair Studio will get your strands covered. If you had missed out on my first review on the salon and services, read here.

Aoyama X Jacelyn

Services are well priced with super friendly staffs (who really listen to what you want); these are the two main reasons why I returned to the unpretentious Aoyama Hair Studio for a second visit. Due to prolonged heat styling, my hair had always been battling with dry and dull issues. I was hoping that a hair treatment could save my hair haha. 

In a Japanese hair salon, you are also able to find some peace and quiet time. The employees are all hard at their work and are hardly found engaging in conversations with each other. I am not sure if you had similar experiences, but I get very disturbed when stylists chit chat/gossip loudly amongst each other (i.e. not with customers but amongst their own colleagues) while ‘shouting’ across their clients. At Aoyama Hair Studio, I enjoy the rare downtime I have to myself.  

Haruka - Aoyam Senior Stylist

This time, at Aoyama Hair Studio, I met Japanese Senior Stylist, Haruka, whom is a veteran hairstylist with 15 years of experience in the industry. She is super detailed, meticulous and pretty. Pretty random but I love her pixie hair cut by the way. No one does hospitality and good service the way the Japanese do. Haruka is incredibly polite; she speaks softly and is very amiable. I think everyone will love her when you meet her (no joke) and I secretly wish I can rub off some of her gentleness. I appreciate that she is always checking on me to ensure that I am well taken care of. 

In my opinion, a good stylist is one who makes it a priority to listen to their customers. Haruka made sure she understood my concerns before recommending the Milbon Global Hair Treatment for my damaged hair and of course I went with her advice readily. 

Step one: HAIR WASH

Jacelyn X Hair Wash - Aoyama

Jacelyn X Aoyama Hair Massage

The hair wash is my favourite step because I get to lie down and have a shuteye while enjoying it. I love the hair wash here as the stylists incorporate head massage techniques with long strokes behind your ears which makes it super relaxing. Seeing that I was pretty cold, they provided this fluffy red furry blanket for me to keep me warm whilst I was in the salon too. That is what I call attentiveness.

Step two: Applying the treatment coat

Aoyama Hair x Jacelyn

Haruka works quickly with her team mates and is super hands-on for each treatment step. In my opinion, the key to a good treatment lies in the products used.  This whole treatment uses Milbon products which is an award winning and popular brand in Japan. This treatment aims to recondition your hair from the inside, and also provide protection against further damage. It contains moisturizing ingredients to keep the hair hydrated while restoring your hair’s health. It sounds like just the perfect treatment for my brittle and damaged hair after the last perm. 

See the bottles labelled “1”, “2” and “3”? They are applied to my hair sequentially. Treatment coat 1 was applied on the hair end and lightly rubbed into my hair strands in order to smooth out surface bumps. 

Jacelyn hang lifestyle blogger

Treatment coat 2 is to hydrate the hair ends while treatment coat 3 is used to seal the treatment for long-lasting smoothness. Haruka shared that the treatment coat contained high absorbency ingredients, therefore increasing its effectiveness.

Step three: Sealing the Treatment

Jacelyn Hair Treatment Review

No treatment is complete without this steaming step. Heat is used to open the hair follicles to allow better absorption and penetration of the treatment coats. Our hairs are like plants, it requires good nutrients and moisture to grow healthily. Regular maintenance such as steaming, treatments, hair cuts are necessary to improve our hair quality.


Jacelyn X Milbon Hair Treatment

We ended the session with a short styling and hair trim, and here’s me as a pretty happy customer (pun intended).

VERDICT: Immediately after the treatment, my hair feels VERY soft and light. On a close look, my hair looks smooth, silky and has a polished look and feel. I AM VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!


The treatment results are also shockingly long-lasting in my opinion. My hair maintained a shiny and smooth texture for about a good 2 months. Reason why this blog post took so long to be churned out? I had wanted to write down the post treatment effects too! I liked that my hair is now easier to manage as compared to the frequent (& nasty) hair tangles I had to endure before the treatment.

In general, if you are looking to solve your split ends, visible roots, wayward fringe issues without breaking the bank; you will be happy to hear that hair is in good hands with Aoyama Hair Salon. If you are interested in the Milbon Global Hair Treatment, prices are $180, $200 and $220 if you have short, medium and long hair length respectively.

Good news for you too – students get 20% discount on weekdays before 4pm; ladies get a special 10% discount on Wednesday and for all of us, THERE IS NO CNY SURCHARGE at Aoyama Hair Studio too.

It’s less than 1 month to CNY, and I heard that many slots are taken up very quickly; so do make an appointment before going down. Address and contact details of Aoyama Hair Studio are below, and here’s wishing all of you who’s reading this a bountiful and beautiful new year.

  • Aoyama Hair Studio is situated at:
  • 3155 Commonwealth Ave West
  • The Clementi Mall #05-34 Singapore 129588
  • Tel: +65 6909 2539, +65 8468 7128
  • Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm daily

With love, Jacelyn

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