New Year, New Goals, New Backpack – Gaston Luga Review + Discount Code

Thinking of the fact that I’ll be hitting the thirties in 2 years’ time scares me. I worry about getting wrinkles (!!), thinning hair issues and growing double chin more than death and illnesses.

Jacelyn Phang - New Year Resolutions 2018

While I am battling the physical signs of aging, I am also pretty busy relishing being in the late twenties. That means more disposable income, frequent holidays, and more autonomy to do things I am passionate about.


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Aaaand with the new year; here’s wishing I can dream a little more, complain less, love more and worry less in 2018. Adding to the list, below are the goals that I have drafted for myself:

  1. Go (back) to school – I am looking at taking up a crash course for a subject that I had always been interested in the second/third quarter of the year
  2. Driving safe – hoping that I don’t get any more demerit points (I only have 12 more points to last me for TWO years)
  3. Exercise at least 2x a week – whether it is a slow walk (yes, I count it as an exercise too!) or yoga zen
  4. Blog regularly – at least four blog posts every month
  5. Explore at least one new travel place – 2016 brought me to LA, 2017 was about exploring Bandung and I am not sure where to go yet in 2018 (drop me suggestions if you have any!)
  6. Eat less sugar – specifically, hoping to have only one sugared drink a day
  7. Spend less time on the phone – not very sure how to quantify this, but in the early part of the year, my overused eye have issued warning (it was always bloodshot and painful) and I am hoping to cut down on the usage of gadgets
  8. Start my day earlier – I have been battling with insomnia issues for years and I really hope to change my sleeping and lifestyle habits to work within the 9am-6pm working hours like a normal working adult
  9. Get more organized – my shoes, make-up products, bags, watches are getting out of hand. Hoping to drop them at Refash soon or donate them to charity before CNY.

Jacelyn Phang X Gaston Luga

Just as the quote says “to be prepared is half the victory”, for the new year, I got myself a new Gaston Luga’s backpack so that I can return back to school or explore a new travel place anytime.

Gaston Luga Praper Collection X Jacelyn Phang

This stylish backpack has been flooding my instagram feed for a period of time and I had a hard time deciding amongst the Classic, Praper and Classy collections. The Classic collection has a more rugged feel suitable for your adventures while the Classy collection adds a feminine touch to it. I finally edcided on the Praper collection which is the in between of Classic and Classy – combining both elegance and style.

GAston Luga Blog Review and Discount Code

A Swedish brand, Gaston Luga backpacks are uniquely designed to fit any settings, no matter where you would go – whether you are exploring a new city, hiking, going to school or simply a weekend brunch with friends. It is the perfect backpack to carry while on the go.

Jacelyn Phang X Fayth

What I love about the brand and the backpack:
  • Many colours and designs to choose from.
  • Strong durable canvas material and very lightweight
  • The backpack has 2 smaller inner pockets + a passport pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder straps – perfect for every height
  • They have many selections for both men and women
  • Roomy and spacious enough for laptop and other essentials
  • Functional and suitable for many occasions
  • Stylish designsthat is great for travel, school or adventures
  • And of course, affordable prices!

Thus said, the bag is water resistance but not water proof, and I wished they have more inner pockets.

If you are looking for a trusty backpack for yourself or for a gift for your loved ones, here’s a good news,  get free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + a 15% off your purchase using my discount code “jacelyn15” (note: 15% discount is on the remaining price after tax rebate). For a limited time, you get a complimentary Plankan cardholder for every backpack purchase (while stocks last) too!

Jacelyn Phang New year new me

By the way, photos are by talented @thetimelessera, whose work centres on conveying emotions through self-portraits that play with light and nature. Each photo captures a moment in time and my most candid expressions. I love working with her because she works fast and exudes a lot of zeal and joy whilst working her craft. In this set of photos, she retouched the photos to give it a warm and soft feeling which I love. Sunflower colours editing were used for the images taken at the wooden bench to give a vintage vibe.

She’s like a god-sent angel because she also provides image editing services! If you are looking to have a consistent feed for your instagram, Boya is here to save your day. Contact her directly with your high res images, and she is able to create stunning edits for your visual. Each image is charged at $1 only, and she will deliver the edits in just 24 hours (max of 10 pics)! For the first image that you sent, she will give you two different edits, and based on your pick, she will edit the rest based on your chosen favourite.

lets go 2018

With that, I hope all of us start working on our goals (whether it is to up our Instagram game, upgrade our skillsets or go back to school), let’s all have an incredible 2018! Happy New Year friends!

With love, Jacelyn

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