8 Life Lessons in 2017

2017 is almost ending and it has been a whirlwind year. I re-aligned myself in terms of life goals, took a leap of faith to go on a hiatus before trying out a new role, changed a new hairstyle, made many new friends through my social media account, bought two cars this year (literally cash burning year), and even found love when I least expected. Whilst there were some dramas in between, I wouldn’t trade this year for anything else. Thank you to those who stick by me through the situations, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve/survive without your endearing support!

This year has taught me a thing or two, and here’s sharing 8 life lessons I’ve learnt. I encourage you to share yours with me by leaving a comment below too!

(1) Kindness begets kindness

Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. I constantly remind myself to be kinder than necessary. While people could be mean, treacherous and unkind with their words/actions; I fight the urge to repay their evil with darkness. I ain’t no saint, I struggle with it too.

This year, I took small steps to move away from people who trade gossips as conversation currencies. Life is too short to waste time on negative peers who only complains about their bosses, work and life. And I pity some individuals who hate everything in their life; they feel alive only during their overseas travel trip. You DO have a choice to make peace, take pride and find satisfaction with your work and life. If you really think you are happier elsewhere, just go. STOP COMPLAINING/WHINING. Should you choose to stay put, every day is a gift; make it your mission to find joy in things that you do.

That said, I am too busy living and loving my life; in fact, I enjoy so many things that I do, my friends think I am getting overboard with my positivity.  And I pray for those who harbour resentment in their life (no one owes you a living y’know?), it’s never too late to do the right thing – be more than just kind in your life, be faithful, sincere, responsible and giving. Practice it daily, until it’s your natural way of being.

(2) Metabolism slows down for REAL!!

I finally understand this. I feel fat all the time and I can’t seem to shake 2 kilograms away. Nuff said.

(3) Choices are hard, but necessary


Jacelyn Phang - Choices are hard, but necessary

God will never leave you empty. If something is taken away, he will replace it with something better. You just have to trust the process. If He denies your request in a certain area, it is because He wishes to give you what is best. I used to be consumed with 34567890 activities all the time; this year, I tried my best to cut down on my engagements. And I still feel upset having to choose, especially when it is between acting opportunities and work. When giving up the former, it hurts real bad. Yet, at this age (going on to 28 years old), I believe it is necessary. I’ve tried enough activities (Radio DJ class, local pageant, overseas pageant, magazine competitions, makeup diploma, singing class, etc), and it has come to a point that I need to choose one thing I excel in and go full throttle in it. And I trust that when He asks me to put something down, it is so that I can pick something greater in time to come.

(4) Mind your own business


Photo credit: 9GAG

When it comes to living your life, you don’t need to care about other people’s opinions, and conversely, you too have no right to go around judging people.

Be less judgemental, mind your own business and take charge of your own happiness. What other people think of you is also none of your business. You can’t please the world, and you don’t have to.

(5) Believe in miracles

Jacelyn Phang Jing Qi X Believe in Miracles

I never let anyone tell me what I can or cannot do. Call me rebellious or selfish, as long as I have set a goal, I hustle hard and never look back. Whether it was going to Shanghai to live and study for a year or going for a beauty pageant (all alone) in Taiwan; I follow my gut.

Now, looking back, I thank myself for these experiences.

They uncover the kind of work that lights me up, so I can carve out my own path. Experiences shapes a person. Those pageants, competitions and overseas experiences have shaped my indestructible confidence, determination and perseverance. I am thankful for taking those risks I have taken which has expanded my skills set.

Life is filled with changes, embrace it and regard it as an adventure. Don’t underestimate yourself, miracles await you.

(6) Choose your tribe


Photo credit: @carpediemnquotes

Be selective with you who choose to be with. Words get twisted so easily, guard your words as you do with your heart. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

Karma has its way with people. You don’t need to dirty your hands. Remember lesson number 1, kindness begets kindness.

(7) Ask and it shall be given to you

Oprah Winfrey says “you get in life what you have the courage to ask for”, and I do exactly just that. I ask for opportunities all the time, work really hard at it, and repeat.

And trust me, hard work does pay off. Opportunities lead to referrals and in a couple of months; I already see my efforts reap results. Every day is a chance to make use of The Law of Attraction to your favour. Imagine your success, visualize it, and work towards it using your thoughts, words and actions.

(8) Whatever will be, will be

Jacelyn Phang X whatever will be will be

This year, I’ve learnt that it’s okay to not be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared or anxious. In 2017, I was unafraid of showing my emotions and vulnerability to people; after all, I am not almighty.

Honestly, I am still learning to let go of my grudges to those who had betrayed and lied. But I know at the end of the day, “everything is going to be alright, (because) if it’s meant to be, it’ll be”. Here’s sharing the most underrated song (and also my favourite song) of 2017:

I still can’t believe that 2018 is just a few night of sleeps away, but I guess, I am ready? Whatever it is, I am ready to hustle on. Hope you are too!

Jacelyn Phang X Thank you 2017

From the bottom of my heart, a big thanks to all of you who has been following my blog and social media religiously. For those who leave regular DMs, encouragements and texts to me, I am grateful for your support. Continue leaving me those messages, I do read every single one of them!

If you like this set of photos, they are captured by Boya from @thetimelessera, a very talented and warm lady photographer whom I had a lot of fun collaborating with. Go show her some love if you like her photos 🙂

The best is yet to come, so let’s all make 2018 a memorable one!

With love, Jacelyn

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