Best Christmas Gift Ideas– OSIM Gift Sets from $68 for TWO items

The countdown to my favourite season is on!

There is an allure to Christmas which puts a smile on my face more than any other time of the year. When I was younger, my parents would sneak into my bedroom and stuff the Christmas stocking with a gift I love. Fast forward many years now, I still remember the excitement leading up to Christmas and the joy I experience whenever I receive a present. But as I grow older, I look forward to this festive season not because of the gifts I would get, but by the thrill that I can handpick gifts for the ones I love.

If you are still unprepared (I’m getting worried for you!), let me help you out, here’s introducing OSIM’s Christmas Mix and Match Gift Sets which starts from $68 for not just one, but TWO awesome items. With 3 bundle gift sets and a variety of wellness products to choose from, you are spoilt for choices!

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GIFT SET 1 – Pick any 2 items for $68 only

XMAS17 SET $68 A

In my opinion, an ideal gift is one that is practical and suitable for the recipient to use (price is secondary). Whether it is for your friends, family members or your colleagues, why not gift them the gift of health this Christmas?

For your friends who love travelling, the uSnooz Neck Pillow and uMask Eye Massager will make wonderful gifts for them. The items in this set are all lightweight and portable, making it easy for your wanderluster friends to bring them around (the world).

For this Christmas, I chose the uMask Eye Massager x 2 for my love, Sherman, and I!


Sherman and I work at our computer for many hours a day. After office hours and during the weekends, I am usually home to clear my blogging backlogs; so.. I am perpetually online (*cue tears*).  And for those of you who don’t know, Sherman is a software engineer, so he is on the computer for at least 8-10 hours every day. Recently, both of us have been suffering from tired eyes (he is relying on eye drops every night to relieve the weary feeling in his eyes) and eyestrain symptoms (i.e. prickly feeling in the eyes).  Just last week I went for an eye test and found out that my myopia has increased for another 100 degree (and I thought myopia usually stabilizes around 21 years old??).  So this gift is definitely a god-sent! 

sgstylecouple x osim

Battery powered, the uMask Eye Massager is easy to use and can help to relieve eye fatigue and de-stress the eye muscles. If you or the recipient of your gift is suffering from eye strain, I recommend you to try out the eye massagers as it is an obvious cost saving option as compared to booking for expensive spa sessions every week!

GIFT SET 2 – Pick any 2 items for $98 only

XMAS17 SET $98 B

If you have a little more budget, go for the $98 gift bundle which comes with premium items with not-so-premium budget. My recommendations from this set would be the uSnooz Massage Wrap and uVision Eye Massager.

OS9101 uSnoozMW_Pink_NewLogo

The uSnooz massage wraps comes in three colours (they have sweet pink too!); it is a specially designed massager to de-stress the neck area, perfect for power naps in the office or for use on road trips. The uVision eye massager as its name suggests help with eye relaxation, giving you rested and beautiful peepers.

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul; this is definitely something on my wish list to try next time!

GIFT SET 3 – Pick any 2 items for $168 only

XMAS17 SET $168 B

OSIM’s gift choices are all simple and sincere, its functionality is sure to be able to please the recipient. For your bosses, parents, friends or supportive clients, I would recommend selecting the uMist Dream Humidifier and uPure 2 Water Purifier.

The quality of air and water affects our health directly and indirectly. uPure 2 Water Purifier will make a great gift for people who usually drink from the tap. This product helps to clean water daily with a 4-steps purification process, and helps protect us against harmful organisms.

For house-warming gifts or for those who has a baby, the uMist Dream Humidifier is perfect to combat dry air or even asthma. Humidifiers soothe dryness, irritation and itchiness in the nose, helping you to sleep better. We all know how important a good night sleep is for everyone, and not just for the new parents with a baby. Adding humidity to the air is generally good for sinus health or even allergies. Your recipient will surely thank you for this!

To get into your bosses or client’s good books, I think this divine combo is sure to bring you one step closer to your well-deserved promotion or to close more deals! Just kidding! But it sure makes the perfect gift for people who matters =)


For targeted concerns, OSIM has so many other selections for you to choose from.


  1. For your girlfriends or mother: the uStiletto Leg Massager works wonder for ladies who has to stand for long hours or whom like to be in heels. Read more of my review here .20171019_OSIM_Christmas-563
  2. For your overworked dad or father-in-law: the uScalp salon style scalp massager helps promote hair growth and relieves stress. Read more here 20171019_OSIM_Christmas-523
  3. For your beauty addict friends: uGem 2’s micro vibration gives you a sculpted v-shaped face. Plus point, it is only $99!! Read more here .uJolly_R04
  4. For yourself: the uJolly full back massager provides targeted relief for your back to relieve stress, stimulate the lymphatic system and boost your immune system. Read more here uDIvineMini_R04

    uDiva Classic_529452322

    uLove XMAS17_R04

  5. For your loved ones (spouse , parents or grandparents): go for the BEST massagers in town – uDivine Mini, uDiva Classic or uLove massage chair.

From now till 31 Dec 2017, check out OSIM collection of Christmas Gifts from 2 products for only $68! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Save time, money and hassle looking for gifts, you can pick out one item each for your gift exchange or family members, just like Lieutenant Zhang Xinyi from Ah Boys to Men 4.  Watch below:

With many gift choices, there’s bound to be something for anyone and everyone! All items are now available at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows, or  Online Webshop at View OSIM’s Christmas Collection here & follow them on Facebook  & Instagram  for more news and exciting giveaways this season!

Thank you everyone for reading till thus far, hurry and head to my Instagram (@jacelynphang) to get a chance to win your favourite product! 1 lucky winner will be chosen and all of you have to do is (1) Follow @OSIM_SG and @jacelynphang  on instagram (2) comment with your favourite product from the $68 OSIM Mix & Match Gift Set (3) tag 1 friend per line to share this giveaway (as many as you like!). Contest ends 21 December 2017.

Here’s wishing everyone a jolly and merry Christmas!

With love, Jacelyn

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