8 Life Lessons in 2017

2017 is almost ending and it has been a whirlwind year. I re-aligned myself in terms of life goals, took a leap of faith to go on a hiatus before trying out a new role, changed a new hairstyle, made many new friends through my social media account, bought two cars this year (literally cash burning year), and even found love when I least expected. Whilst there were some dramas in between, I wouldn’t trade this year for anything else. Thank you to those who stick by me through the situations, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve/survive without your endearing support! Continue reading 8 Life Lessons in 2017

Best Christmas Gift Ideas– OSIM Gift Sets from $68 for TWO items

The countdown to my favourite season is on!

There is an allure to Christmas which puts a smile on my face more than any other time of the year. When I was younger, my parents would sneak into my bedroom and stuff the Christmas stocking with a gift I love. Fast forward many years now, I still remember the excitement leading up to Christmas and the joy I experience whenever I receive a present. But as I grow older, I look forward to this festive season not because of the gifts I would get, but by the thrill that I can handpick gifts for the ones I love. Continue reading Best Christmas Gift Ideas– OSIM Gift Sets from $68 for TWO items

Wild and Free Part 2 – Why Him?

I don’t need a handsome face. I want a kind hearted soul. I don’t need six pack abs or a fortune to spend from. I want a sincere man. I don’t know who my Mr Right is. But I do know I want someone down-to-earth, reliable and who puts me as one of his life priorities. Continue reading Wild and Free Part 2 – Why Him?