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Blog updated with THE BIG REVEAL of the secrets behind my glowing skin and luscious locks.

To get a toned body, you need regular exercise and a good diet. The same goes for your skin and hair! Regular hair trims and good quality products are important and today I am going to share what has been working for me.

and that is…. MASSAGES! I know it sounds rather perplexing at this moment, but I am a strong believer that regular massages help in blood circulation, making the skin glow while taking the tiredness away. And the keyword is regular.

Recently, I have added TWO massagers (uGem 2 and uScalp) to my daily routine and they did wonder to my face and hair’s health just after a week of usage. The most obvious is the reduction of puffiness for the face when I wake up, and I feel that my skin now glows from within.

OSIM SG X Jacelyn

You would have noticed that I have yet to showcase these products on my social media and that is because I had wanted to test out the products before writing about it. Honestly, I was rather sceptical if uGem 2 (such a small device) could help improve my skin health.

OSIM uGem2 Jacelyn Review

Using micro massage vibration, uGem 2 is easy to use, and is known to help reduce the appearance of eye bags and improve circulation to reduce water retention.

I think Sherman will kill me when he reads this, but ever since I knew him, I became the fattest of my life and I don’t really like the extra fats on my already chubby face. Great to have started on uGem 2 beauty massager because it is perfect for busy and lazy people like me who (1) don’t have time to go for facial as much as I want and (2) don’t know how to do face massage on my own.

Jacelyn Phang X OSIM ugem 2

For the last week, I’ve been using uGem 2 diligently every night with my favourite moisturizer before bedtime. Its micro massage vibration is supposed to help with the absorption of the moisturizer while stimulating the facial muscle and lymphatic system to help sculpt a v-shaped face.

Jacelyn Close Up - No eyebags

Note: this is the close up photo of the above image with ZERO edits made to my face, can you see there is almost NO eye bags?

Jacelyn X OSIM uGem2

Review: The vibrations are super comfortable. I like using it around the eye area as it relaxes my eye muscles. Highly recommend for office ladies who are combating with tiredness, dullness of skin complexion and dark circles (as a result of poor blood circulation). Using uGem 2 is very relaxing; you just have to press it gently on your skin for it to work its magic. I use it extensively at my chin area as I want to create a more sculpted v-shaped chin. After using for a week, the most visible result is the reduction of eye bags for me. I felt that the eye bags area is not as sunken as before and my face is less bloated in the morning.

The second item is the uScalp Salon-Style Scalp Massager . I hate washing my hair because I have rather long hair and it takes forever to dry. Usually I am only in the shower for a maximum 10 minutes, and I don’t bother with scalp massage. So I don’t think I have the healthiest scalp.

OSIM beauty massager

uscalp for a healthy scalp

It’s my first time using a scalp massager and I’ve concluded that it is super easy to use! All you have to do is insert three AA batteries (batteries are included in the package), and then turn the battery cover to switch it on. The silicon massage heads will then move in a coordinated movement to give you a scrubbing action massage.

Jacelyn X Osim uScalp

Note that you are not supposed to use the product when showering! Instead, use it anytime & anywhere you want out of the shower. For me, I usually do it when watching tv while waiting for my hair to dry, just for a quickie (5 minutes). Move the massager and your fingers fast, so that the massage can cover the whole head. For me, a 2 – 3 minutes short massage is good enough for overall relax feeling. After the session, somehow, it seems to help me sleep better.

Healthy hair looks shiny and has elasticity. After using uScalp, I felt I had lesser hair loss, which I believe is due to the strengthening the hair roots through the massage.

Advantages of uScalp massager:
  • The multi-dimensional scrub mimics the fingers of a hair professional, it is equivalent to having a hair massage at the comfort of your house – shiok!
  • Increases circulation to promote hair growth
  • Strengthen hair roots for healthier hair
  • Stress relief whilst relaxing the mind
  • Oh, you can also use the uScalp massager as a neck massager too!

After trying both devices, I can’t decide which to buy for my girlfriends! Both OSIM uGem 2 Beauty Massager and uScalp Salon-Style Scalp Massager are super affordable, and they make ideal gifts for my vain girlfriends.

For a limited price, both uGem 2 and uScalp are going at a special Christmas Exclusive price for only $99 each (UP $149). Super worth it!

Even Tosh Zhang from Ah Boys to Men is using it; watch below:

Both items are available at all OSIM stores, roadshows or online webshop ; go try them out and tell me which do you like better!!

With Christmas just 1 month away, I am STILL fretting over the perfect gift for my loved ones. If you are like me, don’t miss out OSIM’s Christmas collection items here. Prices start as low as $68 for TWO awesome gift items. My top picks are uMask Eye Massager, uNap Cuddle Blanket, uVision Eye Massager and uMist Dream Humidifier. That’s so many items on my list because there are just too many good items to choose from. =/

Ending this post with one last tip to have healthy skin and hair; choose to BE HAPPY ALWAYS. Your health is a reflection of your mood and thoughts, and I would always remind myself to count my blessings everyday.

With love, Jacelyn

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