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The past two months have been crazy and there are so many (happy) changes in my life. Life has been pretty busy and hectic, especially with a change in role to the company. YAS, I’m back to my full-time job. I’ve been working in the Business Development Team in New Trend Lifestyle for the longest time and right now I’m transferred/joined the Marketing Team. Both jobs are client facing, but the latter involves more hunting for clients.  

How do I feel? Excited!! I love new roles and I look forward to conquering these new challenges.

Photo Credit: Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM)

Besides getting to meet clients, I get to do many fun things in my job too! Last month, I was engaged by Asian Civilisations Museum as an Aura Reader for their Halloween Night Event and I had so much fun.

Photo Credit: Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM)

Most of the audiences waited 2 hours for a 5 minutes chat with me through the Crystal Reading service.

Please accept my apologies if you were in the queue and I didn’t get to speak to you. If you are puzzled what this service is about, find out more about it here ! (P.S. you’ll get a discount via the link too!!) 

Anyway, quick updates of my October Goals (Read previous blog post here if you have missed it):

  1. Lose 2 kgs – I lost 0.5kg! It’s so hard to lose weight nowadays when you’re in a relationship.
  2.   Volunteer – Nope, didn’t happen at all.
  3. Cook more – Bought an easy to make rosti packet from IKEA and fried it for breakfast one day, is it counted?
  4. De-clutter – DIDN’T HAPPEN 🙁
  5. Create an editorial calendar – I did a plan for the month of November.

Guilty as charged, all the goals weren’t met. May November be kinder and better for me! Here’s setting 2 quick goals (instead of 5) and wishing that I can achieve it this month!

  1. Reduce weight to 50kg (THIS MUST HAPPEN!!)
  2. Learn to cook ONE DISH

What are your goals this month? Share with me so that we can motivate each other please!!

With love, Jacelyn

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