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As Christmas is drawing near, there are many events and product launches going on and I am taking time to share my visit to ASTALIFT’s roadshow and third boutique recently opened in NEX.  

For friends who stay in the Northeast region, NEX is the biggest and most convenient shopping mall around. You won’t miss the outlet as the shop features the brand’s signature red hue, reflecting the vibrancy of the brand.

Fun fact! Do you know that FUJIFILM created ASTALIFT? Fujifilm (the brand we are all so familiar with) has been using its vast experience in the photogenic and medical fields to apply advance technology into ASTALIFT’s products. Specifically, its nanotechnology and stem cell ingredients are the key selling points of ASTALIFT’s items.

Jacelyn holding on to ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum

On that day, I was introduced to ASTALIFT’s latest product, the In-Focus Cellactive Serum, which unique selling point lies in the ion sensing technology allowing quick and fast penetration to your skin. So imagine your skin like a sponge, and all the good ingredients in the products could be absorbed into your skin immediately.

Suitable for all ages, it is used to combat skin-aging through its stem cell ingredients, helping you improve the elasticity of your face. If you are combating with wrinkles, skin damage and stresses, the Nano-Astaxanthin CP+ aids in stem cell anti-oxidation protection to help in restoration of your skin’s glow.  


  • Texture: Jelly-like texture has a light orange-hue and when applied, it is like putting on a protective veil on skin. It’s non-greasy and very light on the skin, but it feels a bit slimy and I am not used to using products with a tinted colour.
  • Smell: Scent of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine & Sandalwood. Scent of the products is very important for me; the In-Focus Cellactive Serum does not have an overpowering smell, but the smell of jasmine and sandalwood is not my favourite.
  • Effect: My skin felt soft after application. Maybe it was because I don’t have the said problems of aging yet, I was unable to tell if the product could deliver the said results for the amount of sample I was given.
  • Overall: 3 out of 5 stars (mainly because of the woody smell)

Reviews are always subjective, you can find out more about the In-Focus Cellactive Serum here.

From Left to Right: Jelly Aquarysta, In-Focus Cellactive Serum, White Perfect UV Clear Solution

A passionate brand, ASTALIFT is dedicated to help us achieve photogenic skin without photo filters or digital enhancement. They have a variety of products such as the (1) White Perfect UV Clear Solution which acts like a combination of sun block and make-up base and (2) the popular ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta.

Skin Analysis Test at ASTALIFT Roadshow Oct 2017 @ NEX

Everyone knows the importance of a sun block product, but finding a good sun block hasn’t always been easy. Under the Skin Analysis test at ASTALIFT, you can see the half of the face when applied with White Perfect UV Clear Solution is protected against UV rays. To help you choose your skincare products and sun block wisely; you can visit ASTALIFT’s retail outlet at NEX where a professional skin analysis test can be done to understand your skin needs and to match the suitable products accordingly.

Jacelyn and Mori posing with ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta

For a moisture boost, ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta is popular for its moisturizing properties. I find it quite similar in terms of color hue, texture and smell to the In-Focus Serum.

From now onwards, visit any of the ASTALIFT’S retail outlets, and get to do a professional skin analysis test plus receive a 3-day sample at any of the following outlet when you quote my name “Jacelyn”.

ASTALIFT’s retail outlets can be found at
  • Wisma Atria (#03-30), Tel: 6238-6386
  • JEM (#01-20) Tel: 6734-8860
  • NEX (#01-70), Tel: 6481-3937

All retail outlets are open from 10am to 10pm daily. Now go check the items out for yourself!

With love, Jacelyn

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