Happiness in a massager – OSIM uJolly review

For friends who don’t know me, you most probably wouldn’t have guessed but I live a super boring lifestyle; I don’t party, hardly drink and rarely am up till late. I hate to admit this, but I am also super lazy, I hardly do any form of exercise that requires me to sweat. My parents joke that I am a 50 years old person trapped in a young body.

On rest days, all I want is to wear a comfortable t-shirt with a FBT and watch a drama series. And for the longest time, I have been suffering from neck, shoulder and back aches due to improper sitting posture caused by long hours of work.

To resolve this, I try my best to attend at least a yoga zen session weekly (the laziest form of exercise because the class is largely based on seated or lying postures, and you don’t sweat in the class, yay!). The keyword here is “try”. On a good month, I go for classes once a week. Otherwise, you’ll see me cracking my joints everyday to relieve the pressure within the joint cavity. Who else does the same?

Recently, I’ve been introduced to OSIM’s uJolly, and honestly, I’m sold by its massage technology. Who would imagine such a small device can be so good in delivering a targeted massage, I am amazed!!

uJolly has an innovative and exclusive Dual-Action V-Grip massage technology that makes you feel that there’s a REAL pair of hands massaging your aching muscles. I know you will find it unbelievable but me too; I was sceptical at the beginning and was beyond surprised minutes after trying the massage program. The key to an orgasm massage session is to find the RIGHT GRIPPING SPOT on your shoulder. To start, select “press-grip”, and then using the up and down arrow buttons, adjust the hand-grip massager to your shoulder level. You know you are doing it right when you feel a sore spot, that’s a little painful and a lot of ‘shiok-ness’.

Going through the massage program, it left me surprised. There were more sore spots than I would had expected. Boy, I never knew I had overworked my body so hard.

Travelling to yoga or massage sessions takes time, so uJolly is the perfect solution for stay-home days. A massage is now possible anytime and anywhere, plus, I can shift it around easily to suit my activities. uJolly is lightweight, portable; sometimes, I selfishly move it to my room to enjoy the pampering session before sleep. Otherwise, both my uStiletto and uJolly are in the living room where my family members can access them. Read here if you had missed my previous review on uStiletto – your feet’s best friend.

For optimum comfort, the warm air function of uJolly brings you to a deeper state of relaxation.

You will love UJOLLY too because it is
  • Space saving – place it ANYWHERE – on your existing chairs, sofas, loungers and beds; there’s no need to cater an extra space for the device
  • Bright & Colorful – it comes in my happy colours: yellow and red
  • Doesn’t break the bank – retailing at $499, it is an ideal gift for your loved ones and in my opinion for your boss! (P.S. read till the end of a BIG discount code!)
  • Easy to use – with 4 auto massage programs (i) Neck & Shoulders (ii) Lumbar (iii) Relax (iv) Energize, it has all the programs needed for targeted relief
  • Has many health benefits – massage provides relief to stress related insomnia, tension headaches and more

For those who have a constant back pain, the Lumbar program is great for relieving a tired and stressed back. It can help improve circulation, relax tense muscles and help you loosen stiff muscles and joints. The relaxing effect of the massage can relieve stress, stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn boost the immune system! Still not convinced? Go try it for yourself at any OSIM outlets or roadshows and tell me what you think about uJolly!

Overall, I am giving this compact massager 4.5 star out of 5 stars for its invigorating massage experience! Don’t fret over a Christmas gift for your boss or parents anymore as I am very sure they will be thankful of this.

*edited and updated* If you like it, act fast because, from now till 31 Dec 2017, you can enjoy $70 off OSIM uJolly at $429 (UP $499) or just $36 per month (based on a 12 months instalment) when you pay with DBS/POSB credit, debit or any NETS card at any OSIM Outlets.

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For more information, check out OSIM SG Facebook or their website here so that you don’t miss any promotion information and exciting giveaways.

With love, Jacelyn

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